signs of sexually transmitted diseases In the relationship between men and women, sex playsimportant role. This pleasant occupation is not only committed by lovers. Often for a few minutes of bliss in one bed, there are still yesterday people who are not familiar with each other. Many of them, in a fit of passion, do not think at all about safety devices, forgetting what consequences can result from an accidental connection. Due to recklessly spent night together in the life of lovers, there can be great health problems-venereal diseases (sexually transmitted diseases). STDs are susceptible to representatives of both sexes, but most often they are infected by all the same women. What diseases are called venereal diseases, what are their dangers, what are the symptoms of women and how to get rid of these sores?

Insidiousness of sexual infections

To the most dangerous venereal diseasesinclude gonorrhea (or gonorrhea), trichomoniasis, urogenital chlamydiosis, syphilis, candidiasis, or thrush, and genital herpes. Once upon a time, these diseases were not cured, eating people affected by them from the inside. In the second half of the 20th century. there were miracle cures with the help of which patients can completely get rid of the sores that hit them due to sexual contacts. What are the risks of sexually transmitted diseases in women? First of all, they affect a very important for the female body genitourinary system. STDs are insidious because the infected person does not immediately know about the calamity that has befallen him, since these diseases have a long incubation period, and only then do signs of infection appear, which is characteristic of the acute form of the disease. However, quite often the symptoms that appear after the incubation period may be slightly noticeable - this means that infections can occur in an erased form. As a result, a woman does not even suspect that she has a disease and can infect other partners with new sexual contacts. The second danger of venereal diseases is their ability to spread in the body from one organ to another and acquire a chronic form. Its consequences are the formation of inflammatory or even worse malignant processes in female reproductive organs. As a consequence, infertility may develop, which will be incurable. If the woman was pregnant at the time of infection, the fetus may develop severe pathologies. The third cunning of venereal diseases is that they often attract one another. That is, a woman infected with a gonorrhea can easily acquire candidiasis. And if separately from these diseases get rid of easily enough, then in the bouquet they can complicate the treatment and lead to the above troubles. on examination with a doctor

Hazards of oral and anal sex

Most people believe that from unprotectedThe most safe types of sex are oral and anal sex. In fact, this is an incorrect stereotype. The human mouth is lined with a mucous membrane that is very tender and quickly damaged. Through a small wound or fissure, a venereal disease (gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis) easily penetrates the body and develops in it according to all laws of development of sexual infections. As for unprotected anal sex, in most cases it is effective only for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Otherwise, this sex is even harmful for a woman. Because of frequent penetration of the penis into the anus, the latter, like the rectum, can be damaged. The resulting bleeding contributes to the penetration of the blood through the blood of sexual infections. Viral incurable infections also easily enter the body in this way. Another unpleasantness of unprotected anal sex may be the E. coli, which, penetrating the genitourinary system, can cause a severely curable urethritis. Thus, the use of condoms is highly desirable during unconventional sex - this is a guarantee of protection against STDs.

This common gonorrhea ...

There is a comic expression, which says,that every time a self-respecting man is obliged to experience a gonorrhea at least once in his life. In fact, this expression is not far from the truth, because gonorrhea is one of the first places in the STD rating. Among women, this disease is also widespread. But unlike men who, several days after the infection already know what happened to them, women were less fortunate. Gonorrhea refers to the kind of diseases that occur almost asymptomatically and can later become chronic, leading to infertility. This disease can get into the female body not only during traditional or unconventional sex, but also during the usual petting. If a woman is pregnant at the time of infection, the child can get this disease from her during childbirth, passing through the birth canal. The incubation period of this disease is in women from a week to 3 weeks. The most noticeable symptoms, which nonetheless, the representative of the fair sex may not attach importance, are mild burning sensation when urinating or vaginal itching and thick white discharge. If the woman did not turn in time to the gynecologist, the disease passes to a new stage. Gonococci penetrate into the fallopian tubes, as a result, a woman may experience a malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle, there will be pains in the lower abdomen, and body temperature will rise. When the disease flows into a chronic form, its symptoms disappear, lulling the vigilance of the sick. If the disease is very neglected, not only the genitourinary organs, but also the heart, the liver, the brain and the skin with the joints can be affected. If the ejaculation of a man with a gonorrhea occurred on the face of a woman, especially on the eye area, the symptoms of gonorrhea in her will be as follows: conjunctivitis, swelling or swelling of the eyelids, purulent discharge from the corners of the eyes, photophobia. After oral sex, sore throats, glands may inflame, lymph nodes may grow. The consequences of anal sex with a sick gonorrhea - a painful stool and cracks in the anus. Such obvious signs are an immediate reason to see a doctor. After all, the earlier the disease is identified, the easier it is to get rid of it. correct treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

A few words about thrush

Caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candidaa disease scientifically called candidiasis. The disease was named as a milkmaid because of its main feature - thick, curdled vaginal discharge. In addition, thrush is accompanied by severe itching in the field of genital organs, pain during intercourse and urination. Candidiasis is not a serious disease, but in neglected can lead to inflammatory processes. The disease is considered typically feminine, although some of its signs are manifested in men who are carriers of thrush. It is believed that 70% of women on the planet have experienced candidiasis once in their life. 50% of them became sick with thrush again.

What are trichomoniasis and chlamydia?

With this disease, both men andwomen. A characteristic sign of trichomoniasis are foamy discharge from the canal or vaginal canal, burning in these places and in the anus. If trichomoniasis is not treated in time, the ovaries and fallopian tubes can be affected in women. In some cases, the symptoms of the disease are erased, making it difficult to identify. Chlamydia is the most secretive of women. Only 20% of all cases can understand that they have contracted something, feeling slight itching or discomfort in the vagina or anus. The disease can cause erosion of the cervix. With oral infection, there may be pain in the throat. In 80% of cases, insidious chlamydia is devoid of any symptoms and is detected only by a professional or laboratory doctor. The disease can live with impunity in the female body for up to several years, causing irreparable damage to it. Chlamydia is able to provoke chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, leads to infertility, can cause miscarriage in pregnant women. Cure this disease is very difficult.

How is dangerous syphilis

One of the most terrible venereal diseasesis syphilis. In addition to sexual contact, it is often transmitted by household means through a towel, sponge, comb, toothbrush and utensils. It is terrible that a sick woman can accidentally in this way infect other family members, including children. The incubation period of syphilis lasts a month. Then comes the first sign of it - a hard chancre. This is a small, painless, shiny sore with a bright red bottom. Located on the uterus or on the walls of the vagina, she can remain unnoticed by a woman. A few days after the appearance of chancre, the infected person greatly increases inguinal or cervical lymph nodes. Chancre after a few days heals, but the disease does not pass, but enters a new phase. At this time pale treponema, which is the causative agent of syphilis, multiplies and through the lymph and blood spreads throughout the female body. In the second period of the disease on the human body appear pink spots and dark red nodules with a shiny surface. Nodules can grow in size and unite with each other, causing a woman discomfort, especially if located in the mezhyagodichnoy fold. Appearing in the mouth, on the tongue and the vocal cords, they interfere with talking. You can still see hair thinning and hair loss. Small white spots - leukoderma - appear on the neck of a woman and disappear again. Thus, the disease proceeds with outbursts, temporarily calming down and arising with renewed vigor. In the Tertiary period of syphilis, bone tissues, the nervous system and internal organs are affected. At this time, there are gums - spherical inflammation, which destroy the organ on which they formed. In the past centuries, the most striking result of gumm and the main sign of syphilis was the failure of the nose (saddle-shaped nose). The last period of the course of the disease is accompanied by incontinence of feces and urine, severe pain in the spine. Paralysis, blindness, dementia develop, speech and memory disorders develop. At present, the disease can be detected at an early stage, which facilitates its treatment.

Nuisances from herpes

This relatively new venereal infection is alreadymanaged to say about myself. In recent years, the number of victims of genital herpes has increased. Symptoms are painful blisters on the external and internal genitalia, which subsequently become ulcers that gradually heal. During illness the woman feels bad. Herpes is accompanied by migraines and fever, negatively affects a pregnant woman, leads to pathologies of fetal development or miscarriage, provokes the development of postpartum diseases.

How to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases

Before you start treating STDs, you need to accuratelyto know what exactly a girl is infected with. The absence of symptoms is a dangerous thing, but if a woman leads an erratic lifestyle or has had sexual intercourse with a stranger, you should always consult a doctor and take tests. Many women are embarrassed to go to a clinic with such problems, but now there is more than one medical institution where you can do it anonymously. Out of shame, patients begin to be treated independently, using antibiotics systematically and weakening their organisms. Only professional treatment of venereal diseases is able to overcome them. It consists in the initial antibiotic therapy, which destroys pathogens, local therapy (use of vaginal or anal suppositories) and the subsequent restoration of body strength by immunostimulants, vitamins and phytopreparations. And the best prevention of STDs will be the presence of a faithful permanent partner and own loyalty to him.