veet depilation cream in the bikini area The bikini area is the most delicate and sensitiveA skin site on which a fairly large number of nerve endings is located. To remove hair in this area, you should use only a high-quality, reliable and proven cream, which to date is veet. Thanks to unique production technologies and composition, it perfectly copes with the tasks set, without causing allergies, itching or irritation. Ease of use, accessibility and complete security - this is what attracts women in this product. Just imagine that a few centuries ago, for the sake of such beauty, the girls had to endure incredible agony. And if in the beginning it was done for hygiene, then later a nuance of sexuality was added to such nudity. For example, in Ancient Egypt, the lack of vegetation, even on such intimate sites, testified to a good taste, so the fair sex representatives struggled with hair as best they could. Everything was used, starting with wax, honey, ending with sharp objects, tweezers. depilation with cream

Advantages of a hair removal cream in an intimate area

Down with the pain! The first, and the most important plus depilation cream - complete painlessness. Girls can be rid of vegetation with both heightened and lowered threshold of sensitivity, and they will not experience any discomfort during the procedure. It is enough to apply veet on the body, so that it begins to act instantly on the hairs. Thus, no serious effects on the skin occur. No irritation! The sharp razor removes the upper balls of the epidermis, the epilator and wax tear out the vegetation with roots, which leads to reddening, itching, ingrown hairs and other troubles that cause serious discomfort. With veet, everything is much simpler, since it acts on the base of the rod itself, dissolving it. Of course, before using a depilation cream in the bikini area, it should be tested on a less sensitive area of ​​the skin. But the probability that this brand will not suit you is negligible. Perfect result! Usually it is necessary to use the shaving machine for fair sex representatives twice a week, at least, otherwise on the skin there are hard, prickly black dots. The cream for depilation of intimate zones acts so that after the procedure the hair grows just in time, but their tips are so thin and soft that you do not feel and see them for a few more days. Therefore, if you go on holiday at sea, be sure to take this tool with you.

Myths and reasons for their occurrence

Myth, as to what depilatory creammakes hair more coarse - a fiction of girls who first used this tool. Just imagine that two weeks you walk with perfectly smooth skin, and then vegetation begins to appear again on it. Despite the fact that the hairs are the same as they were before the procedure, there is a feeling that they are darker, stiffer and dense. If you constantly use the cream for intimate and tender areas, you will realize that there is no difference. The second thing that girls constantly talk about is the acceleration and stimulation of growth. There is an opinion that manufacturers do this in order for customers to buy this product more and more. In fact, the cream for depilation of intimate zones on the contrary slows down growth and destroys the structure of even the toughest hair. Thus, you will have to use this tool much less often than, for example, an ordinary shaving machine. If you notice that the vegetation appears faster than before, or if the color has changed, contact the specialists immediately, as this indicates hormonal disorders in your body. Depilation in this case is absolutely nothing.

Package: without which you can not do without

Buying veet for depilation of intimate zones, payattention to what goes in the kit. In addition to the tube and scapula, a post-depilation cream can also be proposed, which will soothe the treated area. It can also be used after waxing, shaving with a conventional machine or a depilator that damages the skin severely. Are you afraid of irritation, dryness and other similar consequences? Then you can not do without this money! cream veet for intimate depilation

Brief instructions for the newcomers

Still never used a depilation creamintimate zones veet? Then you will have a pleasant surprise! But before proceeding to the processing of the bikini area, you should study the instruction in which the rules and precautions are indicated. So, firstly, no matter how hard vegetation you have not, in any case do not keep the cream for depilation of intimate zones for more than ten minutes, otherwise you will get irritation or even burns. On average, five to seven minutes will be enough for thioglycolic acid to dissolve the hair. Secondly, apply the cream to depilate intimate areas evenly, without hurrying, so that it does not get on the mucous membrane. After the time has passed, use a special spatula or scapula, then rinse the skin with a copious amount of warm (but by no means hot) water. Do not worry that the vegetation will not go away, as modern tools are excellent at coping with any, even the most problematic areas. Depending on the characteristics of your skin, vit will save you from problems with your hair for one and a half to two weeks.

Precautionary measures

It should be remembered that not all products,intended for the intimate zone, also suitable for the face, arms, armpits, inguinal area, back, chest. In no case should you use this product if there is a rarefaction in this area, scars, micro traumas, cracks, which usually occur after shaving or epilation, moles, rashes, burns. In case of any problems with the skin, consult a dermatologist beforehand. As often as you do not use the cream, every time you test it. If during the next application you feel discomfort, burning, pain, itching, immediately flush this remedy. If after a few hours the irritation has passed, then do not worry. This could be due to the fact that you used and did not wash off antipersperant, perfume, deodorant, and also if you recently shaved your hair or did not follow the instructions. After 72 hours you can safely repeat the procedure with this cream. We advise you to read: