strawberries Strawberry is considered the most popular gardenberry. And the content of vitamins, it is in the top five. Varieties of strawberries are striking in variety due to breeders, who are actively engaged in their breeding. To early varieties can be attributed to Alpha, Early Chisinau, Biryulyev early, Beauty of Zagorje. Sorts of the average ripening period are the most: Vityaz, Pavlovskaya beauty, Festivalny, Lakomaya and many others. The later varieties are: Borovitskaya, Zenit, Saxonka, Leningradskaya Late, Bogotá. Strawberries are an excellent dietary product. They improve digestion, promote appetite and quench thirst well. Fresh berries are a remedy for violation of salt metabolism, peptic ulcer, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Strawberries are most common in southern Russia, as this culture loves sun and moisture. Usually 2-3 varieties of garden strawberries are planted on the plots, which contributes to good pollination.

Varieties of remontant strawberries

Especially popular todaythey use prospective remontant varieties that bear fruit several times a year. In addition, they can perform a decorative function, because throughout the season the bushes are strewn with flowers and berries. And if you plant a few such bushes in a box or basket, then the descending tendrils form a hedge. To varieties of patchwork garden strawberry include: Queen Elizabeth, Yellow Miracle, Mount Everest, Fresco. Before all, Queen Elizabeth begins to bear fruit. If you grow it in a conservatory or on a warm balcony, then berries can be enjoyed almost until the New Year. The berries of this variety are bright red, have dense flesh and quite large ones. They are great not only for jam, but also for freezing. Garden strawberries of this variety are good for planting small areas, because it can be grown in an ampel (vertical) way. The very first berries appear at the end of May. Such early fruiting is possible due to the fact that the formed buds hibernate on the bush. In early spring they blossom, which leads to a rapid ripening of berries.

Strawberries of Dutch breeding

Dutch varieties of garden strawberries are:

  • Elvira

Refers to early varieties. Fragrant berries of round shape in red with a mass of 40-60 grams. The flesh is dense with a very sweet taste. Abundantly fructifies, grows on damp and cold areas. The main advantage of this variety is its resistance to fungi;

  • Vita Zant

Is part of a group that is relativelynew varieties of large-fruited Dutch breeding. Berries ripen early, bushes bring high yields of large and sweet berries. The variety is resistant to colds and diseases;

  • Maxim Gigantella

Refers to medium varieties. The bushes grow up to 50 centimeters, they have large leaves. The berries of the first harvest reach 9 centimeters in diameter, they have a dark red sweet pulp. The advantage of the variety is that even in the rainy season the berries successfully ripen. In addition, this variety has excellent resistance to strawberry mites and gray rot;

  • Crown

Dutch variety related to large-fruitedvariety. Well tolerates Russian frosty winter. The berries are bright red, have a pleasant aroma. The variety is resistant to powdery mildew, but it does not withstand gray mold and white leaf spot. strawberry variety

High-yielding strawberry varieties

The roots of strawberries develop in the upper layer of the soil,conditionally creating two tiers. The lower one is the roots of the plant itself, and the upper one forms the accessory roots formed in the yearling horns. After about 3 years, the lower tier of roots dies. Experts say that when planting new plants, they should purchase seedlings with a closed root system. In order to grow strawberries all year round, you should learn how to combine skillfully its varieties. In one area, it is necessary to plant different grades of maturation: the early must be adjacent to the middle and late. All of them differ from each other, therefore under identical conditions they will give different crops. Naturally, high-yielding berries are more popular. Here are the most famous of them:

  • Albion

Brings large yields, fruits from the end of springand until the first frost. The berries are large, have a conical shape. A pronounced flavor and taste allow it to be attributed to the best varieties of strawberries. The variety is resistant to temperature changes, to rot, anthracosis, phytophthora. Growing a strawberry variety of Albion on the protected ground, you can get the maximum harvest of berries;

  • Zenga Zengana

A fairly common late strawberry variety. On the high bushes the dark red berries have a sour-sweet taste. This species is very sensitive to gray rot;

  • Honey

It is of American origin and belongs toearly varieties. She is not afraid of cold and rainy weather, resistant to gray rot and other diseases. Berries with dense flesh, have a dark red hue and sweet and sour taste. From such a strawberry you get an excellent jam.

  • Victoria

Old-aged of our beds. It is widely used in the southern regions of Russia. Fruits large fragrant berries of dark red color;

  • Mashenka

Masha, otherwise it's the Moscow Jubilee. The variety was bred in 1953. A small shrub with large leaves. The berries are fragrant with a pleasant sour-sweet taste, reminiscent of the taste of wild strawberry. new varieties of strawberries

Planting strawberries

The best strawberry grows on levelareas or on small slopes with a south-west orientation. But on the steep slopes and in the lowlands to plant this berry is not worth it, since it begins to ache, and the harvest gives with delay. Unimportant results will also be on the steep southern slope, where with the arrival of spring, snow melts quickly and reveals plants. The place where strawberries grow should have natural protection from the wind. Harvest varieties are best fruited on light, humus-rich soils. Not suitable for planting waterlogged, calcareous and saline soil. Strawberries can be planted between the bushes of currants and gooseberries. For people who have just recently begun to master the cultivation of strawberries, the following varieties are suitable: Queen Elizabeth, Zenga Zengana, Festival, Source, Symphony. But it should be remembered that the yield of strawberries is only 50% dependent on its grade, the rest is the result of hard work. Also, a beginning gardener should know that even the best varieties must be transplanted every 3-4 years, since these plants impoverish the soil.

Strawberry Dishes

It is unlikely that there will be people who never in their lifetried the garden strawberry or its wild variety - strawberries. Not for nothing that she is so popular. If the berry is sweet, then it is best to eat it in its natural form, after washing under running water and slightly drying it. A strawberry, dressed with cream or sour cream is a dish that neither an adult nor a child will refuse. This berry is also good with liqueur, chocolate cream, nuts, kiwi, bananas. Adds an unusual taste of a sprig of mint, shades almonds, makes juicy orange juice. Use strawberries and as an element of complex side dishes, combining it with prawns or brisket duck. And, of course, strawberry jam! With its delicious aroma, nothing compares. And in order to make jam to glory, it should be properly prepared. Let's look at an example of a quick recipe that will definitely take its place in your collection:

  • Useful advice - do not cook strawberries in large containers, so it quickly loses color and aroma;
  • Take 1.5 kilograms of sugar and dilute it with water so that a thick syrup turns out;
  • After the syrup has begun to boil, a washed and dried strawberry is added to it;
  • The resulting mass is cooked for no more than 5 minutes, after which the pan is well wrapped;
  • Once the jam has cooled, it is necessary to pour it over the cans and close with capron lids or paper.

Which variety to choose for planting is up to you.We hope that our article will help you decide, and soon you will be harvesting a rich harvest of sweet and aromatic strawberries. Good luck! A lot of useful information about strawberries on the site We advise you to read: