causes a sharp odor of urine in the mornings Probably, many people in their lives have come acrosswith such a thing as the unpleasant smell of urine, which caused a lot of trouble to a person, and some are still suffering with this problem, without knowing the true cause of his appearance. And frequent bathing or systematic shower does not help to get rid of it. It is true, because it does not depend on the contamination of the body - the reason lies inside the human body. There is an acidic, sweet, "fishy" smell, a smell of ammonia and so on. And each of them speaks about a certain disease. So what are the causes of this problem? In fact, they are different: from ordinary cystitis to more serious diseases. In a healthy person, the urine has a blurred, specific, all-known odor. Normal color is considered from light yellow to bright yellow color. But here it is also necessary to take into account the fact that people consume food, because, for example, after taking vitamins, it has a rich yellow color, and if a person has eaten beets the day before, it will be bright red. That is, the color change depends on the products or medicines used. To search for illnesses, to appoint or nominate to itself treatment in this case it is not necessary. But this process does not affect the smell, and therefore if an unpleasant smell of urine has appeared, it is necessary to pay attention to what it is associated with, and also on its appearance: it should be transparent, without any blood, without flakes. consultation with a doctor because of a sharp smell of urine

Dangerous diseases accompanied by a certain smell of urine

For example, an unusual murky smell is presentwith such a genetic disease as phenylketonuria. With this disease, the chemical composition of urine and blood changes due to a violation of the exchange of phenylalanine in the human body. This pathology, in turn, leads to the defeat of the central nervous system and causes disturbances in protein metabolism due to the accumulation in the tissues and fluids of this enzyme and its derivatives, which are toxic to the whole organism. In the study of urine Felling it is painted in blue-green color, and a blood test shows an increased concentration of phenylalanine. Usually, this ailment manifests itself in the newborn period in children, and therefore if the child has a murky smell in the urine, then it is necessary to exclude this genetic disease, since the reasons for the change in urine can be covered in this. Treatment of this disease occurs under the strict supervision of a doctor, who will prescribe not only the intake of drugs, but also a diet. Sometimes a person discovers a sharp smell of urine, which is associated with ammonia or acetone. If this happens in the mornings, then this smell of ammonia can speak of a stagnant phenomenon in the kidneys. Very often, urine retention occurs in pregnant women who use insufficient fluids, including those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Treatment in this case is not required, the only thing is to adjust the fluid intake and make urination on time. Often, the smell of ammonia in the urine is present in diabetes mellitus. If there is a strange smell of urine and this is combined with the symptoms that are peculiar to this disease, then it is urgent to donate blood for sugar. The smell of ammonia can also speak about the presence of an infection in the genitourinary system: in the kidneys, in the bladder, in the urinary system. This change in urine can be seen not only in the mornings, that is, if it is ammonia throughout the day, then it is already necessary to pay attention to the appearance of urine and the general condition. If urination is accompanied by pain, cuttings, then the reasons are hidden in it. A bad symptom is when there are blood fragments in the urine. In the case when the blood appears at the beginning of urination, it means that the initial part of the urethra is affected, and if at the end, the internal part. The presence of blood in all portions of urine indicates serious kidney disease. In all these cases it is necessary to undergo an emergency examination and the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. In this situation, to sit and think about why this is happening, in no case it is impossible - there may even need emergency help. Analysis of urine

Unusual smells of urine

Some wonder why they havethere was a fishy smell when urinating, and strong. It turns out that if he appeared, it speaks of a disease such as trimethylaminuria. The causes of this disease are not fully understood, but it is known that, because of a violation of the enzyme system of the liver, trimethylamine accumulates in the body, which is excreted in the urine and gives it the smell of rotten fish. Sometimes, a person's body smells so strong that the "aroma" of fish is felt, even being at a decent distance from a person. This rather unpleasant smell of urine causes a lot of trouble for a person: from lack of personal life to psychological disorders. Treatment of this ailment consists in excluding from the diet products that are converted to trimethylamine: eggs, meat and fish, legumes. But this diet gives only a temporary effect, and the medicine for this disease has not yet been invented. Therefore, an acute smell will accompany the patient all his life. Uncommon is the smell of urine in some men who smells different than women. Many, probably, understand, about what there is a speech, as, having come into a toilet room, after them there is an acute and specific "aroma". Not one woman cares about the question of why men have such a sharp smell of urine. It turns out that urine in men and women differs in smell due to the different contents of estrogen and testosterone in it. There is also a fact that has not yet been studied, that an unpleasant smell of urine at the stronger sex appears after drinking the beer. unpleasant smell of urine in the morning

Less life-threatening diseases, accompanied by an unpleasant smell of urine

If urination suddenly became painful,for example, after a long stay in the cold, this indicates a catarrhal phenomenon. Such a disease is called cystitis. It refers to a disease in which the lower urinary tracts become inflamed. Usually this is the bladder. The unpleasant smell of urine is weakly noticeable. There are primary and secondary cystitis. In the first case, this is a fairly common disease, which affects women more often than men. With catarrhal cystitis, there are usually frequent urge to urinate, which is accompanied by a burning sensation, there are pulling pains in the lower abdomen and an unpleasant smell of urine. In this case, hot baths and antibacterial agents usually help. This illness must pass for three days. Special treatment is not required. If the condition does not improve, then this indicates secondary cystitis and in this case a thorough examination is necessary, since the reasons can be different and it can appear as a complication in more serious diseases such as pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, prostate adenoma, with spinal cord injuries and diabetes mellitus. There are also infections, such as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, which, if there is no treatment, can go into a chronic form. Usually a change in these cases occurs not only in the smell, but also in the color of the urine in which blood may be present. Treatment is prescribed depending on the underlying disease. With dysbiosis and gastritis, urine usually has an acidic odor. The sharp odor of urine is due to the increased acidity of the organism in these cases. If there is a suspicion of a peptic ulcer, the blood clots in the urine are a bad symptom, as this may indicate that the ulcer has begun to bleed. In this case, hospitalization is necessary. From all it is possible to draw a conclusion: if the smell of urine has changed, it can be a signal of any disease. In various diseases, the appearance and smell of urine in many cases plays an important role in the diagnosis. In most cases, the cause can only be determined by a doctor who correctly prescribes treatment.