toasts at the New Year's table To find beautiful New Year's toasts, not at allbe sure to follow the example of Shurik from the comedy Gaidai - there are many good toasts not only in the Caucasus. It is likely that Shurik did not know about this, but we know that toast is a well-formed class of folk art and it always has a place in any culture. In any, even in the non-Caucasian toast, the main beautiful parable, followed by a short and unexpected ending, as in the legendary toast about a small but very proud bird, "the bird is a pity" - the fun continues and the meaning of the toast is clear to everyone. In England, toast - is not only a short drinking speech, but a piece of toasted bread, which was served to the "toasting" in a pair with a glass. Our toasts are not long enough to listen to them, the guests were hungry, but capacious and wise enough to compete with the Caucasian. congratulations and toasts at the New Year's table *** You can not meet the same New Yeartwice ... And therefore, in order to survive it properly, you need to meet it properly! I congratulate you and wish you a good New Year and a good meeting! *** Let the New Year learn from the old only good! I congratulate you and wish you the most important thing - the fulfillment of desires! Because when a person has what he dreamed of - he is cheerful, cheerful, healthy! Happy New Year! *** The New Year is not a luxury, but a means of transportation in time! I congratulate you on this chic, powerful, beautiful, impetuous ... vehicle! *** There is an old New Year's custom: how you will meet the New Year - so you will spend it. For the birthday man, today starts a new year of his life. So let it pass so it is cheerful. As well as today's evening! *** New Year's holiday is the apotheosis of contrasts: snow, frost, dark are on the street, and the lights are sparkling in the house, cheerful, warm, elegant Christmas tree, festive table ... Let and in the new year, as if not raging around the wind and adversity, in the house and the soul will be light and cozy. May all our desires be fulfilled in the new year! *** The New Year's Eve is always a summary of the old. But no matter how the experience is interpreted, its highest philosophy is simple and boils down to one phrase: "Live and rejoice!". Let's drink to the joy that life gives us! *** Many people know that in Italy there is a tradition before the new year to throw out of the window unnecessary and annoying for the year things. We, of course, are not in Italy, but this custom is so good that I would like to invite all of you to throw out of your memory as unnecessary rubbish old grievances, quarrels, bad deeds, envy, infidelity, ingratitude. If we do this, it turns out that in our memory there are only warm and pleasant memories of the old year. Remember him that way, and then the New Year will be no worse than the past! Friends! I propose to thank the old year for the bright legacy left to them - for moments of joy, love, success and an invaluable experience for the mind and professionalism! New Year's greetings and toasts at the New Year's table *** Once there were three wanderers. On the way, they found the night. They saw the house, they knocked. The owner opened it and asked: "Who are you?" - Health, Love and Wealth. Let us spend the night. - It's a pity, but we only have one free seat. I'll go and ask my family which of you to let in. The sick mother said: "Let's let in Health." The daughter offered to let in Love, and the wife - Wealth. While they were arguing, the wanderers disappeared. So let's drink to ensure that in the new year in our house there is always a place for Health, Love and Wealth! *** In every person there is an unquenchable candle of his soul. But this candle is often covered with an impenetrable cap. So let's drink to the fact that in the new year the light of our soul would reach friends without hindrance. *** Let's drink to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden: as long as I can remember, - do not get sick, do not age, and money for presents always exists! That we too were like that! *** We'll raise the glasses to see the old year's departure differ from the wires of the train at the station: the departing train takes away friends and loved ones, and the outgoing year will bring them to us! Let's drink that it was always so! *** One man is asked: - Why do you wear shoes two sizes smaller? He responds: - Pretty. My wife is not ugly. In addition, the evil one. Prepares badly! The son is a dowager! Mother-in-law - a witch! ... The only joy in my life - when I'm in the evening ... take off my shoes! Let's drink to the fact that in the new year we had other joys! *** By tradition, we celebrate the New Year with champagne. Let our life in the new year be like this champagne - light, exciting, beautiful and beating over the edge.