unedged manicure at home The woman's hands are her passport. No self-respecting lady, will not leave the house without manicure. Among women even there is an opinion that it is better to do without make-up, but in time to put in order the nails. In order not to rush about beauty salons in search of an experienced and clean manicurist, you should learn how to do a manicure at home. And for today the most optimal option for nail care is an unedged manicure. First of all, it is necessary to remove the old varnish from the nail plate. Do it better with special liquids to remove varnish. Most of them contain not only acetone, but also vitamin supplements. Such means will not dry the nail plate, but will feed it - this is important. There are liquids with the addition of plant components - for example, squeezed sea buckthorn. When choosing a liquid for removing varnish, be sure to read the composition - if there is one acetone, then it is better to abandon it.

We form nails

  • Remember one indisputable rule: try not to use the scissors for cutting nails. If you still can not do without cutting your nails, then try to do it in more than one movement. If you do the manicure correctly, you can avoid delamination and breakage of the nail plate;
  • If you want to make an unedged manicure,then use the nail files to sharpen the edges of the nail. They should be soft - for example, glass with an abrasive coating. In no event can you use metal nail files;
  • In order not to break nails, you need to make them roundor square - pointed nails have the property of rapidly losing their shape. Never cut the nail plate on the sides - you can damage not only the nail itself, but also the skin around it.

how to do unedged manicure

We work with the cuticle

The most problematic place is the cuticle. Women struggle with it constantly - and cut off, and pushed. As a result, they only hurt themselves and cause inflammation of the skin. To date, the development of scientists in the field of cosmetology has advanced so much that they created a special liquid that dissolves the cuticle. So, what to do with this part of the nail:

  • Apply a special agent to the peel;
  • Wait for two minutes - during this time the dead cells will completely dissolve;
  • Gently push the orange wand off the skin.

If you do everything right, then this unedgedthe method can greatly facilitate the entire process of manicure. When choosing a means for dissolving the cuticle, carefully read the composition. There should be indicated anti-inflammatory components (eg, chamomile medicinal) and healing (tea tree). To remove the processed cuticle, use only the orange tree sticks - this material does not exfoliate and has the optimum qualities of softness and density. Now you have to wipe the remnants of the product from the nail plate with a napkin. After these procedures, consider that the unedged manicure is half done.

The final stage

After all the procedures done, it is necessary to applyon the nail plate and the skin around it, a nutritive oil with vitamins E and D. Rub the oil with massage movements, applying a little effort. Wait until everything is absorbed and consider that the unedged manicure is ready. If you want to do a nail polish with colored lacquer, then do not apply oil. Immediately after processing the cuticle and removing it, it is necessary to degrease the nail. Only after this should be applied the desired varnish. Please note that the color lacquer is applied in two layers. If you prefer enamel, then for a beautiful appearance you should thoroughly practice. Do this as follows:

  • Apply the first layer of enamel varnish, make sure that the smears are smooth, without glare;
  • Allow to dry the first layer for 10 minutes;
  • Apply a second layer - now make sure that the strokes lie absolutely flat.

The complexity of using matte varnishes isto make an absolutely smooth, flawless layer. Such a varnish should be poured into the light and not a single dash, not a single glimpse of an uneven smear should be visible. When applying pearl lacquers, everything is simplified. Of course, you still need to be careful and attentive, but even if some of the strokes are uneven, then it's okay. After all, the beauty of mother-of-pearl is that you can quickly make a manicure with it. Light will be refracted on the surface of the nail plate, and no random blots can be considered. how to make an unedged manicure

Tips for Nail Care

  • If your nails are constantly in the paintedyou need to take a break from time to time. Having done a manicure and applying nutritional oil, leave your nails alone. At home, it is very easy to do it - even if at least one night "breathe" the nails. Ideal - let them rest for a couple of days, use your days off;
  • Do not do a manicure if there is damageskin around the nail or cuticle - wait for complete healing. The fact is that under such conditions, the infection in the wound is too great, and then a purulent inflammation of even a very small scratch is possible;
  • If you prefer to do manicure at homeconditions, then take care of acquiring a good manicure set. Do not skimp on branded products in this area - the quality of the material depends on the health of the nail plates.

There is an opinion that a manicure should be done only inbeauty salons - safe, beautiful and fast. But this is a delusion! Under optimal conditions, the availability of a good tool and various means, it is appropriate to conduct this procedure at home. In addition, it is believed that if the nails are short, then no special care is required. This is also an incorrect statement. Even the shortest nails need care and application of lacquer. No matter how long your nails are, it's important how they look. With competent care of hands, you can always look attractive. Regardless of age, every lady is just obliged to bring her nails in order regularly. The frequency of manicure should be held once a week, at least. And then you will always be on top! We advise you to read: