types of men Oh, these men! And they attract, and repel, and irritate, and inspire unearthly love, and then frighten their unpredictability, they seem understandable and predictable. How to determine the type of man? Go, sort out in this collection of representatives of the stronger sex, who of them is reliable, and who only fools your head! Here is that lass, who mutters unintelligibly under his breath at a meeting, - what is he waiting for from us? And this brisk and skillful boyfriend with a firework of wit and intellect - what do he need? What are the men's answers are vague. Who, in the long term, can become a reliable husband, and with whom and short-term relationships are unacceptable, because, in the end, will cause only intolerable pain? Questions, questions, questions ... In principle, the weak sex likes different types of men. They say that women, in the majority, choose a man and lead the hunt for him with the help of all sorts of women's tricks. Maybe, and so, but even the most burnished in these matters young ladies, too, often get into a man-made trap. After all, among the representatives of the stronger sex, a lot of those from whom the young girls are lost and lose their head, and the ladies already experienced in the sex relations. These skillful seducers have a tremendous ability to paralyze the will of a woman, turning her into her victim and taking advantage of the unfortunate until she gets bored. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is not even that we are eventually thrown, but the fact that we are willingly climbing into a trap that has been set up. And, strangest enough, we often realize that this is a trap, but we convince ourselves that we are exceptional and this number will not pass with us. And in vain. Because the number will pass. Even if we manage to keep such a seducer for a fairly long time, sooner or later his nature will prevail. And we will receive our portion of tears in full. Whether we need these tears or not, each decides independently. In the meantime, consider some types of men and determine which of them represent a potential danger for women.

Types of male seducers

male conqueror Gallant admirer This type of masculine characterbased on the principle of worship before any woman, whether she is a mother, sister, wife, mistress or just a neighbor in the stairwell. He excellently understands the condition of young ladies and has the ability to understand and console them. The gallant admirer's manners amaze with their sophistication, and any one, even the most experienced lady, can go mad of them. However, having lost his head from a gallant admirer, it should be remembered that he is so behaving with all women. Therefore, it may well be that the heart of the seducer, in fact, already belongs to someone, and in his passport there is already a stamp about marriage. And be cautious if he did turn his head, - this fact, it is likely, will bring serious suffering in the future. If we are looking for only male participation, warmth or a beautiful life, then to succumb to the temptation, without building grandiose plans for the future, it is possible. Such types of masculine character help to overcome depression, but for long-term relationships are almost not suitable. Don Juan This is a macho man, next to which a woman, not believing her own happiness, is ecstatic with speechlessness. He is incomparable - high growth, excellent figure, courageous face! From the macho emanate fluids of sexuality, in the ocean which drowns all, approaching him, the representatives of the stronger sex. Of course, to become the chosen one of this type of man is the dream of any young lady whose self-esteem is significantly increased when communicating with him. In addition, he is a great lover, and is able to give his partner an unforgettable moment of bliss. And in the case when she wants only an intima, it is better to find a macho difficult. Then, when a woman is looking for a spiritual contact ... Alas, alas. Because with this type of behavior, men are usually not capable of intimate conversations. They are simply uninteresting to them, because the goal of the macho is to impress with their appearance and carry as many women to bed as possible, and there is simply no time to spend any conversations with him. Adventure seeker These types of men are by nature romantic tramps, who very much like the freedom-loving women. Usually they have a very attractive manly appearance and quickly conquer ladies who are striving to give uncontrollable romance and soul and body. And in vain. Because at the forefront of this type of men is not a family, but friends, with whom he solves issues of a global scale. How to determine the type of man - tramp? Quite simply, because of his disdainful attitude to household amenities. He can wear the same sweater for months and does not pay attention to what he is served at dinner. Women who are determined to take such a man to their hands, should be careful not to put too much effort into building a home, - romance will very quickly become boring, and it will rush into the distance, to new adventures. As for those ladies who themselves are not averse to eternally dangling around the world, well, it is quite possible that a romanticist will be a good party for them! If not lost on the road without a trace! Zlatoust These types of men tend to master the art of verbal communication. They have a rich vocabulary and a great power to convince of anything. Zlatoust can very easily express any of his feelings - love and hate, disappointment and delight. If this woman needs a woman, he will tirelessly tell her that he finally met his mate, and his life turned into a firework of endless joy and happiness. Try to resist such an speaker, because he is always ready to discuss with her friend all her problems and to reveal her secrets to her. All this, of course, bribes the young lady incredibly ... But she should always remember, if this talker wants to leave, he is also very talented and will do it subtly. Zlatoust calls many reasons for parting. At the same time, he will skillfully pretend that he is extremely bitter and hurt, but "the situation has developed so that separation is inevitable, and nothing can be done about it. Life is life". In a word, Zlatoust is unreliable, like a spouse, but as an adviser and a comforter, it is quite fit. However, these types of behavior of men to some people may well fit, but the wife of Chrysostom should always be ready for the fact that her husband, in order to improve his oratorical skills, will rush to look for new listeners. And in any case, do not take on faith all that he, in this case, will begin to speak in his defense, as though it did not sound plausible. It should be noted that all the above-described classifications of male seducers are rather arbitrary. In their pure form they are rare. After all, judging by these types of behavior of men with a woman, practically each of them can be classed as ladies' man. So what now, do not trust anyone and get married? Of course not! But, if we consider the qualities of character in the male representative to prevail, before deciding to associate life with it, it is worthwhile to think carefully. Do we need unpleasant surprises, the probability of which in marriage with such a man is quite high, and whether we will be able to bear them? Perhaps, it is better to choose a spouse more reliable? And how to determine who is more reliable and who is not? I must admit that it is not so easy to determine this. But still try to find some guidance, according to which we can make a more or less correct conclusion about the strength of marriage with this man. So…

What types of men are the most suitable for marriage

how to determine the type of a man Conqueror These types of men by naturethe main thing is to achieve the woman's love. The conquering male has a vivid distinctive feature - in conversation he very often uses the pronoun "I" and quite rarely the pronoun "we". The Conqueror is overly concerned with demonstrating his physical and intellectual advantages over others. Usually representatives of this type of men are witty, erudite and have good connections in the society, which they will not slow to inform the woman during the first hours of acquaintance with her. Actually, the man-conqueror is a good variant of the husband, if a woman makes him constantly seek her favor. Relax with him can not - he will lose interest in the subject and go to search for other victories. To prevent this from happening, a woman should continuously improve herself in all respects and often give half-gloomy understandings to her chosen one that she has many broken hearts on her account. In addition, even if she sincerely and deeply loves the "conqueror", one must try to hide it, pretending that he is almost indifferent to it. Keeper of Traditions This is a type of conservative man, who prefers stability to everything. He talks a lot about how the order was observed in his parents' house, what dishes his mother prepared, what methods of upbringing were practiced in the family, and so on. Seriously interested in such a man are only beautiful mistresses ladies. In addition, they must be economical, able to create a cozy home in the house and ready for this to give up any, even the most prestigious, work and from regular meetings with girlfriends outside the house. Otherwise, you can not dream of a successful marriage with a man-keeper. It only seems that he is not inclined to conflicts. If it concerns the violation of the principles of this representative of the stronger sex, he can roll a grand scandal and even insist on divorce. Companion These types of men by nature, - workaholics, for which the family, - the continuation of professional activities. Work for them is a light in the window, and they always talk about it as a tense, but at the same time, pleasant daily work. The Companion is looking for an assistant wife whose achievements at a professional level, at the same time, will not exceed his own. Therefore, if the young lady intends to become his wife, but, at the same time, has such achievements, she will have to keep quiet about them. The wife of a man-associate, in order to avoid conflicts in the family, will have to give up his own ambitions and devote himself to the cause that is so enthusiastic for the husband. In this case, a happy union with a man of this type, even in the presence of adversity, is secured. Free bird This type of men is struggling to show their independence and stuffing into the address of others some caustic remarks. At first glance, he is a tactless snob, but it's only at first glance. Because in reality they are very fond of personal freedom and try in the root to stop any attempts to at least limit it in some way. Such types of men are even willing to give up a good career if it threatens this very freedom. A woman who intends to become his life companion will have to control her emotions and constantly let the "free bird" know that she is ready to release him at any time on all four sides. Otherwise, he will not endure any attempts to limit his actions and instantly stumble further from the most comfortable nest. However, in marriage with him there is a significant plus - "free birds" almost never go to the left, because they are well aware of what such attitudes may threaten their freedom. In general, a good and lasting alliance can be created with any type of men we have examined. In fact, as we have already said, there are no exact answers for men. And what kind of man is more suitable for this or that woman, she alone decides. There are many people in the world. And different types of men can not be considered. We tried to describe only the most common. Each of these types is good in something, but in something, not very. And each of them can change in one direction or another. And with which it is better, only the heart will tell. After all, love - it is merciless, and can suddenly blaze to anyone. And there's nothing you can do about it ...