delicious turkey in multivark This delicacy appeared in our country in the 17th century. Nutritious and delicious meat of overseas poultry came from North America. At that time the turkey was fed by noble people, ready to buy expensive and exotic for Russia product. Turkey is a rich source of protein and vitamins. The correct approach to cooking this meat creates a delicacy, and numerous recipes will satisfy the tastes of any gourmet. Turkey has a special taste and is perfectly combined with sweet and sour sauce and potatoes, this low-calorie low-fat product. The rules of its preparation in the multivarquet are the same as in the oven. Difficulties can arise due to the size of a large bird, which may simply not fit in the kitchen electrical appliance. In this case, you can, for example, cook wings, fillets or heart. turkey with vegetables

Prescription advice

Numerous recipes for dishes with turkey are preparedan average of one hour to 80 minutes in the baking or quenching mode. The simplest way to cook turkey in a multivarquet is to extinguish with vegetables. Poultry fillets in the form of small pieces are laid out on the bottom of the bowl, we put vegetables on top of the meat, all this is rewarded with favorite spices to taste, we turn on the quenching regime and make it ready for 40 minutes. During cooking, you can pour water, but, of course, a little. The multivariate prepares a dryish turkey, but this property of this meat. To avoid severe dryness, you can water turkey sauce. Depending on your taste, you can cook cream cheese, cheese, cranberry, tomato and other sauces, the recipes of which are easy to find. Juicy meat will give refueling apples. Turkey with soy sauce - guarantees the appearance of a sweet taste in the dish. Small pieces of poultry meat are cooked with onions in baking mode, add soy sauce, which by this time should be mixed with sugar (a few spoons to taste). Next, all this fry in the baking mode 40 minutes. Ready-made meat dish can be served with mashed potatoes or rice. Also as a side dish, vegetables for a couple are good. turkey cooking

Cooking in the Multivariate

It is advisable to take to prepare a youngturkey, whose meat is lighter in color. Also, we check the meat for damage and stains - there should not be any. The fillet should be elastic and not have foreign odors. Before cooking, the turkey must be washed properly. It is recommended to sing it or remove the skin to get rid of the feathers. Next, we cut and delete the insides. We do not recommend buying frozen turkey, because a large bird will be defrosted for a long time. From turkey it turns out an excellent pilaf. The recipe is quite simple. Cut finely fillets with vegetables, fry all this in a multivark in a baking mode 10-15 minutes. Then add a well-washed rice and turn on plov for 40-50 minutes. The turkey in such pilaf will not be dry, but the dish itself will please with excellent taste and pleasant friability.