delicious trout in foil Trout is a very tasty and healthy fish, it hasrefined, tender taste, its fillets are rich in vitamins and essential amino acids. The best way to prepare this fish is baking in foil in the oven. Why in foil? Because with this method of preparation all the food and aromatic properties of the product are preserved, the dish turns out juicy and tasty. Baked whole trout will not only amaze your taste sensations, but also will please with appetizing appearance, turning your usual dinner into a festive dinner!

Preparation of necessary products

To prepare this wonderful dish we will need:

  • trout - 1 fish (350-500 g);
  • half a lemon;
  • vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) - 1 tablespoon;
  • parsley greens - a small bunch;
  • salt is large;
  • ground pepper;
  • foil for baking.

This list is sufficient for baking trout forsimple classic recipe. Since the trout has an exquisite taste, when it is cooked, there is no need for a large number of ingredients and spices. Although some interesting options should be noted, and we will consider them below. In the meantime, we will prepare trout in the classical version. trout fillet with spices

The cooking process

  • We clean fish, cut the fins and tail, remove the insides and gills, rinse well and dry with paper napkins.
  • Lay the fish on the foil, folded into 2 layers. We rub the carcass of trout with salt and ground pepper outside and inside.
  • Cut a few thin circles of lemon, from the rest of it squeeze the juice.
  • Mix the lemon juice with olive oil and water the fish both outside and inside.
  • Prepared earlier circles of lemon cutin half. On one side of the carcass we make several transverse incisions, holding the knife at an angle of 45 degrees, and insert the slices of the lemon skinned into these cuts.
  • We fill the belly of the salmon with chopped parsley.
  • Raise the edges of the foil and wrap the fish well,so that when baking does not drain juice, the foil should not fit too tightly. Here it should be noted that leakage of the juice will cause the fish to turn dry and burn, consider this point.
  • The oven must be preheated. We send our fish to it. The baking temperature is 180 ° C, the time is 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the fish. After 20-30 minutes of baking, get it, open the top of the foil and return the trout back to the oven for another 10 minutes, to give the fish a little brown.

Done! Spread our beautiful appetizing fish on a dish, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with chopped herbs. It will be absolutely gorgeous if you first put salad leaves on the bottom of the dish and already on top - fish. Fresh vegetables are added to the freshness of the trout. For slices of lemon, inserted in the cuts of the carcass, you can put circles of sliced ​​black olives. To decorate dishes boldly show imagination, and on your table there will be a real work of art. different recipes for cooking trout

Try other cooking options

As we already noted above, an excessive amountingredients and spices obscures the real taste of trout. To such products in this case the mayonnaise also concerns. Yes, baking in the oven under mayonnaise can make any product tasty enough, but we will not spoil the trout. And we do not need extra calories. One of the options for preparing for baking can be cooking simple sauce. To a mixture of juice, lemon and olive oil from the main recipe, add a tablespoon of soy sauce and the same amount of white wine. We will soak the fish in this sauce, having stood for 15-20 minutes. Then we do everything according to the above recipe. You can also experiment with the stuffing of fish before going to the oven. We filled the abdomen of the fish with just chopped herbs, but to the green you can add a diced tomato and onions. For gourmets there is another option. Try to stuff trout cut into cubes with canned pineapple, adding a sprig of rosemary. The filling can also serve boiled rice with the addition of a small amount of soy sauce. Another classic filling - carrots, grated on a large grater, mixed with chopped onions with added chopped greens. There are many other original variants of the filling, you can think up something of your own taste, but do not forget that we are preparing not just a fish, and having a unique taste of trout, and you should try not to drown it with an excess of other flavors. In conclusion, trout should be noted as a unique food product. As a dietary product, trout confidently takes place among delicacies. Although this fish is not cheap, it is still affordable enough to at least occasionally please you with your presence on your table. Bon appetit and be healthy!