haircuts for long hair To date, long hair is extremelypopular among girls and women of different ages. This is not surprising, because they are associated with femininity and tenderness in men. Of course, healthy beautiful long hair, trimmed evenly, look neat, but simple. Therefore, if you want to change such a simple image to a more refined and creative, but do not want to lose the length, then fashionable hairstyles for long hair will suit you as well as possible. It would seem that all models of hairstyles for long hair have long been invented - stairs, cascade, sesson, chance, classic elongated quads. However, stylists represent more and more original varieties of these models than simply amaze their customers.

Fashionable feminine image

Undoubtedly, to achieve a gentle, feminine imageYou can use a hairstyle with light flowing curls or waves. Moreover, today in the salon you can make an excellent long-term styling with curls of this size, which you like more. Modern means for creating such curls are more sparing than their predecessors. The best basis for such an actual styling is the haircut of the cascade, on which it will look more voluminous and lively. Another popular feminine option is the "ladder" haircut. Plus such a hairstyle is the multivariety of its styling. The most traditional of them is the twisting of the ends inward, the more insolent - the twisting to the outside. Evening laying is quite simple in execution: the curls are gathered in a bun from behind, and strands in front fall freely curly locks. In addition, the ladder visually makes the thin hair more voluminous, the narrow face wider, and the round, paradoxically, narrower. hairstyle with bangs for long hair

With a bang or without a bang?

At the present time, most girls givepreference for the most simple hairstyles - direct models without bangs. In this case, the emphasis is on the parting, it can be straight, oblique or even zigzagged. However, diversify your hair, without losing a centimeter of length, you can by adding bangs. In addition, she is able to visually discard several years of older women. The most actual today is a straight or oblique thick bangs long to the eyebrows. Performed in any form, it attracts the attention of others to the face, so it is best to wear it, making an even beautiful makeup.

Fashionable haircuts for long hair

  • Creative torn haircuts

The most popular today are laceratedhaircuts. Such hairstyles make the exterior bright, let you stand out. Most often they are created by cutting the tips with a razor, although, of course, the way they are performed depends on the master. But it is worth considering that such a hairstyle is suitable for thick hair, making them easier, makes the girl unforgettable, and the styling is incredibly simple. But thin hair with such a hairdo will look even thinner. It looks great with such a hairstyle with creative coloring options, for example, an excellent version - natural color curls along the entire length and bright contrast tips to a few tones lighter.

  • Slanting haircuts

Very popular today areoblique (asymmetrical) haircuts. Long oblique hairstyles are obtained, mainly due to the design oblique bangs. Such a haircut makes the image elegant and fashionable. Conveniently, it is possible to make any long haircut asymmetrical by forming a suitable bang: a ladder, an elongated square, a chance and the most fashionable option - a haircut with a cascade with a long oblique bang.

  • Elongated square

For hair of any type, another fashionablemodel - elongated square. It is suitable for any form of face, and for any color of curls. It will be equally relevant both in the working environment and in the solemn. On styling hair, decorated with a haircut, it takes only about 15 minutes, and the result - a voluminous, neat hair. The elongated square can be worn with both straight hair and curled into large waves. different hairstyles for long hair

Haircut and face shape

  • Long face

Haircut for an elongated face should be in the firstturn visually to make the face more proportional. With this task, ordinary hairstyles with oblique or zigzag-like cuts, arranged by waves, are excellent. Also fit hairstyles with voluminous strands on the sides.

  • Round face

The most successful option for a round face is a cascade with any bangs, except for straight thick single-layered bangs. Suited and straight long hair, trimmed even without a bang.

  • Broad face

For girls with a wide face shape is goodcascade or ladder at the level of the cheeks, or hair-cap, that is, curls, trimmed in 2 layers, where the short coat covers a long one. It is long hairstyles that will allow them to look every day in a new way, change their appearance depending on their goals. At home and at work, at gala events or just on a hike with your friends in the shops - you can choose one of the many possible variations of the original styling solutions. Straight or wavy, the same length or multi-layered, with bangs or without - fashionable long haircuts will make the image of any girl tender and charming.