causes of tuberculosis Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous infectiousdiseases that can be infected absolutely by every person. The disease spreads by airborne droplets, you can also get infected by eating unboiled milk from a sick cow. Tuberculosis is mainly caused by people with a weak immune system, living in unsanitary conditions and poverty, since the weakened organism refuses to fight the virus. A hundred years ago this diagnosis sounded like a verdict, today official medicine is able to put the patient on its feet, but more often people turn to folk remedies that cope with treatment many times better than any medications.

The main symptoms of the disease, the ways of treatment

Isolate the primary and secondary form of tuberculosis. The first to suffer is mainly young people under 25, it runs easily and passes by itself. The second is characterized by a severe course of the disease, it occurs in people who previously had tuberculosis. To facilitate the treatment of the disease, it should be determined as early as possible. The main symptoms: temperature up to 37.5 ° C, cough with phlegm and hemoptysis. But this mainly happens in an open form in especially neglected cases. The majority of patients are detected during fluorographic examination, while only coughing can disturb a person. Official medicine presupposes inpatient treatment, lasting at least six months. The patient takes antibiotics according to a certain scheme. Sometimes, in particularly neglected cases, medicine is powerless, then desperate people turn to healers and healers. There is much evidence of the effectiveness of folk remedies. The sick, whom the doctors predicted a speedy death, recovered and lived to a very old age. There are different methods of treatment, in any case, one should not sit idly by, but choose the most acceptable option, fight the disease. cough with tuberculosis

Healing with Herbs

To defeat pulmonary tuberculosis is possible only withcompliance with a special diet and regular use of broths or infusions of medicinal herbs. It is necessary to choose one recipe and for several months to use this drug. For example, in case of illness, decoction from reeds helps a lot. Take the medicine should be 3 times a day before eating 100 g. It is prepared simply: the leaves of reeds are crushed, filled with water, brought to a boil and boiled for about 5 minutes. The broth should be allowed 2 hours to infuse, after which it can be filtered. Proportion - 3 tbsp. Spoons of leaves on 2 glasses of water. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is possible by decoction. This inconspicuous on the grass has an analgesic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, diaphoretic effect. Sporis very well strengthens lung tissue, has no contraindications, therefore it is used for bronchial asthma, colds. To prepare the broth you need 1 tbsp. a spoon of chopped herbs and 200 ml of dill. Sporish is filled with water and boiled in a water bath for 10 minutes, after which it is infused for 2 hours. The patient should take a broth 4 times a day for 1 tbsp. spoon. Also, with tuberculosis of the lungs, infusions from the leaves of plantain or birch buds are excellent. In the first version you need 1 tbsp. l. dry leaves pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a couple of hours, then drain and take 20 minutes before eating on a tablespoon. Birch buds should be filled with vodka, at 1 tbsp. l. goes 2 glasses. If the tincture acquired a rich cognac color, then it is ready for use. The patient should take it before each meal on a tablespoon. These simple folk remedies can completely cure tuberculosis. a diet for tuberculosis

The gifts of nature are the best medicine

Fat very well helps in the treatment of tuberculosislungs. You can do the following medicine: take in equal proportions badger fat, honey and walnuts (pre-grated in a mortar) and mix well. The drug should be taken 6 times a day on a teaspoon, while it should be sucked like a candy, and not immediately swallow. In addition, every morning on an empty stomach you can chew a small piece of aloe leaf and a spoonful of honey. A wax moth or a firefly perfectly helps in severe cases. To prepare the medicine you need to take larvae and vodka in the proportion 1: 4. The tincture is prepared for 20 days, after which it is filtered through a cotton filter. At the first stages of the disease, it is enough to take 20 drops 2 times a day, in case of neglected cases, the dosage should be doubled. Auxiliary folk remedies can be broths of wild rose, unrefined oats, propolis, including royal jelly, honey. In the diet of the patient, there is necessarily a pair of cow's milk. To disinfect the intestine, add crushed charcoal to it and drink it daily. Radish juice is also useful, in equal parts mixed with honey. With tuberculosis, aloe juice is a great help. You can mix a teaspoon of the ingredient with 100 g of melted goose or lard, add 50 g of cocoa and 100 g of honey. 3 times a day you need to take 1 tbsp. spoon with a glass of hot milk. Aloe can be insisted on wine, the bottle has about 4 leaves. The medication is insisted for a week, taken three times a day on a tablespoon. treatment with folk remedies

Features of food

Tuberculosis is dangerous not only for the lungs, but also forstomach with the liver, as it complicates these organs. Patients must follow a certain diet, so as not to overload the body with excess food and not to provoke the appearance of nausea, disorders. For a day a person should consume 120 g of fats, with 80% of animal origin and only 20% of plants. Protein in the diet helps to resist infection, it needs about the same amount as fat. From carbohydrates you can eat potatoes, black and white bread, cereals, sugar, vegetables. If there is a weight loss, then the diet should definitely include eggs, cheese, fish, meat. The amount of salt, compared with the standard consumption, should be doubled. There is a need often, but in small portions. Approximate diet for tuberculosis:

  • For breakfast, you can prepare an omelette, milk oatmeal, light salad and cocoa.
  • For lunch, according to the diet, only a sandwich of white bread, butter and cheese with tomato juice is supposed.
  • Lunch for pulmonary tuberculosis should be nutritious: on the first - meat borsch, on the second - boiled rice with roast chicken and vegetable salad, on the third - compote.
  • For a snack diet offers only fresh biscuits with broth of rose hips.
  • Dinner - stuffed egg, meat zrazy, carrot puree, tea with honey and curd casserole.
  • Before going to bed, a diet is allowed to drink a glass of ryazhenka or kefir.

This is only an approximate diet, every day you canto invent various variations of it so that the food does not bother. The main thing is that the food should provide the nutrient weakened by the disease organism. Folk remedies in combination with proper nutrition can put even hopelessly ill patients on their feet. For a person, a positive attitude is also important, one must believe in the best and strive for recovery. Cure yourself by everyone's strength, you only need to choose one or several folk remedies and regularly use them until they are fully recovered. For more effective treatment you need to eat well, then the disease will very quickly recede.