cystitis in breastfeeding Caring for a newborn baby takes all the timeat the newly mummy. Therefore, it is difficult to single out time for yourself. Each mother first begins to deal with the baby, and only then own health. Therefore, often a disease of neglected nature. But in any case, you need to pay attention to yourself, too. many diseases by themselves will not pass. Treatment for breastfeeding requires special care. Taking certain medications can harm a baby and mother during feeding and lactation. Therefore, it is worth taking a careful look at the choice of treatment. Among women, there are several diseases that everyone faced. Cystitis is one of them. Treat it in many ways, but the most effective are medications. But not everyone cures cystitis in breastfeeding, as they are afraid of the influence of tablets on their own child. And that's the problem. Many mothers forget about themselves and start the disease, giving progress to complications. Cystitis is a disease of the genitourinary system caused by the ingress of infections into the urinary ducts. This infection can be recorded at birth, so treatment of cystitis in lactation takes a separate place. In this article we will consider the treatment and consider the health of the child and young mother. treatment of cystitis by folk methods

Cystitis in breastfeeding

There is a variety - postpartum cystitis. It is displayed as the development of bacteria in the urinary system of a woman after childbirth. The child, passing the way of birth through the pelvis, presses the mother's bladder. Thus, blood circulation is disturbed, it becomes possible the development of pathogenic bacteria. After giving birth, the body weakens, as in lactation, so it can not cope with pests. And develops a disease like cystitis. The signs and manifestations may be different, but the main ones are:

  • Painful urination, often accompanied by a delay and small portions of urine output.
  • Frequent trips to the toilet.
  • Burning sensation and discomfort in the lower abdomen.
  • There is fever and weakness.

When breastfeeding, you must immediately treat the disease, until it has acquired a chronic type. If you feel anything of the signs, then go to the doctor and start treatment. treatment of cystitis in lactation

Treatment of cystitis in breastfeeding

If you encounter this problem, givepreference for folk medicine or homeopathic preparations on a plant-based natural basis. In this you will help rosemary, lovage, gold and other diuretic herbs. They are contained in such medications as "Kanefron", "Cyston". And also you can use folk medicine. Folk methods:

  • You can insist millet. 2/3 cup of millet fill with 3 glasses of clean water and leave overnight. Strain the infusion and take 100 g of this water 3 times a day.
  • Hot water bottles. Type a hot water bottle or hot water bottle, place it between your legs and wrap it in a blanket.
  • Bricks heating. Take the red brick and heat it in a stove or oven. Put in a bucket and drip a few drops of birch tar. Sit down and wrap the blanket. Sit on the bucket as long as the brick is warm. After this procedure, go to bed under the blanket.
  • With these simple methods, remember what to drinka lot of fluid. Desirable broths diuretic herbs. Treatment of cystitis with lactation requires special attention, so you should sit on a strict diet and exclude sweets, fermentation products and fatty, fried foods. The method of treatment of cystitis in breastfeeding is different, but it is better to use folk methods. In any case, they do not harm. If you decide to take medication, you should consult a doctor. Only the attending physician should prescribe a treatment paying attention to the nuances. How to treat when feeding you can choose only you. Remember that your health depends on the health of your baby. It is important for children to see their mother healthy and happy. So do not wait until later, solve the problem immediately. Health to you and your children!