causes of asthma in cats It is generally believed that cats are sick a little. And if they get sick, then it's quite easy to cure them. This is partly true: cats are actually capable of self-healing. However, there are diseases that can not be cured on their own. For example, a cat or cat suffering from asthma can not be completely cured, but it is possible and necessary to alleviate the condition of the animal. Therefore, the treatment of this disease requires not only the intervention of a veterinarian, but also competent care for the animal.

Causes of the disease

Unfortunately, the causes of such a disease asbronchial asthma in cats, remain unexplained until the end. However, it can be precisely said that the disease is allergic, and the decisive factor is a genetic predisposition. Therefore, most often cats suffering from bronchial asthma are found among Siamese and Himalayan people. But the age of the animal or its sex does not play any role here. Nevertheless, like all allergic diseases, asthma has its own "provocateurs". Among the causes of seizures and exacerbations of the disease, is the following:

  • acute respiratory infections,
  • dust,
  • contaminated air,
  • tobacco smoke,
  • emotional stress,
  • pollen of plants,
  • chemical evaporation.

However, any diseases of the upper respiratorypathways and any air pollution can become predisposing factors. And here it is very important to recognize precisely the asthmatic symptoms in time to contact the veterinarian and help the animal. asthma treatment in a cat

Symptoms and First Aid

Asthma attacks are characterized by spasms of the bronchi andshortness of breath on exhalation. The cause of this is the pathology of the mucous membrane, the appearance of ulcers and erosions on it, an excess of viscous mucus, swelling and inflammation, as well as hypertrophy of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. In cats, as in humans, it is expressed in difficulty breathing, accompanied by wheezing and whistling. Cough may appear, giving the impression that the animal has something in the throat. In this case, the cat sits down, stretches out her neck, opens her mouth and starts making quick, intermittent breaths and exhalations. This is how the symptoms of a direct attack of bronchial asthma in cats look. But it is worth paying attention to other symptoms that should alert you:

  • fast fatigue after physical exertion;
  • whistling sounds during breathing;
  • shallow and frequent breathing;
  • The bent back and the extended neck in a sitting position.

However, difficulty breathing appears not onlywith asthma. Therefore, it is impossible to diagnose only on the basis of these symptoms. Nevertheless, with the first similar symptoms, you should immediately contact a veterinarian. If this happens on holidays or in the evening, it is necessary to call an ambulance veterinarian. In any case, you can not let everything go by itself - the attack itself will not go away, the animal should be helped. But you do not need to panic either. The attack of asthma at times looks intimidating, and the animal itself is frightened of this condition - there is a feeling of impossibility to breathe. Therefore, the cat has fear, the animal can begin to rush or fall into a state of stupor. Your task is to calm the animal. Do not try to catch a cat and shove it in the carry. Remember that at this moment your pet feels not the best way, it is weakened, and careless treatment and excessive excitement will only worsen his condition. asthma treatment with antibiotics

Treatment of bronchial asthma

Once in the veterinary clinic will bediagnosed asthma in your cat, the doctor will prescribe treatment. Remember that you can not completely cure asthma. Therefore, the whole point of treatment is reduced to a reduction in the frequency and duration of seizures until they are completely stopped. Usually asthma in cats is treated in exactly the same way as in humans - glucocorticosteroids for relieving bronchial inflammation and beta2-adrenomimetics for relief of attacks. Of course, the doctor will determine the severity of the disease and, depending on this, prescribe the appropriate treatment. But you need to know that there are several options for treatment.

  • Injections. Pros - the convenience of using drugs. Cons - with the systematic and prolonged treatment in this way, it is possible to develop renal failure or diabetes.
  • Taking the drug in the form of tablets. Pros - continuity of treatment due to the constant concentration of the drug in the body. Cons - inconvenience of use and side effects, as with intramuscular injections.
  • Inhalations. The most common treatment for asthma in cats. Pros - the effect of the drug directly on the bronchi, the lack of systemic effects on the body. Cons - the need to purchase a special device for inhalation.
  • As a rule, treatment with inhalationcombined with taking the tablets. The fact is that inhalation drugs begin to function in about 2-4 weeks after the start of treatment. Therefore, at the initial stage, the treatment is provided by tablet means, and in severe cases, by injections. In addition to drug treatment, a cat suffering from asthma is shown a quiet lifestyle, no stressful situations. Remember that the most harmless at first glance changes in the cat's familiar emotional background can trigger her asthma attacks: change of residence, guests, the appearance of small children or other animals in the home. To calm the agitated animal, veterinarians advise using a special floral essence. This sedative can be dripped directly into the cat's mouth or a few drops on the inside of the ear, and then rubbed. Such medications can be used every 15 minutes until the animal is completely calmed.

    Useful advice to owners

    To treat an animal, of course, is necessary. But do not neglect and the elementary rules of hygiene - it will help cope with the illness of your beloved cat, or at least reduce the frequency and duration of seizures. Therefore do in the house a systematic wet cleaning. In the heating season, try to use humidifiers and use a vacuum cleaner with a water filter. Ventilate the apartment, do not smoke indoors, abandon the indoor plants that can provoke an allergic reaction. As a filler for cat litter use cramming means. In no case do not fill in the tray fillers based on chalk or clay, or even better - translate your cat into a tray with a grate. And most importantly - take care of your pet, be gentle and patient with it. Remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed.