allergy treatment Asthma, headache, dermatitis, anaphylacticshock, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, runny nose - are you really reconciled with the above listed manifestations of allergy? Do you agree to tolerate all symptoms, refusing to live a normal life? No? Then we gather with forces and begin to fight against such a misfortune. And the earlier you decide to do this, the easier and faster you will get rid of this problem once and for all. But, as with any other illness, allergy treatment should be supervised by your doctor.

Why there is an allergy

No matter whether food is an allergy ormedicamentous, the reason is one - a regular or episodic impact on the body of a foreign protein (allergen), which is exactly what the human immune system responds to. In the first two or three times no reactions may not occur, so do not be surprised that you have not had such a thing before. The allergy can be manifested in different ways. Someone will have only tears to flow, and someone will have to give first aid. As you understand, everything depends on the human body, and on the circumstances. In any case, if you have found this disease, do not brush it off, hoping for a chance. Even if you now "slightly" badly, in the future everything can end sadly, up to a lethal outcome. allergy treatment

Diagnosis of the disease: how is the allergy determined?

So, if you first encounter manifestationsAllergies, the doctor can send you for the delivery of tests. This is necessary in order to determine whether you really have this disease, and to establish what exactly the organism is so violently reacting to. And only after receiving the results, he can prescribe a full and comprehensive treatment of allergies.

  • Skin tests

If you are allergic to pollen, vegetation andother similar elements and substances, this can be identified by making scarification tests. To do this, a small amount of the allergen is either injected into the skin (backs or forearms), or squirted onto an open wound (comb the surface with a special sharp object). After, you'll have to wait about half an hour. Thirty minutes later you will see whether or not you are intolerant of a substance. The skin flushed, inflamed and began to hurt, and on this site there was hives? Hence - the result is positive. If everything remains unchanged, you will have to look for another pathogen (allergen). But with this test, you should be careful, as there can be very unpleasant consequences. Sometimes, however, the patient deteriorates, not immediately, but after a few hours. Therefore, be sure to ask someone close to be with you in the next couple of days.

  • Blood test

This is a more gentle method that helpsidentify substances hazardous to your body. After you take the blood from the vein, it will be sent for analysis to a special laboratory. There will be tests, after which you will receive an answer to the question that interests you. But, unfortunately, in this case the accuracy of the results is slightly lower.

How to get rid of allergies

First of all you have to try as much as possibleless and less likely to contact the allergen. For example, if the reason lies in the cat - give it to her relatives for a while, but for the time being, wash the apartment properly. If you are sick of pollen, take a spring or summer vacation. Go closer to the sea or to the mountains. Only do not forget to know beforehand whether there are any plants harmful to your health. Household chemistry can either not be used at all, or it can be purchased in kind. Fortunately, in our country this can be bought, you just have to work hard. And do not forget at home to use special filters for air purification, only without flavorings, naturally. But, you see, constantly avoid contact with the allergen and be afraid that you will one day be very bad, not everyone wants. Therefore, you will also have to undergo medical treatment for allergies. Of course, this disease for just one moment is not so easy to get rid of. But to reduce the risks and symptoms of manifestation - easily.

  • Immunotherapy

The patient is injected with antigen, graduallyincreasing the amount thereof. If you do everything right, then, in the end, you can get rid of hypersensitivity. Or at least your body will not react so violently to the allergen. But do not rejoice ahead of time, because there are also risks. For example, anaphylactic shock can develop. Therefore, you need to trust your health only to an experienced specialist, who will not get lost if you suddenly become ill. Note: injections are done only in the presence of the attending physician. The dose and the drug itself is also prescribed. All this takes quite a long time, so please be patient. After you have completed the course of treatment, you still have to visit a specialist.

  • Medications

Note: seasonal allergy treatment is not always amenable. Therefore, for example, you can prescribe antihistamines, which simply block the actions of allergens. Despite the fact that they are quite effective, they are recommended to be used as rarely as possible. For long-term treatment they are not suitable. By the way, people, whose body reacts too strongly to any kinds of products, insect bites, plants, it is best to carry a special first aid kit, so that others can provide first aid.

  • Droppers

During the period of exacerbation,a dropper to "wash" your body. Due to this, the concentration of the allergen, which is the cause of the ill-health of the person who falls ill, is reduced in the body. As a result, headaches, nausea, rashes, itching, etc. are passed. proper allergy treatment

Traditional medicine: help yourself

There are many ways to get rid ofallergy symptoms alone. Some of them are completely safe and quite well help to cope with the problem. But it is possible to resort to folk methods of treatment of an allergy only after consultation and the permission of the doctor.

  • Drink as much liquid as possible

Broths from herbs are allowed, if, of course,you are not allergic to them, green and weak black teas without sugar, compotes. Store products (juices and sweet water) is better not to use at all, since they contain so many additives that even a healthy person does not always feel well after them. What can we say about people who have such problems.

  • Rinse the nose with a solution of salt

A liter of water is taken by a teaspoon of salt. All this is well mixed, so that there is no sediment at the bottom. Using a special nozzle, which you can buy at the pharmacy, wash your nose. Beforehand, do not forget to check how your body reacts to such a solution. By the way, this tool is recommended for use in cases of severe runny nose, swelling and inflammation.

  • Proper nutrition

Try to eat as much as possible products,rich in vitamins and minerals. It is desirable that they grew in your region. But it's better to avoid exotic delicacies, as they are often allergic to them. In extreme cases, first try a small piece, and then, if everything goes well, after a couple of days, repeat the reception. So, now you know what an allergy is and how to fight it. The main thing is not to delay until the last time, when you can not do without medication and long-term treatment. And never put yourself a diagnosis yourself, do not drink tablets and decoctions, without having previously been to the doctor.