Toys from Brooder and Fisher Price Childhood is a beautiful time, which happensjust once in a lifetime. And each parent wants the baby to have the most interesting and beautiful toys, which, moreover, are made with the same German quality. The toys of the German company Bruder are a wide assortment of the recognized leader in the production of toys. Such toys will please your children. Manufacturers of toys for children copy the smallest details of each model. Models are interesting in that they are like real. If it is a truck - it will necessarily raise the body, the wheels of the machines are equipped with soft tires. The company makes its models on a scale of 1:16. A series of machines Unimog - for the most advanced kids - cars are similar to the cars of the company Mercedes-Benz. Toys from Brooder and Fisher Price Machines are made of plastic of good quality,are certified. Cars Bruder toys are cars that mimic cars of different brands: Man Volvo Renault and others. Cars help children develop their playing skills. Children play development games: transport workers, drivers of cars, construction workers, road and postal workers, and others. Toys are designed for boys starting from three years old. By combining a nice game with cars and other games, you can get an excellent result in teaching the child. You can focus on the color of the machine, add games with the pyramid. The wonderful toys of the firm Fisher Price - this is the joyful mood of your children. Childhood begins with toys Fisher Price! Simple and interesting, cheerful design kits for children Is the convenience of using and attaching tostroller, baby's crib. These sets are interesting in that they are diverse. "Dreams of butterflies", "Giraffe", "Forest serenades" with a nightlight and many others are the first toys in the life of a baby that please not only the eyesight, but also the hearing. Mobile "The Rainforest" with music of classics will help the development of your baby. Classical music has a calming effect on the nervous system of the child, improves sleep, appetite, helps mental development. Developing and playing complexes from Fisher price phone is an opportunity for a child to develop by playing. Toys from Brooder and Fisher Price Children under one year explore the world with the help of organsfeelings. Then they are added to the manipulation of objects - touch, shift, twist, throw, disassemble, roll. Watching the mobile, the child develops hearing, sight and coordination of hand movements. On the game mats from Fisher, he can touch toys, learn to turn, move. At an older age, starting from three years, boys in development are helped by machines from Brooder. Playing in cars, children learn to build relationships with other children, take into account the opinions of other children, cooperate in the team. The games reveal the child's research abilities.