Toys for children under 3 years old The child in the house is not only a joy, but alsogreat turmoil in the family. You were delighted with the first word he said, now you are happy with his first steps. First we bought rattles, then we bought what we saw. But this is not right, the child should have a certain number of toys. Why? - you ask. The answer is very simple. The child does not play with all the toys, he chooses the one that is more to his liking, and the rest just scattered around the room. So do not look at the child, with what toys he plays more. And now you ask, why buy toys, if he does not play with them? After all, I can turn on the children's channel on TV and let them watch. And this is not right. After all, every toy has its own meaning. Let's start with a rattle. You'll fool her, and she's rattling, and the little child will once again work, because he can not understand why she's thundering. And when he cries, we try to give him a rattle. Then there are cars, pistols, robots, etc. And for girls in general everything is simple. Since the beginning of the pupa, then the dolls, well, after the dolls there is jewelry and, of course, my mother's cosmetics. suitable for both boys and girls. These fascinating, bright toys will fall in love with every child. But the child must also develop. For this, there are educational toys. These are toys for thinking, inventiveness, imagination, creativity. You can also add here books for kids that are appropriate for your child's age. Such lessons should be held at a certain time. If the child does not want to do, then it is better not to force him. Try after a while to lure the child with a game that will go smoothly into the lesson. We advise you to read: