tortured heartburn Tortured with heartburn? Well, we hasten to reassure you - you are not alone and this problem haunts very many people. However, it is easier for you, of course, will not. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures that will help get rid of heartburn. And the earlier you do it, the easier it will be to overcome heartburn. How much time and effort you take from the fight against heartburn, depends on a variety of factors - how long does it bother you with heartburn, how intense it is, how often it arises and, most importantly, what are the reasons for its development. It is in these issues that we will understand this article. But be sure to remember that all this information can not in any case replace a visit to a gastroenterologist.

Causes of heartburn

In order to successfully get rid of heartburn,it is very important to understand the cause of its occurrence. In some cases, this is only an individual feature of the body, and in others - heartburn indicates the presence of a disease. The most common reasons are:

  • Diseases of the stomach

Gastritis, gastric ulcer, especially withincreased acidity of the stomach, in most cases lead to the development of heartburn. The most important treatment for heartburn in this case is to reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

  • Weak valve

Some people have such aphysiological feature, as a too weak valve, separating the stomach and esophagus. If the valve is weak, the gastric juice almost freely enters the esophagus, causing it to irritate and, accordingly, heartburn.

  • Pregnancy

Very many women first encounterheartburn during pregnancy. This is explained very simply - hormones relax all smooth muscles of the body, including the valve weaken. And for longer periods the uterus backs the stomach, which is an additional factor for the development of heartburn. excruciates heartburn

"First Aid" for heartburn

When heartburn begins, you want to get rid ofher at any cost. Therefore, we offer you several recipes that can be used as a first aid. They are quite effective, but do not forget - this is not a cure, but a temporary measure.

  • Raw peas

Pour into the cup two tablespoons of peas,pour boiling water and leave to steam for about three hours. Do you feel that heartburn starts? Begin to chew peas - two or three peas every five minutes. Approximately in half an hour heartburn will recede. Remaining steamed peas can be stored for about a week, but only in the refrigerator.

  • Vegetable juices

Raw potatoes, cabbage, cucumber - wring 100gram of juice from any vegetable you like and drink in a gulp, be sure to wash down a glass of cool water. After about 15 minutes, heartburn recedes. True, it can be replaced by another attack - increased gas formation. But there's nothing to be done - as they say, from two evils you need to choose less.

  • Eggshell

If you often suffer from heartburn, always keepready powder from the egg shell. It is prepared simply - burn two tablespoons of eggshell in a frying pan, and then grind in a coffee grinder to a powdery state. Heartburn begins - just eat half a teaspoon of powder and drink it with water. Incidentally, some people are helped by a powder of crushed chalk - take note.

  • Salt

In some cases, you can get rid of heartburn withhelp the most common salt. As soon as you feel the approach of heartburn, immediately suck a few grains of salt, swallow salty saliva. After about two to three minutes you will feel like heartburn recedes. However, this works only in half the cases - sometimes an absolutely opposite effect can be observed. So watch your reaction to see if this method is right for you.

  • Cool water

It is very often to get rid of heartburn whenhelp ... cool clean water. Drink a few sips - and there is a high probability that heartburn will disappear without a trace. If the first time does not help - try to experiment with the temperature of the water. Someone is helped by colder water, but to someone, on the contrary, warm. True, the effect of this remedy is short-lived - in about two to three hours the heartburn will return.

Treating heartburn

If you do not want to constantly faceheartburn, it is necessary to seek help from a gastroenterologist. First, only he can reliably establish the cause, which led to the development of heartburn. And secondly, will pick up the optimal course of treatment. And in addition, you can resort to folk recipes that will greatly facilitate your struggle with heartburn. But do not forget to talk to your doctor in advance.

  • Oat grains

Oats are a faithful ally in the fight against heartburn. Yes, and preparing a rescue tool is very simple - pour a tablespoon of oats half a glass of cool boiled water and leave overnight. In the morning, carefully and slowly loosen the soaked grains of oats. Treatment should last at least three months - and for about a year you do not remember about heartburn.

  • Buckwheat grain

Spread a frying pan, fry five dining roomsspoonfuls of buckwheat so that it has a brown tint. Then pass the croup through a meat grinder and place the resulting powder in a hermetically sealed container. Every morning on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before breakfast, eat half the teaspoon. Relief will come already after two days, but do not stop treatment - it should last at least one month.

  • Potato juice

If you have some free time, you cantry to get rid of heartburn with the help of potato juice. Every morning, squeeze three tablespoons of juice and drink it together with a glass of cool clean water. After a week, increase the volume of juice by half - and continue to drink it for another three weeks. A month later, heartburn will go into oblivion. tortured heartburn unpleasant

Simple rules

In order to get rid of heartburn as possiblefaster, remember the need to observe a few simple but very important rules. Otherwise, there is a high risk that all your efforts will go wrong. So:

  • Food intake

You are strictly forbidden to overeat! Food should be divided - portions are small, like a break between meals. Overeating largely provokes the development of heartburn, and in the figure is not reflected in the most favorable way.

  • The lying position

Pay attention to how you sleep - the headboardThe bed should be slightly elevated. It is not so difficult to do this - place a roller under the mattress from a blanket or books under the legs of the bed. By the way, it is highly recommended not to go to bed in the first 30 minutes after eating - this will reduce the likelihood of heartburn at times.

  • clothing

Perhaps you will be surprised, but very strong attacksHeartburns can appear because of too tight or pressing on the stomach clothes. So try to avoid such patterns, especially after eating. If you follow your doctor's recommendations, take a responsible attitude to the treatment process and follow all the rules, very soon you will not have any reason to complain that you have been tortured again with heartburn. Be healthy! We advise you to read: