Three "whales" of female beauty Every woman who already for "..." wantskeep your youth as long as possible. She embarks on all sorts of tricks to stay longer attractive, fresh and young. The basic manipulations are carried out with the face. There are several ways to rejuvenate, it's cosmetic (with the help of serums and creams); photo, elos, laser rejuvenation; circular facelift. Each of the methods has a number of advantages and a number of disadvantages. For example, the most painless - cosmetic - has the dignity of naturalness. All good cosmetics, aimed at rejuvenating the face, is made only from natural ingredients. But the disadvantage of this method is its duration and inefficiencies. In order for the efficiency to be higher, it is necessary to start taking care of the skin of the face as early as possible, since it is much easier to keep and prevent aging earlier than to stretch, fix and fill the wrinkles that have already formed. All other methods can be attributed to the fast and effective, but relatively painful, in addition, there are contraindications, which should be remembered when choosing them. The next thing the woman struggles with is cellulite. Modern medicine offers several methods of getting rid of the "orange peel":

  • with the help of electric current (electrophoresis, lymphatic drainage, myostimulation, electrolysis, microcurrent therapy);
  • with the help of mechanical, vacuum and temperature effects (ultrasound, vibration therapy, vacuum action, pressotherapy, thermotherapy);
  • mixed methods (endermology, mud therapy, mesotherapy).

This is an incomplete list of existing methodsgetting rid of cellulite, when choosing any, do not forget that the treatment should be comprehensive. Along with the prescribed procedures, you need to adhere to a certain diet in conjunction with sports exercises. With the onset of a certain age in some women begin to appear coarse, stiff hair in various places, sometimes on the chin, over the upper lip, on the toes and so on. Simple pulling, like shaving does not bring long effect, and even, on the contrary, as if stimulate the appearance of more and more rough hairs. One fine day, it's not one, but three or five hairs stick indecently in some prominent place. There are several methods for removing unwanted vegetation, but laser hair removal is considered the most effective. It consists in converting the laser action into a hair into thermal energy, which destroys the hair follicle, thus removing undesirable hairs practically forever.