What to do in case of threat of miscarriage?

At the first sign of abortionshould seek medical help. After all, the sooner the treatment is carried out, the greater the chances that the fruit will be preserved. In addition, one should not engage in self-medication at home and take drugs without prescribing doctors. No traditional medicine is able to prevent miscarriage, and the various infusions and broths recommended by the "compassionate neighbors" can only aggravate the situation.threat of early miscarriagePrevention can help prevent a threatmiscarriage in the early stages Photo: GettyTreatment of the threat of miscarriage is prescribed only by a gynecologist. And if the patient's condition allows, then she can take the course out-patient. But with a pronounced threat of a pregnant woman, hospitalization is necessary. The drugs prescribed for the threat of miscarriage, depend on the cause of this phenomenon:

  • With hormonal imbalance, the patient needs a course of hormonal drugs.
  • With immunological factors, a course of medications is prescribed, the action of which is directed at suppressing the production of antibodies.
  • When the tone of the uterus is prescribed drugs that relieve spasm of muscles.

Often, medications are administered intravenously. In this case, the names of the drugs and their dosage are chosen by the attending physician.

How to prevent miscarriage?

That there were no problems with pregnancy,a woman should regularly visit a gynecologist and clearly follow all his recommendations. Timely delivery of tests will help to identify problems and pathologies in the early stages, because the earlier the diagnosis is made, the easier the treatment will flow. In addition, the future mother should follow the following recommendations:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Harmful habits can affect not only the course of pregnancy, but also the health of the baby's future.
  • Avoid stress and fatigue, because they have a bad effect on the immune system.
  • Do special exercises for expectant mothers. To find out what exercises are appropriate in your case, you can contact your gynecologist.
  • Do not take medicines without the appointment of a doctor. During pregnancy, you should avoid taking any medications, because their active substances along with the blood fall to the baby.
  • Watch your daily routine. It is extremely important for a future mother to stick to sleep and rest.

If you follow these recommendations,then with success avoid any threat of miscarriage. Do not forget to drive negative thoughts away from you. After all, only a positive will help to give birth to a healthy and strong baby.