delicious thin pancakes Thin pancakes - this is the cherished dream of every mistress. Still in the people there is a saying: "Thin pancakes - a symbol of bright sun". If you know how to knead and fry delicious thin pancakes, then this is an indicator of culinary skill. It turns out that even pancakes are an original Russian dish, they are also quite typical for German and French cuisines, and even in the States people are familiar with such a wonderful dish. So, how to make delicious pancakes for breakfast? There are a lot of cooking methods, but it's necessary to know that the main secret, thanks to which it is possible to prepare thin pancakes in milk, is hidden in the dough mix. For these pancakes, you need to knead the dough by prescription without adding yeast sourdough. Since the yeast lifts the dough, the pancakes become plump.

Recipe for thin pancakes on milk

So, let's take an interesting recipe for pancakes prepared on milk. To implement this recipe, the following ingredients are needed:

  • Flour - 2 full glasses of wheat flour. You can take more, it all depends on the raging appetite and desire, but then do not forget to bring in the proper correspondence of the proportion of other products.
  • Milk - 0.5 liters (if the milk is small, you can dilute it with water).
  • Eggs - 3 pieces. It is advisable to take for this large, with a brown tinge, they have large bright yellow yolks.
  • Sugar - 3 tsp. or 1 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil - 3 tsp. or 1 tbsp.
  • Salt is a pinch.

recipe for thin pancakes on milk

Cooking process

Dough without lumpsThe dough turned out without any lumps, at first eggs, sugar and salt are prepared. All this is thoroughly mixed. The preparation of a test is not difficult, if you follow the recipe items and some rules. You can add flour. This is done gradually, because in this way it will be more convenient to mix. Only when the flour is completely absorbed and a monotonous mass is created, you can gradually pour in the milk and mix everything carefully, but gently. First add flour, then milk, only then no lumps are formed. But if you fill 2 glasses of flour in 0.5 liters of milk, you can easily get tired of destroying hateful lumps, in every possible way squeezing them against the walls of dishes, so much that the desire to do something further will be lost. It is best to use a blender to comfortably knead the dough. In this case, you can forget about the lumps. If this kind of kitchen equipment is not there - it does not matter, you can use the usual whisk. Now is the time to add vegetable oil to the dough. For this recipe is suitable as a normal sunflower, as well as olive or corn. It will be better if you take an oil that does not have an odor for this recipe, in which case it will not be possible to smash the delicate, tender fragrance of pancakes cooked on milk. A sweet tooth can also increase the amount of sugar required to your taste. You can also vary the taste, using vanilla and cinnamon, but note that the cinnamon will repaint the dough in a dark chocolate color. Not many owners know that in order to make pancakes were prepared not only ruddy, beautiful, delicious and delicate, but also with interesting holes-bubbles, when making a dough, you can pour a couple of tablespoons of water. Frying thin pancakes with a recipe on the milk Frying pan, which is intended for frying thin pancakes, must be preheated well enough. It is necessary to prepare in advance for the fact that it will not be possible to move away from the cooker and will have to do everything quickly enough until the dough runs out. Since thin pancakes are frying at lightning speed, you should not overdo such a thin food product on fire. If a cast-iron frying pan is used for frying, then carefully lubricate it with oil, or with a small piece of fat, but with a very very thin layer. The thinner the lubrication, the better and tastier the pancakes will be. Vegetable oil was added initially at the establishment of our test, it was done only so that the pancakes did not suddenly decide to stick to the pan. Therefore, a lot of oil does not need to be poured into the pan. If you use a Teflon frying pan, then it can not be lubricated, there will be enough oil that was initially poured into the dough at the institution. classic thin pancakes How to properly pour the dough into a frying pan? Cooked dough during frying can be poured with a large wooden spoon. This process looks very effective and beautiful, and the tree is considered a good material for cooking. You can use a small povareshkoy. For the preparation of one thin pancake, you need only ½ of a spoonful. By the way, when the frying pan is very large, then the volume of the test is needed more. On a small frying pan, respectively, smaller. In this case, the best way to determine the way the first 2 pancakes. At many mistresses usually the first pancake turns out more thickly, than it is necessary, and the second share of the test not always suffices that the pancake has turned round, with employment of all area of ​​a frying pan. After two attempts, any hostess needs to prilovchitsya and calculate how much dough is needed for frying a normal thin pancake with this recipe in your frying pan. The puff pastry for pancakes is rotated and smoothly moved over the entire surface of the preheated frying pan with a very thin layer. In spite of the fact that the dough needs to be dispelled smoothly, it needs to be dispersed very quickly, since the frying pan is hot and the pancakes must be thin. As soon as the dough has beautifully browned and has ceased to be a liquid mass, it can be immediately turned over gently. The highest aerobatics is a revolution of pancakes by throwing them up. But this does not work for all. In this case, it is better not to use wooden spatulas, since they are too thick for our crepes on the recipe for milk and will tear the dough. You can take a dessert knife, but it is necessary that he must be stupid, one that can not cut anything, just apply oil on bread. About it will not scratch the frying pan, and pancakes will cling well - it's quite easy and convenient. And to be sure that the pancakes will not break, it is necessary to take a pair of dessert knives for this. According to this recipe, the reverse side of the pancakes is much faster than the first. And already in a fraction of a second you can shoot a pancake from a pan. After frying each pancake, the pan must be lubricated, and only then pour the next pancake. thin pancakes with stuffing

A few words about the filling

Such pancakes will be tasty and good not only inhot, but also in a cold form. They can be stuffed with any stuff you like and then carefully, but carefully folded according to the principle of the envelope. Delicious pancakes can be obtained if you spread them with condensed milk, fresh sour cream, strawberry or raspberry jam, jam, pour syrup or honey. If the pancakes are not sweet, then as a delicious fillers are suitable liver pâté, squash or eggplant caviar, vegetable snacks, mushrooms. In general, you can stuff everything, which is enough for your own imagination and money.