tartlets with filling recipes Tartlets are small cupsfrom sand, fresh or puff pastry, which you can prepare yourself or buy in the store. This is a universal dish. Tartlets with a filling can decorate any festive table. You can serve tartlets at the beginning of the feast or as a dessert. This versatility makes this dish very popular. The filling for tartlets can be any: fish, meat, mushroom, vegetable, fruit, etc. And from this diversity, each hostess chooses what she and her family like best, which can bring the best taste sensations. Therefore, you are invited to prepare tartlets with a filling, the recipes of which can be taken as a basis.

Tartlets with pineapple filling


  • 1 can of canned pineapple
  • mayonnaise - for refueling
  • 140 grams of cheese
  • garlic - to taste

Preparation: Finely chop pineapples and garlic. Grate the cheese on a large grater. Mix everything and season with mayonnaise. To spread out on ready tartlets. Garnish with greenery. This filling is prepared quickly, but it turns out - very tasty. And do not be confused by the strange combination of ingredients, just adjust the amount of garlic to your liking.

Egg stuffing


  • 5 fresh eggs
  • 100 grams of bacon
  • 1 head of onions
  • 75 grams of sour cream
  • cooking oil for frying
  • salt - to taste

Preparation: Finely chop onion. Cut the bacon into cubes. All this fry in vegetable oil until the appearance of a crisp on bacon. In a separate container, mix one egg and sour cream, salt. Take 4 molds for tartlets. In them put a mug of dough, giving it the appropriate form. Add bacon with onion, sprinkle with sour cream sauce. From above in each form to break one raw egg, trying not to damage the yolk. Next, the tartlets with the filling should be baked in the oven, heated to 180 degrees, for twenty-five minutes. They should be covered with a golden crust. Tartlets are served on a plate, placing next to them salad leaves and fresh vegetables. Get a great breakfast. But the following tartlets with an interesting filling, the recipes of which will be offered further, will suit the festive table. filling for tartlets

Filling with chicken


  • 400 g boiled chicken
  • 250 grams of canned asparagus
  • 200 grams of green peas
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 30 ml. white wine
  • 1 tablespoon of starch
  • Salt, pepper, lemon juice, hot sauce, lemon

Preparation: Green peas put out in a frying pan, add to it together brine slices of asparagus and white wine. In this mass, pour the diluted starch. All mix well. Pour in the milk, lemon juice and sauce. Salt and pepper. Add the chicken meat, diced. All mix well. This mass of stuffed ready hot or warmed tartlets. Garnish with greenery.

Filling with cheese and salt mushrooms


  • 100 grams of cheese
  • 100 grams of salted mushrooms
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 head of onions
  • 1 cooked carrot
  • mayonnaise or sour cream, pepper, dill greens

Preparation: Carrot cut into slices, mushrooms and onions finely chopped. Garlic and cheese grate. Mix and season with mayonnaise or sour cream. Salt and pepper. To stir thoroughly. Filler for tartlets is ready. It remains only the tartlets with cheese-mushroom filling to decorate with dill sprigs and serve to the table. These tartlets with a filling like your guests.

Filling with shrimps


  • 300 grams of boiled shrimp
  • 4 boiled eggs
  • 100 grams of cheese
  • salt, mayonnaise

Preparation: Grate the cheese on a large grater. Eggs finely crumble. Mix the prawns, cheese, eggs and green peas. Fill with light mayonnaise. If necessary, season with salt. The resulting salad is ready for use. It is spread out over ready-made tartlets, which will please your guests, gathered at the festive table. Everyone will be satisfied with the food you prepared.

Filling with red fish


  • 100 grams of any curd cheese
  • 5 slices of slightly salted salmon (trout)
  • bunch of dill
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Preparation: Finely chopped dill mixed with curd cheese and lemon juice. This mass of stuffed tartlets. On top, it's elegant to put a slice of lightly salted salmon or trout. Decorate with a sprig of dill. The filling of a combination of greens, curd cheese and red fish is a wonderful appetizer, which looks very impressive on the festive table. tartlets with filling

In the filling of tartlets - ham


  • 6 pieces of pear
  • 6 slices of Parma or any other ham
  • 6 pieces of feta
  • 6 small leaves of lettuce
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • a few drops of balsamic vinegar
  • greenery

Preparation: In the ready tartlets, put a nice leaf of lettuce, put a pear and feta on it. Mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil. With this mixture, lightly sprinkle the contents of the tartlet. Top with ham and greens. Tartlets with an original filling of an excellent combination of greens, hams, pears and feta are ready to please everyone with a taste at the table.

Fruit filling


  • 100 grams of chocolate
  • 500 ml cream 33%
  • 18 grams of gelatin in plates
  • 250 ml. syrup from canned fruit
  • 800 g of canned fruits and berries

Melt chocolate in a water bath. They well lubricate the inner surface of the ready tartlets from a short pastry. Put them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. For 10 minutes, soak gelatin in cold water, then squeeze it and melt it in a water bath or in a microwave. Whip the cream, add gelatine and fill it with a mixture of tartlets. Top with berries and fruits. Fruit juice mixed with 10 grams of gelatin and pour the contents of tartlets. Put in the refrigerator for freezing. Bon appetit and great fun! We advise you to read: