a tan at a pregnancy In summer, when the weather is hot and sunnythe weather, swim and sunbathe every person wants. And pregnant women, who soon plan to become mothers, are also no exception in this case. Raging on the beach in clear weather is not only pleasant, but also incredibly useful. Solar tanning improves the body's immunity, and also restores the nervous and endocrine systems. But, despite all this, you can only take sun baths on condition that you observe certain rules and, of course, do not abuse pastime on the bank of the river or the sea. Otherwise, you can earn a burn.

Pregnancy and sunburn

Sunburn is a kind of protection of our skin fromharmful effects of UV rays. Cells, which get the sun, produce melanin (this is a special pigment that changes the color of the skin into a darker chocolate shade). As mentioned above, moderate sun baths not only give pleasure, but also exert a strengthening effect on the body of a pregnant woman. In such cases, the metabolism is intensified and accelerated, the activity of glands improves, the amount of hemoglobin sharply increases. The blood thus receives a sufficient amount of vitamin D, which is very important for the baby, and for the mother herself. It should be remembered that, thanks to vitamin D, which is synthesized in direct sunlight, the possibility of rickets in a child is excluded. And the future mother will not be able to earn such a serious disease as osteoporosis. In addition, the sun's rays have a positive effect on a woman with a depressive condition, which is observed throughout the pregnancy for almost everyone. Very often a sun tan is called the best and most useful antidepressant. Therefore, we can safely say that pregnancy and sunburn do not exclude each other. pregnancy and sunburn

Who and how you can sunbathe: phototypes and sunburn

Melanin is distributed differently on the skin. The fact is that tanning is programmed at the genetic level. For example, if your parents are constantly sunbathing, the likelihood that the same thing will happen to you, rises. Therefore, it is so important to know whether it is possible in your particular case to stay in the sun for a long time or not. So, there are four phototypes (reactions to the sun).

  • Type one: categorically you can not sunbathe

People of the first type (with pale skin, lighteyes and hair) can get sunburn even with the slightest impact of the rays on the skin, with no tanning. They should avoid UV in normal life. We have to wear closed clothes, use sunscreen, etc. And during pregnancy it is generally better not to walk outdoors in sunny and clear weather.

  • Type two: you can gently sunbathe

People of the second type (with pale skin, lighteyes and hair) hardly get sunburn, but burns are easy to earn. If you belong to this category, you should go to the beach in the morning and in the evening, always in the shade, using only special creams (SPF not below 30).

  • Type three: sunbathing allowed

The third type includes people with dark eyes,hair and swarthy skin. As a rule, such persons get sunburn rather quickly, but light burn is not excluded. Here, as in the previous case, you should follow the basic rules: not to be more than 3 hours in the sun, at lunch (from 12 to 16) it is better to leave the beach.

  • Type four: safe sunburn

Swarthy people with dark eyes and hair can withEasily carry direct sunlight for quite some time. They easily get a beautiful and even tan, but they do not burn at all in the sun. But, despite this, in order to 30 lady did not look at all 50, it is better not to abuse UV. It turns out, as you noticed, the higher the number of a phototype, the less it is to be afraid of sunlight. But in a period of high activity, the sun can cause unwanted pregnancies in pregnant women (uterine bleeding or muscle tone lowering). As a result - the threat of miscarriage.

How to properly sunbathe future mothers

Being under the scorching sun should not belong. The most optimal time for pregnant women is about 20 minutes, but no more. For any person (and especially for a woman in position) it is very harmful to stay in direct sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, the probability of the onset and development of cancer on mucous and dermal surfaces increases several times. Always remember that prolonged sunburn can lead to a sunstroke. If you feel bad, dizziness has begun, nausea appears, go to a cool room urgently, drink cold water and call an ambulance. It is not known how overheating could affect your child. Many people think that the longer you are on the beach, the better. The main thing - to know that a small dose of sunlight has a positive effect on the immune system, increasing it, but a long tan reduces it dramatically. Plus, if you are too much on the seashore or river in the hot time of the day, such a love for sunburn can lead to dysbiosis and other inflammatory diseases. The next thing you should pay attention to is the optimal time for sunburn. Experts recommend to be on the beach from 8 to 10 am, in the evening - after 17 hours. At this time, the sun's rays are not so active on the human body. Pregnant women at lunchtime it is desirable to be in a cool place or just relax in the room. All two or three hours to lie on the beach is not necessary, from time to time you need to swim, so as not to overheat. Do not expect that small clouds or clouds will protect from strong sunlight. Sunbathe well in the shade under an awning or an umbrella. Such a tan is very useful for the body and will not do him harm. Especially good are scattered sun rays near the water. During the tanning, pregnant women must necessarily cover their breasts and stomach. Do not expose your child to heat. Also remember that in any case you can not sleep on the beach, as this can lead to severe burns. Pregnant women should choose spacious clothes, since narrow helps to overheat and interferes with the natural cooling of the skin. It is necessary to use panama, sunglasses, cosmetics with UVB and UVA filters. sunburn during pregnancy

How to sunbathe girls in the heat

In order to feel comfortable even inhot summer days, it is necessary to consume as much liquid as possible. So you can exclude dehydration, which can lead to tragic consequences. This is very dangerous for a pregnant woman: dehydration affects oxytocin, which can provoke premature birth. In summer, the future mummies often swell (especially after the first half of pregnancy), they begin to swell their legs and arms. If swelling after a short rest disappear, then they are not terrible. But in the event that this does not happen, you need to see a doctor immediately. By the way, having excluded from the ration during a hot season of the salted and sharp food, it is possible to reduce risk of occurrence of similar troubles. It's also good to drink tea, eat fruits and vegetables on sunny days, especially carrots and apples. They are good at helping to transfer heat and neutralize the process of disintegration of substances. After the beach, you should eat sour-milk products, mineral water, green tea, kvass.

How to become swarty: instant tan for expectant mothers

Sometimes young mothers do not fully realize thatthey are pregnant, and continue to dream of chocolate skin color. But getting such a tan when you are in a position is very difficult. After all, for this you have to spend an incredibly long time on the beaches, and prolonged exposure to the sun increases the risk of complications. Such negligence can lead to premature birth or miscarriage. What to do in this case, the fair sex, who do not want to walk pale until the very birth? The answer is simple - go to the store and buy a special cream. Yes, in our time, instant tanning can be obtained with the help of special cosmetics. But before using them, you need to consult a doctor, because not all of them are safe.

Than long-term sunbathing is dangerous

A moderate amount of sunlight, of course,benefits the body. After all, it's not for nothing that even doctors recommend spending at least a week a year near the sea. But there are always nuances and moments when future mothers can not sunbathe. About them just need to remember the ladies who plan to soon have a baby. So, the consequences can be the following:

  • Overdrying of the skin, sunburn. Epidermis can die, the body will get a lot of stress, the skin will turn red. The consequences are dry skin, rapid aging, loss of elasticity. After delivery, the abdomen will be covered with stretch marks (striae), from which you will not get rid;
  • Appearance of age spots;
  • Appearance and increase of chloasma. Outwardly it looks, to put it mildly, not very beautiful. And to mask with a voice-frequency cream them it will not be possible;
  • Dehydration, heat stroke;
  • The occurrence of malformations in the development of the baby;
  • Problems with veins on the legs;
  • Increased blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding;
  • Deterioration of general condition. As mentioned earlier, you always need to observe the measure. Excess, like a flaw, never led to good.

What other consequences can there be after sunburn? As you understand, already in the early stages of the woman's body suffers various changes. And first of all it concerns hormonal reorganization. That's why women become nervous, aggressive, crying and worried about trifles. But this is not all that can happen to the fair sex representative who is in the position. Specific hormones can affect the pigmentation of the skin, forming melanin. As a result, even the smallest period of pregnancy on the face pigmented spots are formed. But their size indicates the amount spent in the sun time. The fact is that the pigmentation develops without inflammation of the skin. And this process is very slow. Thus, if you take too much sun, you can end up with dark freckles. beautiful tan during pregnancy

Opinion of doctors about sunburn

Many doctors are positive about takingsunbathing, even if the fair sex is in position. And basically, this is due to the fact that the body receives a large amount of vitamin D3. And this, of course, is an excellent remedy against rickets. Mild exposure to the sun will provide the body of the unborn child with a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus. Of course, in some cases, doctors recommend that you drink a special medicine. But the use of this vitamin for prevention can do more harm than good. So, for example, hypervitaminosis may occur, which will negatively affect the body of mother and child. And so you and relax, and improve. However, before you go to the resort, be sure to consult your doctor.

How to properly sunbathe

From the first days, do not just stay for a long timeunder the sun's rays. Sunbathing should be a little and gradually. This reduces the risk of burns. Points, an umbrella, a headpiece will save from a sunstroke. It is advisable to apply sunburn creams, but only those that are permitted for pregnant women. Drinks will save from thirst and will not allow the body to get dehydrated. Do not tan your stomach and chest. After returning from the beach to the body, apply a soothing and moisturizing cream. Sunbathing in a solarium is strictly prohibited. If you comply with all the above rules, a tan will bring a pregnant woman and a future baby only a favor.