Swiss company Tag Heuer The Swiss company Tag Heuer was founded in 1860year. The founder of the company is Eduard Hoer. The main advantages of the produced watches are reliable operation of the mechanism, accuracy and quality. According to the characteristics of the watch, for the most part can be attributed to sports. Throughout the company's work, it has crossed with various sports and tournaments. Measurements of the results in sports competitions for a long time were made with accurate chronometers Tag Heuer. The company also supplied equipment for the Olympic Games. The company regularly participated in all the Olympic Games of the 1920s. Since 1960, the company began to attend the "Formula 1", thanks to this, men with a high level of income were interested in the products of the watch manufacturer. The company has created links not only with racing competitions, but also with several ski resorts. Since 1989, the company is the official timekeeper at the World Ski Championships. In 1985, the company merged with the Technique d'Avant - Garde Group. It was after the merger that the company received today's name. Many magazines include it in the top five Swiss watch companies in terms of sales. It perfectly characterizes the company, because its products are popular with buyers, and the originals, and help to look stylish. Before appearing before the buyer, the clock passes 60 different atmospheric and mechanical tests. These are sports models, which are confirmed by 6 quality marks. The watch is waterproof even at a depth of 200 meters, the clasp of the watch is double, in the form of a stylish steel bracelet. Have prestigious, because it is quite expensive products,luxury item. The official representative of the company in the world of domestic tennis is athlete Maria Sharapova. It combines the skills of athletes and unsurpassed beauty. Maria Sharapova participates in the advertising campaigns of the company. For several years she was able to become the champion and the winner of various sports competitions, she is a master of her craft, who not only wins tournaments, but does it very beautifully and elegantly. It was a wonderful combination of sporting qualities and beauty that inspired the company that more than a century and a half produces quality watches, to sign a contract with the famous athlete. Information provided by the site