Fashion swimwear brands from the USA At the height of summer, beautiful ladies always visit the thoughts of a new . Fashion never stands still. Each season, fashion houses offer beautiful and comfortable beachwear with new and original chips. For Russian women of fashion, we advise you to pay attention to the swimwear brands from the United States, which combine the beauty of the fabric and the high quality of tailoring. Beach clothes, which are always at the peak of fashion trends, are, of course, models from Beach Bunny, Lady Lux, PHAX, Caffe and LSpace. They can be found in Moscow online stores. Fashion swimwear brands from the USA And that's fine, because it will not take longwait for the arrival of the order from abroad. Having absorbed the spicy taste of the coastal sun, these swimsuits and tunics will allow any lady to feel brighter, freer and more confident. These brands mean continued success on anybeach in summer or in the pool during the cold season. How to choose the right swimsuit for a figure? In this season, fashion brands are betting on retro style. The advantage of this direction is that with the help of peculiar features it's easiest to hide the flaws of the figure that you want to leave in the shadows. So, a large figure on the bodice will distract attention from too wide hips. Fashion swimwear brands from the USA And one shoulder strap instead of two on the bodice at the fusedThe swimsuit will make the figure visually more slender. In each of these brands you can find your unique and exclusive-attractive model, which will look great and emphasize profitable shapes of the figure. It is not necessary to buy a swimsuit for a size smaller in the hope of pulling the excess bulges of the waist or tummy. The pulling straps of the swimsuit will only emphasize the excessive completeness. If you have a plump figure, it is best to look at the smooth tight and closed swimsuits. It is also worthwhile to use long proven methods to visually remove unnecessary and add missing, which work perfectly for any . Fashion swimwear brands from the USA Large cutouts on the top visually extendtrunk. And the high cuts on the hips, which can be found in models from Lady Lux, will significantly slash your legs. Cloaks, fringe and ruches, with which the models are abundantly decorated this season, will visually increase the volumes in those places that you want to emphasize particularly. For example, ruffles on the chest in models from PHAX and LSpace visually give the bust a larger volume. Bright prints of swimsuits and tunics from Caffe perfectly underline the bronze tan of the body. Also, when choosing a swimsuit, do not forget that the vertical bands visually lengthen the figure, and the vertical ones make it wider. Suitable patterns for you are among the models of the brand Beach Bunny. Rather, determine the choice of beachwear, because the summer sale of branded American swimwear in online stores will soon be over!