increased sweating Unfortunately, increased sweating - hyperhidrosis- not such a rare problem. And it occurs both in men and in women. According to some information, only in our country it suffers about 4 million people. What are the causes of excessive sweating and what to do to defeat this attack? Let's understand. In general, sweating is a perfectly normal and natural reaction of the human body to increase the temperature of the environment. This process protects us from overheating. In addition, a part of harmful substances that are unnecessary to the body is excreted through the skin. Troubles arise only when too much sweating starts to stop a person from leading a normal life. For example, constantly wet palms, because of which men have problems with communication - they are used to saying hello to the hand. Or forever - even in winter! - wet feet, which causes all the shoes to deteriorate, and it becomes possible to remove the shoes only while remaining completely alone. And many other troubles. Why does this happen? There can be several reasons. The most common are:

  • Heavy physical work. In men, excessive sweating is most often associated with it. This is perfectly normal and should not cause concern.
  • Heat, hot drink or food. This is also considered the norm.
  • Stress or just strong emotions. This applies to both men and women. If such situations are not repeated often, then there is no reason for experience.
  • Age changes. For example, menopause in women. There is also no need to worry - it's just necessary to survive.
  • Various diseases. For example, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland tumors and some others. In this case, in order to eliminate sweating of the body, it is necessary to cure the "root cause".
  • Features of the body or hereditary factors. With nature you can not argue. It remains to find a way to get rid of this problem. What to do if you have excessive sweating?
  • Hygienic procedures

    Perhaps the simplest and most reliable means ofincreased sweating is a thorough hygiene. In particular, a regular shower. If necessary, try to take it 2-3 times a day. The fact is that a strong sweating changes the acidity of the skin, and this leads to a very unpleasant sharp odor and can even cause fungal diseases. When sweating of hands is additionally recommended to make contrasting baths, and after them rub palms with lemon juice. If your feet are sweating heavily, then you can use salt or salt to get rid of this problem. Prepare a solution at the rate of one teaspoon per glass of hot water and regularly, twice a day, wash their feet. For men, and another way - pour in the socks crushed oak bark. sweating causes

    Deodorants and antiperspirants

    The choice of modern means of unpleasant odorsweat - an emulsion, talcum, gel, creams, it is simply amazes imagination. However, the most proven and popular among them are still antiperspirant and deodorant. In terms of sales among hygienic cosmetics, these funds are in the lead. Deodorant contains substances that can neutralize the unpleasant odor of sweat, which is usually associated with the multiplication of microbes in the armpits. Deodorant can be in the form of a gel, spray, powder or cream. With increased sweating, a more effective remedy that perfectly masks the smell of sweat is spray. However, for sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions, this deodorant is not suitable. For travel, the ideal option will be a ball deodorant, which, thanks to its convenient packaging, will not spill on the road and does not take up much space. Creamy deodorant and deodorant gel, in contrast to the above funds, are more expensive. But the action they have more prolonged. The composition of any deodorant includes either triclosan or farnesol - these are substances that destroy bacteria. Triclosan is designed to cope with a sharp unpleasant odor of sweat, but it has an aggressive effect on the natural microflora. For women with sensitive and light skin, a more sparing deodorant made on the basis of farnesol is more suitable. Antiperspirant due to the content of organic salts, zinc and aluminum is able to block sweat glands, thereby reducing sweating. However, for permanent use, it is not suitable, since with regular use, the skin covers the risk of losing its natural protection. Today, many manufacturers offer antiperspirant deodorants that have a dual effect - they both kill bacteria and reduce sweating. increased sweating causes

    Simple Tips

    • Apply deodorant only on dry and clean skin.
    • Regularly remove hair in the armpit area. This advice applies to both women and men - hair not only retains an unpleasant odor, but is also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
    • If you irritate the skin in the armpits, discard the alcohol-containing products, try replacing them with talc or baby powder.
    • To get rid of the extremely unpleasant smell the deodorant with bacteriostatic effect will help.
    • When you allocate too much sweat without a smell, go to antiperspirant deodorants that effectively cope with increased sweating.
    • In the event that hygienic cosmetics did not helpto get rid of the unpleasant odor of sweat, you should see a doctor - excessive sweating can be associated with endocrine or nervous disorders in the body.

    As you can see, this is a very unpleasant and delicateThe problem can easily be solved by "improvised" means. The main thing is to make sure that this is just your individual characteristic, and not a symptom of some disease. Just take yourself a little time and then for one person, suffering from excessive sweating, will be less. At you all will necessarily turn out! We advise you to read: