sweaters for women 2016 Today we will talk about those things thatcan imperceptibly bring stylish notes to the Casual image of a modern girl who can gently change her appearance for the better. Let's look at the best women's sweaters in 2016, those models that effectively decorate everyday life and unobtrusively fit into the wardrobe of a fussy housewife, carefree schoolgirl, a busy business lady. Let's talk about the current trends, fashion hits, the recognized classics and we will stop on the version that is closer to you personally.

Cardigan for women: knitted or knitted, what to choose?

Here everything is simple: To stop on this or that model it is possible simply on a weather, being guided exclusively by the comfort. This will not be difficult, because the fashion brands in every season of 2016 delight girls with a variety of bright, noticeable, spectacular things.

  • In warm weather, you can concentrate on yourown convenience and to present to itself ease of jersey. Today there are interesting models with noticeable prints and applications, with contrasting patterns and patterns - they will perfectly decorate the appearance of a modern girl dressed in Casual style and will become that original detail of the image that always attracts attention.
  • Well, with the onset of cold weather, you can choose suchcozy and warm cardigan female knitted - we think that in the winter it will become one of your favorite things. After all, this wonderful sweater will not only decorate the wardrobe and help emphasize the image of a modern girl who follows the fashion and all her tendencies closely, but also warms her, gives a feeling of inner comfort and tranquility, which is also very important.

So we recommend some specific modelto choose, proceeding from a material - first of all it is necessary to take care of the convenience, especially, when you buy such practical thing as a jumper. Especially since the beauty of clothes does not go to the background - sweaters a whole sea, finding your own is not difficult.

Women's sweaters 2016: trends in length and shape

sweater for women Naturally, one should not only talk aboutmaterials, relevant in the coming season, but also on the cut of things, about how look and look data sweater. After all, not forgetting about their comfort and coziness, any girl needs to remember about the impression she makes. It's safe to say that in the coming season, both free-cut and tight-fitting models will be relevant - the choice is really great. A voluminous jumper is perfect for those cases when you do not need to focus on your sexuality - in the coming season it will be worn by the most fashionable graduates of senior classes, office workers. Such sweaters give freedom during friendly gatherings, hikes in cafes and cinemas, outings on nature - they become a real decoration of Casual style. The downed shoulders, the elongated bottom and the sleeves are the characteristic features of the volumetric models. But in any case, it is worth paying attention to and tight-fitting sweaters for women: photos of fashionable European collections tell us that they will be chosen by girls who want to effectively appear in society. And we perfectly understand the accents of fashion designers, because such a stylish sweater not only perfectly highlights all the advantages of a slender figure - it is also quite practical. A tight jumper can be combined with leggings, trousers, jeans and even a skirt - it fits perfectly into the framework of the office and Casual look'a. And, most importantly, this model can have a lot of "chips": sleeves in three-quarters or full length, original belts at the waist, spectacular decoration with rhinestones, decorative elements and ornaments - for girls hundreds of interesting options open. Therefore, we can safely say that your wardrobe can and even need to be enriched with several jumpers. Let me give you a little advice: a fashionista should choose free and tight-fitting models, not just one at a time. With practical sweaters you will always be comfortable, with spectacular jumpers you will look interesting and attractive in any company and situation. It is worth seriously enriching your Casual wardrobe - this will make you feel more than confident in the coming season.

Women's sweaters 2016: what color will be relevant?

Tranquility and moderation will rule the ball in the coming season: so, out of competition will be gray, beige, black, white colors and all sorts of their shades.

  • Clearly why - they most successfully emphasize all the features and advantages of both free and tight models.
  • Moreover, such colors are a kind of classic, which will remain relevant in the next season.
  • And, finally, white, black, gray, beigejumperes perfectly fit both into the face of a strict and business-like businesswoman, and in the image of a cheerful and carefree student - in the maiden wardrobe they are always right.

But, of course, we must not forget about othersmodels - green, yellow, pink, red, blue, purple. Yes, colored sweaters will not go out of fashion in the coming season, it's another matter that their bright colors will become more muffled, soft, calm. Soon, even the lightest and funniest female knitted cardigan will carry the notes of a classical style - just such an interesting combination and will attract the attention of people with a delicate taste, we are sure of it. Now let's talk about the colors - the upcoming season promises us that there will be very popular 2 options:

  • On the pedestal of the maiden's honor the monotonousmodel, and, given the relevance of calm tones, this is understandable. Today, the jumper becomes a classic Casual clothing, so it should look not only interesting, but also stylishly and impeccably beautifully - a branded thing simply needs to have a touch of severity.
  • A variety of models make a strip -another is without a doubt the trendy trend of the coming season. Popular will be both classic colors in the marine style, and bold enough options, for example, a combination of pink and gray. It is important only that the brightness is moderate, so that it does not outgrow in kitsch - in 2016 excessive effektivnost and shocking will be irrelevant, especially if we are talking about Casual style.

Of course, bold and contrasting combinations after allwill find their audience - they will not be forgotten. Such jumper will remain popular among young people, graduates of high school and female students, that is, girls looking for their own style. Well, the beauties, who have already found their appearance, are better suited for more calm and seasoned classic sweaters.

We choose a women's knit cardigan: on what to stop?

jumper female photo Looking at the collection of famous designer housesEurope, you understand that knitwear brings quite different trends or, in its original way, complements the trends with its "chips". So, if the knitted models remain underlined tight-fitting, the knitted fabrics can be voluminous and differ in the abundance of frills and draperies decorating the chest, neck, waist, sleeves. Naturally, this version of the decor creates the effect of visual increase - a similar method can be used by girls who want to emphasize one of the above-named pieces of the figure, to make an accent on it. One should not forget about what kind of texture should be those women's knitted sweaters, who can famously set the tone for fashion in the coming season. Their texture can be not only monotonous: in honor there will be wide strips, bumps, cage. In this case, attention is paid to the convexity of the pattern - the relief on the jumper becomes one of the trends of the coming season. And it can be very diverse, because designers have paid tribute to both traditional pigtails, and innovative interlacing, like rhombuses and knobs, and spectacular-looking decorative lacing and even inserts in patchwork style. A separate conversation deserves the patterns: this season is relevant, so that even the most interesting of them are not too prominent. Time literally screaming bright prints and applications left behind - today the drawing on the sweater must be impeccably elegant. That is why the fashion includes warm patterns that are appropriate and stylish looking on single-color gray, black, beige, white jumper. Do not forget about knitted accessories - in the coming season they are original and quite effectively decorate a fairly strict and calm sweaters. Therefore, girls should think about how to enrich their wardrobe with scarves-clamps and scarves-rings. Their exaggerated bulk will create a spectacular contrast with the accentuated elegance of tight-fitting jumpers. It will also be interesting to look scarves-scarves or scarves, decorated with fringes or brushes - this combination always looks rich. Its stylish image can be well complemented with gaiters and long mitts. By the way, especially effective looks a combination of a one-toned fitting sweatshirt, and a gait, dressed directly over the shoes or on the boot top. But this option is emphasized sexual look'a great suited confident girls who are accustomed to conquer men's hearts. As you can see, there are a lot of options for what you can wear a knitted cardigan for women: photos of the latest fashion collections just prove it. Following modern trends and competently combining sweaters with other wardrobe items, a girl can really look stunning even in everyday situations.

We are looking for your knitted cardigan

Let's say at once, the purchase of warm clothestake care in any case, and it is better to buy more than one model, but several at once - the choice of women of fashion is simply enormous. Yes, in the fall of 2016 and in winter 2017 such jumper will be especially popular, because all the girls will want to give preference to comfort and coziness. And we recommend choosing models made of cashmere or fine wool, because they will not be either too hot or cold. Let's talk in more detail about what should be modern and fashionable knitted cardigans:

  • As we said, in the coming season is worthprefer warm and at the same time low-key colors - in this case, classic white and black colors, shades of beige, soft pastel colors will be relevant. Do not lose out and if you choose a cardigan color muffled coral, cyclamen, fuchsia.
  • The pattern can also be quite diverse: on the wave of popularity will be a combination of smooth textures and large matings, as well as relief Irish patterns. Simple and practical, but with this well-chosen sweater can become an ornament of your wardrobe, both everyday, and working or even a day off.
  • It is also worth mentioning about the collars of sweaterswomen's knitwear - here, too, all is ambiguous: in fashion will be both high neck and V-shaped cutouts. The simplest and at the same time pleasant for any fashionista option is to purchase both of these models and to wear one of them depending on the other details of the image.
  • Now let's look at the sleeves - what they areshould be with modern sweaters? In the case of a knitted model, rather short sleeves look fairly effective, by ¾ or even by ½ - the combination turns out really interesting and beautiful.

Another tip: do not be afraid to show up in the light dressed in the jumper, which themselves and tied, or in a sweater, made to order. In the coming season, original and author's things will be appreciated especially highly - exclusive in honor, remember this. We hope that our little tips have proven useful and now choose the fashionable women's sweatshirt, no doubt, 2016. This article was to help women of fashion to find the model in which they will look stunning at work, on friendly gatherings, at a youth party - in short, anywhere and in any environment. We advise you to read: