Summer shoes For any womansummer women's shoes - this is a very important subject of the wardrobe. Summer pampers every girl with the magnificence of the variety of shoes. After all, every girl starts to dream of new sandals or shoes long before the onset of warm weather. We want to drive men crazy with their legs, for this we need to study the fashion trends of the future summer season 2012. The next summer will be as bright and diverse in the use of flowers. The most fashionable will be red, yellow, orange, green and all shades of blue. Bright summer shoes are perfectly combined with a one-color, seasoned, as well as multi-colored clothes. But still the classic does not lose its positions, it is always represented by white, black, and also by different brown and cream shades. summer shoes

What to choose: a platform or a wedge?

Fashion designers are still just as much attentiongive slippers and sandals, sandals and any other summer shoes on a platform or a wedge. And it's wonderful, because thanks to a comfortable pad or platform, all the girls will feel comfortable, while still beaming with the rays of grace. The hit of the new summer season will be sandals with wide ribbons tied around the ankle. A lush ribbon or a careless knot will give your feet refinement, sexuality and attraction. Bright flowers have long captured the entire fashion world of clothes, and blossom on dresses and trousers, blouses and coats. But now the flowers will blossom on the platforms of fashionable summer shoes and all those around will be frozen in sincere admiration. So, the most fashionable footwear of the upcoming hot season will be presented by slapping, sandals, sandals, clogs with the use of complex ties, intricate interlacing, chains and nets, wide ribbons. At high positions, all the same will be variegated colorful stripes. The sea motive will surprise with its novelty, appearing immediately on the heel, sole and upper of the shoe. Despite the fact that shoes with high heels give any figure elegance and elegance, and makes the legs visually slimmer, yet comfort remains above all else. Comfortable slaps, sandals and sandals remain the undisputed trendy trend of the summer season 2012. The fashionable colors of such shoes will be silver, bronze, gold and metallic. Clogs and Crocs will also be in the spotlight. Such women's shoes are not so famous yet, but still it is gaining ever greater popularity with confident steps. This footwear is made of rubber, and unusually soft, so it is unusually convenient, and any representative of the fair sex can feel comfortable in Croxuses, as if walking in the warm sea sand.