summer dresses Summer is the most beautiful time of the year! In this hot time, you can appear in all its glory, look unusual, bright and effective, wear clothes of different fabrics with stunning drawings, make up any combination, experiment with various accessories. First and foremost in the women's wardrobe are, of course, summer dresses, as light, airy, bright and compelling as the summer itself. And how can you do without such a beautiful outfit of your favorite style? The desire of each girl to emphasize her sexuality and femininity is understandable, and most often it is expressed in an irresistible desire to update the wardrobe. Before you go shopping, you need to decide which models of summer dresses 2012 will be the most fashionable and popular.

Models of summer dresses 2012

summer dress Model "dress-case" many believeclassical. But still every new season designers surprise with a lot of different models of this long-loved style. Moreover, the same dresses can hardly be found. Such classic dresses can be both evening and everyday. Here everything depends on the fabric and finish. The most universal option is a small black dress that Coco Chanel introduced to the world. And now this model is offered in a huge assortment. Including it can be a combined color. You can wear such a small black dress with various accessories and many elements of the summer wardrobe. For example, with a light chiffon blouse, as well as with leggings and trousers. This year, dress-shirts are becoming popular. This model is very light and convenient. These spacious dresses can be combined with various accessories, as well as straps. This style can be day and evening, it all depends on the color and fabric of the dress. Minimalism is still in fashion. In the fashion always there is a healthy way of life, but now he has moved and on podiums. Many famous designers use sports fabrics to create summer collections. For example, everyone's favorite Vera Wang presents in her summer new collection short and long dresses from the net. New-fashioned styles are very similar to clothes for sports. A lot of dresses are like solid swimsuits or t-shirts for fitness. Fashion trends on knitted things are taking the first positions in fashion for several seasons in a row. And it's nice for needlewomen, because their work is in price. The most popular will be tunics and dresses associated with a hook. Best of all, these summer dresses are combined with the underwear of pastel, gentle tones. Since in 2012, multi-layered clothing is fashionable, you can experiment by combining knitted tunics and dresses with long shirts, shirts and leggings. The fruit theme seems inexhaustible. Unusual gardens of the world, which inspire all couturiers and artists for so many centuries, will never cease to amaze us. This is a great find and an endless field for imagination. And that is why every summer dresses blossom with the most unusual gardens in shop windows. For every fair-sex woman, summer dresses with fruits and flowers are a great opportunity to emphasize and even enhance their beauty and charm. Models of exotic colors will also occupy high positions in the world fashion. Colors can be in the form of Japanese tattoos, palm leaves, zebra and leopard prints, African geometric ornaments, colorful oriental patterns and drawings. In contrast to bright colors, a favorite of the summer season will be pastel. The most delicate shades of pink, blue, lemon and beige flowers will look very refreshing and feminine. Also, dresses of such tones are perfectly combined with jackets or accessories of the same colors. Here you can add a trendy trend of the summer season 2012 - dresses of powder shades. Such colors have always been valued in aristocratic circles and are considered very elegant. The styles of lace dresses, of course, only for the most romantic and bold. With the onset of the new season, these dresses are becoming more frank and brighter, more often recalling the outfit for a luxurious bedroom. Black lace dress is an evening hit of the summer season. A summer dress made of chiffon is undoubtedly a fashionable hit for quite a few seasons. They save not only from the heat, but also add femininity and airiness to the image of any girl. In addition, this material is also very pleasant to the body and almost does not feel, therefore, gives its owner ease and comfort. For every taste and color you can choose a model of this dress. For everyday use bright fashionable colors, simple or supplemented with prints. For the office it is best to choose a dress of gray, black, chocolate, beige shades with minor decorative additions. A long summer dress is always present in the women's wardrobe, regardless of the continent or the historical era. Coco Chanel always believed that the female knees - this is the most ugly place on the body, which is why it is better to hide them under the long skirt or hem of the outfit. Long women's dresses are always in fashion and always look great, as they are suitable for the smallest and the fullest women. Vintage hoodies, flared from the chest, with asymmetrical lines and open shoulders, as well as models with a corrugated top will be relevant this summer. The casual version is the length in the floor, the material is cotton or satin, and for evening outlets, world designers offer more luxurious fabrics, such as silk, velvet or satin. Beautiful legs can always be shown with a high cut.

Fashionable styles of long dresses

summer dresses

  • The opening of the new summer season will bedress-maxi in laconic style. The most common cut, slightly decorated with ruffles or flounces, a belt or belt - this model will necessarily be present in all collections of any self-respecting designer. This dress is very simple, and it is a clear silhouette that will favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure of any girl, but at the same time, full women in such dresses can look very elegant. Therefore, it can be called truly unique.
  • Knitted summer dress, fitting figure,will be to the liking of any slender fashionista. The most trendy color of this summer is white, but some designers offer a dress of this style in black, yellow and red colors. Decorate such dresses flounces, lace inserts, draperies or ruches.
  • The trendy trend of long dresses is the style of the 70's. Most often in the manufacture of weightless fabrics with large floral or geometric prints are used. They have a bright or delicate coloring - the other is not given. Fashionable accents that will decorate such a summer dress are different finishes, fringe and a small floral motif.

Short or mini dresses never lose theirrelevance, because this is the best and easiest way to show your ideal figure and beautiful legs. They are very sexy, so do not forget that they can not be relevant in any situation. Every famous designer offers us a huge number of models and different colors. It can be a tight-fitting little bustier or a three-dimensional dress-shirt. Hits of the summer season will be dress-cases in retro style. The most fashionable color of the future summer season will be orange, therefore, dresses of this color of any style will always be at the height and peak of fashion. A lot of competition for this color can be made by lemon and yellow tones. But, of course, it all depends on your mood. Their popularity is not lost and pastel colors, including powder shades. We advise you to read: