summer boots Surprise the modern woman practicallyis impossible. Nevertheless, fashion designers offer some unexpected models of shoes: here and open boots, and shoes with warmed backs. But the most amazing and original surprise awaits you in the coming season of 2016. We bring to your attention summer boots! Their styles are very diverse and exquisite! You will not be mistaken if you supplement your wardrobe with this kind of shoes. At once it is necessary to note the lightness of the material from which they are sewn-cotton, lace and jeans. Too out-of-the-ordinary by the ear of many, this novelty may seem, however it is only at the first acquaintance. Correctly building an image, almost any girl can wear summer boots, especially since they are very comfortable. The top of these boots is quite wide. This is done so that the legs can "breathe". It will not be hot in them, but they look as stylish and fashionable as the winter ones. You can wear them with a mini-skirt, well, or with what you like.

The choice of models amazes with the variety

  • In order to be as comfortable as possible in hot weather, there are models that are decorated with perforations and straps.
  • Summer boots can be made and on a Viennese heel, and even on a heel in the cowboy style though there is also a high heel-column which does not lose the urgency.
  • Also relevant is the laconic upper, devoid of design, but the most fashionable decoration is all sorts of metal additions.

Light dress in floral pattern, augmentedshort jeans, will help you create a romantic summer image. Summer boots made of soft leather classic bright brown color will create an original image. A narrow knitted or cotton dress in combination with models without a heel will look no less attractive. Lightness is the defining aspect here! Original summer boots will look to the place if your outfit is flying and flowing. Such an unusual combination causes the strongest effect. In the season of 2016, fans of the latest fashion trends are offered to wear models with various combined and bright inserts. Boots with the most varied lacing, fringe and even with an open front used on their defile the most famous fashion designers. Combine perfectly with these boots leather bags.

Boots made of lace

With boots made of lace, I knowevery woman of fashion. Often, such shoes are completely handmade and made to order. In such boots elegance, comfort and ease are provided to you. The shoehorn of such footwear, as a rule, is made of leather, velor or suede. There is no difference whether summer lace boots are made to order or have factory tailoring. Materials such as beads and satin ribbons are actively used in sewing. Lace boots can be worn in dry hot weather. You can wear anything in tandem with them, anyway it will be beautiful and fashionable. About the young lovers of all the original fashion also does not forget. Fashion style boots with a wide mouth, fashion designers offer fans of street fashion. Suede boots with free-flowing also enjoy great attention. For those who prefer casual style, such a set is quite suitable. Always very seductive look female legs in sapozhkah. Boots summer 2016 will give an additional focus to your feet and become a beautiful detail of the romantic image. Successful shopping! We advise you to read: