sugar epilation One of the main components of beauty issmooth skin. In the pursuit of the ideal of women, for many years now they have been trying all available ways of depilation, starting with a banal razor and ending with the now popular photoepilation. However, much to our regret, not always the end result justifies the expectations of women. Recently, more and more popular is getting sugar epilation, it is called shugaring (sugaring). The basic principle by which sugar is depolated is the same as depilation with wax: hair removal with damage to the integrity of the hair bulb, which significantly slows down the further growth of hair. However, the hair bulb is restored with time, so this method of epilation can not be attributed to radical measures. The most important difference from the usual wax epilation is that instead of wax, a paste for shugaring is used. Sugar paste for shugaring is nothing more than a specially processed sugar for epilation, which is used as an alternative to wax.

To be or not to be slugaring?

Women often ask the question of whethershugaring contraindications. The only obstacle to doing hair removal with sugar at home, as well as in salons, is the presence of a woman with a disease such as diabetes mellitus. Sugar for depilation in small quantities through the pores of the skin penetrates into the blood. For an organism of a healthy person this does not present any danger, but for sick people this can turn into a formidable complication. In addition, if you plan to conduct shugaring at home, the recipe of the paste itself is very important. Citric acid, which is part of its composition, can cause severe skin irritation - especially in the bikini zone. There are certain limitations, under which hair removal with sugar must be delayed for some time:

  • Do not need to resort to sugar hair removal ifthe day before, you were exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight or visited the solarium. It is also not recommended to do hair removal on the eve of a visit to the beach or solarium.
  • If you have skin lesions, you should not do epilation until the wound is healed.
  • epilation with sugar

    An old friend is better than two new ones? Not always!

    Disputes about how best to do hair removal - withusing shugaring or wax, are conducted by specialists in cosmetology for a very long time. As time shows, hair removal with the help of sugar at home has already won the love of many thousands of women. The visitors of the forums that tested shugaring at home, the reviews are the most positive. And almost none of them is going to return to the use of wax depilation. Depilation with sugar paste favorably differs from the wax method in that it practically never causes an allergic irritation. When depilating with wax, on the contrary, allergic reactions are very common. And this is explained by the intolerance of some women of any beekeeping products. With sugar, such problems can not be feared. After the reddening caused by the mechanical action that the shugaring mixture exerts, the skin will be perfectly smooth and without signs of redness or bubbles. Due to the fact that epilation with sugar paste does not imply the use of hot material, the possibility of thermal burns is completely excluded; in addition, the possibility of vasodilation is also completely excluded. In ten out of a hundred cases of waxing, an unpleasant complication develops, such as the penetration of pathogenic bacteria, which are expanded due to hot wax, capable of leading to infection and the appearance of a skin disease such as purulent pyoderma. Due to the fact that the finished sugar paste for epilation does not need to be heated, there is no expansion of the pores. And due to the powerful bactericidal properties, which has sugar for hair removal, the possibility of infection is reduced to absolute zero. That's why sugar depilation is advantageously different from other methods of removing excess vegetation from the body. After the epilation with sugar is over, you can wash off the rest of the paste with ordinary warm water, without using any additional cosmetic products. This is a significant advantage for those women who are prone to the emergence of various allergic reactions. Another important advantage that shugaring enjoys is the fact that such hair removal at home will not cause any difficulties. You can hold it at home when it really is necessary, and not when you have time to visit the beauty salon. The great advantage of sugar depilation is that it is available for women with absolutely any level of material wealth. A special sugar paste can be purchased at the store, or you can cook it at home. At the same time, sugar hair removal will be equally effective regardless of whether you bought a paste, or prepared it yourself. sugar depilation

    Sugar home hair removal

    Unlike many salon procedures, get rid offrom the hair with the help of ordinary sugar can be at home. After all, such depilation is very simple and accessible to any woman. If you firmly decided that the electric epilator or razor does not suit you, but means or natural shyness in the salon is not allowed, it is easy to find all the ingredients for making sugar paste at home. The recipe for this epilation paste is very simple, but the result will depend on how to weld the shugaring - either you will not see the effect from the application, or you will become a happy owner of exceptionally smooth skin. The main ingredients on which the recipe is based is citric acid, 10 tablespoons of sugar and 100 grams of water. Place the ingredients in an enameled pot and melt the sugar until the syrup condition on low heat. In addition, you can help with the success of a microwave oven. However, do not forget that in the microwave, the sugar will melt much faster. After this, leave the resulting mass to cool until it thickens. The most important thing is to cook the paste, strictly observing the proportions. In some cases it is permissible to prepare it without lemon, for example, if you have tender skin, and if you need depilation of the bikini zone. The cooking technique remains the same, just instead of lemon is added a teaspoon of honey. Knowing how to boil sugar for epilation is half the success. It is necessary to know exactly what to do with this sugar. Epilation of a bikini with sugar is carried out as follows. Roll a ball out of the paste, with the help of which, in fact, and will be conducted shugaring at home. This ball is slightly pressed against the hairs, then sharply pull against the growth of the hair. All other places are treated in the same way, but instead of the ball it is necessary to form a strip. Make depilation with sugar at home is very simple, and most importantly - you do not need any rare, expensive ingredients. Do not despair if something does not work out the first time. A little patience and perseverance - and you will master this technique perfectly. The people around you will undoubtedly appreciate your smooth skin. We advise you to read: