Why start learning English? Often an adult who needslearn a foreign language, this task seems simply impossible. Many of us very quickly lose the desire to learn a foreign language, as soon as they encounter the first difficulties and unclear rules. What can help us overcome these fears and difficulties? Let's look at some factors that can help you learn a foreign language.

  • Personal motives and goals Very oftenstudents who simply do not have the incentive to learn. Before the beginning of classes it is necessary to answer honestly to yourself the question: why did I decide to learn English? Maybe you have to move to another country, can you expect a career growth or a position in another country?
  • Remember that you just started learning the languageImagine that learning grammar can be less boring. Do not be afraid to start talking. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. We all learned to talk as a child. We all made mistakes.
  • Listening to movies, books, watching newsLearning English (like any other language) involves listening, reading, speaking and writing. A lot of time is given during training for speech training, pronunciation. can teach you to write and read enoughcomplex texts, but the perception of hearing films, songs, live speech - you can be knocked down. Try to watch for yourself foreign programs, news, films. It will help you.
  • Do not treat training as competitionfor a while. Language can be compared to a living being, the character of which depends: whether you tame it or not. Remember that, despite the difficulties, you are still moving forward. Try to allocate time for work, study, and do not forget about rest.