severe perspiration causes Why does a person need a sweat-fighting system? After all, not just throughout the body are scattered about 3 million sweat glands ... Sweating performs several important functions in the body:

  • Removal of excess fluid.
  • Removal of harmful substances from the body.
  • Cooling the body at too high an ambient temperature.
  • Decrease in body temperature with diseases.
  • There are other functions, such asthen pheromones - substances that attract the smell of representatives of the opposite sex. In addition, severe sweating occurs when nervous overexertion. In such cases, the nervous system is activated, which is responsible for the functioning of the internal organs (sympathetic). causes of severe sweating

    The main causes of increased sweating

    There are many situations in whicha healthy person becomes covered with sweat. This is the heat on the street, and heavy physical labor. It happens that strong emotions cause a person to sweat (which one of us did not become covered later, when the car swept past the nose?) ... Fear, excitement, too, contribute to intense sweating. But, in addition to healthy reactions to external and internal factors, people have a disease in which sweating is intensified in response to minor irritants. In this case, sweat can literally flow a stream, sometimes the reasons for such a strong secretion of sweat glands can not be established. In such cases, we are talking about a disease called hyperhidrosis. Doctors divide the hyperhidrosis into two large groups: generalized (general), when the whole surface of the skin is covered with sweat and local, when one or several areas sweat (for example, palms and armpits). Many people suffer for years, not suspecting that this is a real disease, which in most cases is successfully treated. Causes of hyperhidrosis of the whole body The causes of excessive sweating of the whole body are very diverse. We list only the main of them:

    • acute infectious diseases;
    • chronic infections (tuberculosis, AIDS);
    • endocrine diseases (increased function of thyroid gland, menopause, diabetes mellitus);
    • acute poisoning;
    • tumor processes;
    • some hereditary diseases.

    In the vast majority of cases, treatmentstrong sweating, which accompanies severe illness, is not carried out separately. The main disease is treated, and gradually the sweat secretion is normalized. Where does local hyperhidrosis come from? But the causes of severe sweating on the palms or feet, as a rule, can not be clarified. Local hyperhidrosis most often is a separate disease, which is treated by dermatologists (specialists in skin diseases), and cosmetologists and even surgeons. There are some diseases in which the sweating of individual zones is intensified, but there are few of them, and they have long been known to doctors. As an example, you can bring diabetes, in which there is excessive moisture in the palms and underarms, but the legs suffer from dryness. Local hyperhidrosis can affect one zone (palms, feet, armpits) or several zones (palmar-plantar form, palms and armpits, face and armpits). Depending on the location, a method of treatment is selected. severe perspiration causes and treatment

    Methods of treating local hypergynia

    When hyperhidrosis of individual zones are usedvarious methods of treatment - from simple reception of soothing herbal infusions to surgical operations. But let's talk about everything in order. Medical treatment of hyperhidrosis In the treatment of excessive sweating it is very important to stabilize the patient's nervous system. For this, sedative pharmacies are used, which are brewed according to instructions and drunk several times a day (or only at night, depending on how the doctor prescribes). But there are cases when the human nervous system is shattered to the limit. Most often this is observed in severe stages of hyperhidrosis. With the palm form, a person simply tries to seclude himself, move away from society, because he can not perform the simplest work - on the documents from his hands remain wet marks, small slippery objects fall from the hands. A long stay in this state can lead to nervous exhaustion and depression. Such patients even have thoughts about suicide. Therefore, they are prescribed stronger sedatives - antidepressants and tranquilizers. They are sold only on special recipes. Yes, do not be surprised! Botox and Dysport today not only smooth wrinkles on the face, but also successfully fight with increased sweating. Palms, feet, armpits and even the groin area are treated with preparations of botulinum toxins by a special method. First, the limit of excessive sweating is determined using an iodine-starch test. For this, for example, on the armpit first apply iodine solution, and then sprinkle this place with starch. It turns out a clearly delineated area, inside which drugs are then introduced. This method of treatment is good because sweating stops immediately (the bonds of sweat glands with nerves are destroyed, sweat ceases to be produced). The drawbacks of the method include its high cost. In addition, after 6-8 months the procedure has to be repeated, because the drug gradually resolves, sweating returns. Physiotherapy with sweating of the hands and feet Scientists at the beginning of the last century noticed that the water through which a weak electric current is passed through has healing properties. But the first devices for the treatment of ionized water were too cumbersome, they were used only in hospitals. Today, portable devices for iontophoresis are produced that treat hyperhidrosis both in the polyclinic and at home. Usually it happens like this: the doctor prescribes iontophoresis to the patient with palmar-plantar form of hyperhidrosis. Then, in the conditions of the medical institution, the treatment time and current strength are selected, recommendations for independent use of the device are given. The application of the procedure does not cause any difficulties and has no side effects. In the kit with the device there are 2 baths for legs and 2 - for hands. Brushes and palms are placed in baths filled with ordinary water. Then, the iontophoresis device is turned on, and the current ionizes the water throughout the procedure. The minus of this method is that it is necessary to be treated constantly, the procedure is carried out approximately once a week. But the effect is very good, the sweating of the palms and the feet is greatly reduced. Surgical treatment of hyperguteness Doctors have developed a number of operations on the sympathetic nerve trunk (it passes near the spine and regulates the functions of internal organs, including sweating). Surgeons around the world prefer to do endoscopic operations when a large incision is not made, and a flexible endoscope is inserted into the small opening on the neck. At the end of the endoscope are attached instruments and a small camera, the image of which goes to the monitor. Thus, the surgeon can see everything he does, right on the monitor screen. The meaning of the operation is that the surgeon applies a special clip on the site of the nerve trunk, which is responsible for sweating on the palms. Earlier this site was simply cut out, but such an operation is irreversible, and if the patient does not arrange the result, then it is impossible to return everything "as before". Patients usually very much like the effect of endoscopic surgery, palms that have been eternally wet and cold, immediately become dry and warm. And this effect is not temporary, but permanent, it persists throughout life. There are, however, undesirable side effects - increased sweating in other places, sometimes unexpected (on the back or stomach). If this causes a very severe inconvenience, a second operation is performed, the nerve clip is removed and everything returns to its original state. I must say that the operation to remove the clamp is extremely rare (approximately 2% of cases). People prefer that the palms are dry, and with moisture on the back or stomach to cope much easier. Treatment of hyperhidrosis with antiperspirants With increased sweating under the armpits or on the feet, one can be treated with antiperspirants. It is to be treated, because the correct and regular use of these drugs significantly reduces the allocation of sweat. What does it mean, the right application? After all, how do we most often act? Before going to work or at a party, we put antiperspirant on the skin. It turns out that this is completely wrong! The healing effect can be achieved by applying a remedy to clean and thoroughly dried skin, and before going to sleep, while the activity of the sweat glands is minimal. And in no case should you use antiperspirants in the heat or before training! The active substance in most of these means - aluminum chloride, it causes narrowing of the tubules of the sweat glands, which remove sweat on the surface of the skin. Therefore, when you are masquerading before active physical activity, the situation is as follows: sweat continues to be intensively produced, and the pores are narrowed. This leads to edema of the tissues, and subsequently the inflammation of the sweat gland-hydradenitis can develop. And one more tip - always look at the concentration of aluminum chloride on the package. It is always necessary to start from the smallest concentrations - 12%. In addition to the described methods, there are still various recipes using folk remedies. Someone helps them, some do not. In any case, before starting treatment for excessive sweating, you need to consult a doctor.