beef stroganoff with garnish Food, as is known, is especially delicious, isone of the temptations that mankind has to overcome in his life. Overcoming this can be built in different ways - you can forbid yourself to even think about food, but you can obey your desires and cook yourself, friends and relatives a very tasty and nutritious lunch or dinner. Everyone knows that now it is very easy to master the basics of cooking of different cultures (Japanese, Italian, Chinese, finally), and therefore you always have the opportunity to surprise your guests pleasantly. But for this it is important to know their tastes. And if you are not familiar with all the people invited to dinner, the best option is to prepare a classic dinner, including in it in minimal proportions something new, something that will surprise them. Lunch, as is customary throughout the world, must necessarily include a hot dish. It will be better if the hostess takes meat for it - pork, beef, game or fish. After all, as much energy as contains protein found in meat, you will not find it in one other food product. a recipe for beef stroganoff with mushrooms

History of the occurrence of the beef stroganova

The name of the dish was received thanks to the graphStroganov, who, working as a cook, developed the recipe for cooking meat in a special way back in the 19th century. The first part of the name of this dish - "Beth" - corresponds with the foreign word beef, which in translation from French and English means "beef". However, the prescription to use beef in the preparation of Beef Stroganoff included only the classic recipe for this hot dish, which invented Stroganov. And over time, the chefs began to substitute such useful meat for veal, and then for turkey, chicken, and also for venison and even elk. Those who love seafood, will be pleasantly surprised to see in the menu of the restaurant beef stroganoff from squid or fish. Liver, for example, the heart and liver, also very often becomes the main ingredient in the preparation of such dishes as beef stroganoff. In the world there are about 100 exquisite recipes. cooking beef stroganoff according to classics

Beef dishes - tasty and healthy

One of the most useful varieties of meat is calledbeef or veal. This is because the meat of cattle is filled with a large amount of protein and iron, so that it can enrich the cells of the human body with oxygen, which contributes to the rapid restoration of strength and energy. Therefore, beef is advised to those people who work in heavy industry, engaged in physical labor, as well as athletes. After all, the percentage of fat in beef is minimal. Collagen and elastin, proteins found in large quantities in beef, are the building blocks of inter-articular ligaments, which is especially important for the elderly and, again, athletes. Many nutritional and mineral trace elements enrich the whole organism and help maintain immunity at the proper level. Caloric content of beef is about 218 and a half kilocalories, and the nutritional value of beef has the following indicators: proteins in 100 gr. beef contains 18.6 gr., and fat - 16 gr. Beef is prescribed for people with reduced hemoglobin. Since time immemorial, mankind has eaten beef dishes, except perhaps the inhabitants of India, since for Indians the cow is considered a sacred animal, which can not be beaten, not what to kill and consume. In Russia, it is customary to eat meat of cows and calves, whereas European cuisine considers cow meat to be second-rate and prefers bulls. Nevertheless, the list of dishes that can be prepared from cattle meat is very extensive. They include meat in French, soups of beef, such as soup-kharcho, and Arabian pilaf Mak-Lube, and Schnitzel in Tuscany, and basturma, and beef with onions, mushrooms, etc. But most, probably the most popular beef dish in the world is considered beef stroganoff, the recipes of which at the moment there are a huge number - beef stroganoff from chicken breast, heart, with mushrooms or mushroom sauce, beef stroganoff in Swiss and others. We will consider the classical version of cooking beef in a Stroganov style. beef stroganoff with noodles

The classic recipe for "beef stroganoff"

Although in its original form this recipepreparations and was lost, to this day one of its possible types has survived. In order to try, what was the first cooked Beef Stroganoff, you will need an absolutely ordinary set of products included in the recipe. So, you need the following components:

  • tomato,
  • butter,
  • sour cream,
  • beef,
  • greenery,
  • onion.

Any recipe of this dish consists of two stages -roasting and stewing. Preparation does not take much time, and you do not need to perform any too complicated manipulations with the ingredients. The most important condition, which is necessary, is that the meat is cut with stripes, the length of which should not exceed 6 centimeters, and the thickness - 1 centimeter. This is necessary in order that too small pieces do not crumble completely during the preparation, but too large to boil. The meat is fried in a deep frying pan, as it needs a lot (about 1.5-2 kilograms), especially if you are preparing for a holiday or a dinner party. Fry meat is not very long (enough 10-15 minutes) immediately with onions in butter. If it is digested, it will be too hard. Another secret of culinary experts is that it is necessary to cut raw meat not along, but across fibers. Once the roast is ready, the meat is sprinkled with seasonings, greens and pours it all with sour cream (some replace it with cream). Then, depending on what kind of meat you have chosen, it should be put out in a sauce for about 15-30 minutes. Serve the finished dish hot with the side dish (usually prefer potatoes, but some like buckwheat porridge). Another obligatory element of the covered table when serving befroganova is salted or fresh cucumber. In order to reduce caloric content, some use only boiled, not fried meat, and vegetarians replace beef with soy meat. classic beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes

Recipe for Beef Stroganoff, according to the reconstruction of V. Pokhlebkin

As if you were not convinced in this or that restaurant,but the true Russian recipe "Beth a la Stroganov" has not survived to the present day. During various time periods, various versions of this dish were created, but all of them only led to a loss of the integrity and "character" of the dish, especially if the recipe was transformed abroad. As ingredients, it included mushrooms, pasta, and a variety of fish. Nevertheless, the Soviet culinary expert and historian William Vasilyevich Pokhlebkin managed to recreate the recipe, which to the maximum extent reflects all the characteristics of the meat recipe in the style of Stroganov. What is it different from all the others? The first difference relates to the stage of preparation of meat. It should be cut back in a piece, and after that cut into long slices. At this stage, everything is done in the same way as in the previous recipe (both the method of cutting and the size of the meat slices). As for the other ingredients, you will need:

  • onion,
  • butter,
  • flour,
  • sour cream,
  • tomato paste,
  • salt,
  • ground black pepper.

So, turning to frying meat, all of itThe pieces should be individually rolled in flour. At the bottom of the frying pan lay onions, cut into rings, in order to create a kind of stand for meat, since it should not come into contact with the frying pan. The very stage of roasting should not exceed 5 minutes, otherwise the meat will not be juicy. But you should not focus on the clock by watch carefully the color of the meat, and as soon as it is browned, you can shoot it. And thus it is necessary to fry all the meat. After that, again, pour all the meat with sour cream, mixed with tomato paste. The amount of sauce depends entirely on your taste preferences. However, even if you are an ardent admirer of spices and spicy dishes, here you will have to curb your preferences, as in this recipe the main thing is to enjoy the juiciness and taste characteristics of meat.

Is it possible to cook beef strogan in a multivariate?

Of course, you can. Moreover, meat dishes are one of the most suitable for this type of kitchen equipment. In a multivark, you can do whatever your heart desires - boil, fry, stew, soar. So, in the event that you decide to make Beef Stroganoff in a multivark, you will need:

  • beef - about a kilogram (although it all depends on how many people the dish is designed for),
  • 2 onions,
  • sour cream - about half a liter,
  • refined sunflower oil,
  • spice.

Washed meat as it should, cut into pieces,the length of which does not exceed 3 cm, and the width - no more than 0.5 centimeters. Multivarka must be put on the "baking" mode, then pour oil into it and fry the meat for 20 minutes. During this time, the onions are cut into cubes, and then, adding it to the meat, fry this mixture for another 15 minutes. Then, using a glass from the multivark (180 ml), pour 2 norms of hot water into the onion and meat mixture and fill it all with sour cream. The mode of the multivark remains the same, the time for hot water is set at 45 minutes, and if the water is cold, then at least 50 minutes. After 20-25 minutes, do not forget to look into the multivark and add liquid if necessary. Once the time in the "baking" mode has come to an end, proceed to the flavor additives - pepper, salt and add the necessary spices to your taste. After that, set the "quenching" mode for 1 hour. The prepared dish becomes very juicy, and the sour cream performs a sauce function in it. Serve this dish with garnish, as the main one will be too luscious and heavy for digestion and assimilation.

Beef stroganoff from the liver as one of the dishes

In order to somewhat reduce the load forstomach, some prefer to replace meat on the liver. The liver is best for these purposes. For those who first contact this product, it is superfluous to find out that the liver must be soaked in the water in advance (preferably the night before). The next morning, you should rinse the liver and you can proceed to slicing. To do this, you can use any of the above slice sizes. Next, pay attention, the liver is rubbed with spices, salt and even sugar. After all the manipulations with the raw product, proceed to its frying. An important factor is that in this case the liver is fried without oil, in a dry frying pan for 4 minutes. After that add onions and butter, fry for another 4 minutes. Then sprinkle the meat and onion with flour and fry it all for 2 minutes. The dish is almost ready. It remains only to pour all the sour cream (if it is too thick, then add a little water) and put it out for 15 minutes. When serving, sprinkle the liver with greens. For those who like to experiment, you can replace sour cream or kefir. It already depends on how much you are concerned about the caloric intake of food. At the same time, the sauce can turn out to be slightly watery and liquefier than with sour cream. This option is the fastest (except for the preparation of the liver). Another plus of this recipe is that the liver can be used the most different (chicken, pork, etc.).