stretch marks on the pope The beach season is around the corner, has long been bought creamfor a tan, a large beach towel, a bag, sandals, a hat and an open swimsuit that you think will look perfect on you. But here's the ill luck, at home you try on your favorite bikini, and you realize that you can hardly wear it, because the most outstanding part of the female body - buttocks, looks, to put it mildly, not attractive. And the reason for everything is the ugly stretch marks on the pope. Do not immediately panic, give up leave or write to a plastic surgeon for an expensive and not always a safe operation. To date, there is quite a large number of professional and high-quality products that will help you get rid of this problem in the early stages. In addition, if you combine various drugs against stretch marks with folk methods, you will achieve a positive effect much faster. Of course, do not think that anointing with a wonderful cream buttocks in the evening, in the morning you will find a perfectly smooth skin without a single defect. In fact, the time must pass (at least one and a half to two months) before the number of stretch marks decreases, and the remaining ones become less noticeable. Unfortunately, in some cases it is almost impossible to completely get rid of them in the usual way. So, be patient and start acting right now, and do not expect miraculous healing.

Why do strias appear?

Sadly enough, but stretch marks on the pope -the phenomenon is common, and they can arise both in older women, and in young girls, regardless of whether they lead a healthy lifestyle, or not. Usually such a problem appears as a result of a sharp jump in weight, when plump fair-sex women sit on a strict diet and lose a few months from ten kilograms and more, and after - sharply gaining even more. Not by hearsay pregnant women or newly-born girls are familiar with stretch marks. The fact is that a hormonal boom or weight gain affects the elasticity of the skin. It is heavily thinned and stretched, resulting in internal tears which, even after ten to fifteen years, do not heal. After some time, striae acquire violet or pinkish color, and then, if you do not pay attention to the problem in a timely manner and do not try to solve it, stretch marks will become white. The most unpleasant thing is that these scars do not darken even after exposure to sunlight, so they are even more visible on tanned skin. how to remove stretch marks on the pope

Remove striae: pharmacy and folk methods

Despite the fact that the appearance of stretch marks is conceivednature and the presence of such traces on the body is completely safe, many women try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Striae look ugly, not very aesthetically, they lead to the appearance of a serious complex in the fair sex with respect to their appearance. Therefore, any means that can help, girls immediately try to test for themselves, which immediately rushed to play some companies that produce similar cosmetic products. Fast, useful, safe - all this promises many commercials. But in order not to fall for the bait and not to buy a cat in a poke, it is necessary to trust not the beautiful models in the TV and bright slogans, but the specialists who conducted a lot of tests and studies and made conclusions about what should be contained in a quality and effective means. Read the composition and choose the products correctly

  • Retinoids

Skin cells are updated not only on the surface,but also in the lower layers of the epidermis, and to accelerate this process will help you retinoids. They are part of the usual inexpensive cosmetics that are in free sale, and is one of the main components in professional medical cosmetics, which can be purchased only in pharmacies and only on prescription.

  • Alpha hydroxy acids

ANA possesses rejuvenating and regeneratingproperties, they stimulate cell renewal, help to smooth out skin color and hide defects. However, one should be cautious, since there are a number of contraindications regarding the use of this component: sensitivity, trauma, allergy. Also, products with ANA should not be applied to the skin during the day, as in this case you can get a sunburn. Before the first use, it is recommended to test the cream on a small area of ​​the skin to exclude the individual intolerance of alpha hydroxy acids. If after a couple of hours the priest turned red and a rash appeared on it, immediately contact a specialist for help. Traditional medicine or how to get rid of stria yourself. In addition to special creams, lotions and ointments, it is also recommended to use your own preparations for maximum effect. For example, you will definitely need a scrub to clean the pores and prepare the skin for a more serious procedure. Mix in the enamel vessel aromatic oils, five tablespoons of sugar, four tablespoons of salt, one hundred grams of olive or vegetable oil. Apply this mixture in a circular motion with a soft or slightly roughened sponge, then washed off with a copious amount of water. Remains of moisture should be slightly patted with a soft, dry towel. After the skin dries, use a professional cream from stretch marks. Also, you can prepare a coffee scrub that will not only purify the pores, but leave behind a pleasant smell. Grind one hundred grams of coffee beans, brew them in a small amount of boiling water, cover with a lid and leave to infuse for twenty minutes. Once the mixture has cooled, pour olive oil there (pure, without flavors and foreign impurities), if desired, you can also add a teaspoon of aromatic oils. The mummy (one tablet) mixed with baby cream (about eighty grams) and water (a teaspoonful) does a good job with stretch marks. Apply this drug once a day for an hour before bedtime. If during this time the cream is not completely absorbed, gently remove the residue with a dry napkin. Store the mixture better in a dark glass jar in a cool and dry place. how to remove stretch marks on the pope correctly

When do you need the help of professionals?

If you do not know how to remove stretch marks on the pope,who are already more than two years old, but want to do it as quickly as possible, contact a specialist who will choose the most optimal option for you. Undoubtedly, wraps, UV exposure, abdominoplasty, peeling - all these procedures will not be expensive, but the result will be as close to the ideal as possible. We advise you to read: