stretch marks during pregnancy On your pregnancy test, at lastthere were two treasured stripes? Congratulations! You can now safely wear the proud title of a pregnant woman! But be prepared for the fact that in addition to all the joys associated with pregnancy, you are not minutes and anxiety. In particular, stretch marks during pregnancy. Sometimes future mothers are genuinely puzzled - where do these hateful streamers come from? In fact, everything is very simple. Do not believe me? Look in the mirror: what does it say about your situation? Correctly, a significantly enlarged tummy. It is the stomach that undergoes the greatest deformations throughout the entire pregnancy. Although the chest and legs also often suffer - on them the appearance of stretch marks is also not uncommon. And in order for all these parts of the body to remain, if not in perfect, then at least decent condition, a woman should take care of them from the very first day after she finds out about her "interesting" position.

Reasons for the appearance of stretch marks

Let's start by talking about whatis the cause of the appearance of stretch marks, in the medical language bearing the name stria. Unfortunately, this problem affects about 96% of all pregnant women. So do not despair - you are far from alone in your experiences. Practically all 9 months the skin on a stomach or belly is in a tense condition. Moreover - it is constantly stretched, as the uterus grows in size all the time. And not only the womb - most pregnant women gain much more excess weight than the prescribed 10 - 12 kilograms. All this is very conducive to the appearance of stretch marks. And first of all it is on the stomach. In addition, you can not lose sight of and such a factor as the hormonal background. Due to the fact that in the body of a pregnant woman the hormonal background largely changes, the level of collagen decreases. And this also leads to the appearance of microtrauma on the skin. And the tummy of the future mother "decorate" very impartial scarlet stripes - those very stretch marks. Of course, there is a certain group of women who are very lucky and who manage to avoid the appearance of stretch marks - usually as a result of a rare genetic feature and superelastic skin, or professional sports. However, such lucky ones are very, very few. Well, in the event that a woman before the pregnancy was struggling with excess weight, or she had stretch marks on her abdomen, during pregnancy the situation will significantly deteriorate. But do not despair and get scared - these terrible purple stripes will brighten over time. Moreover - a woman is quite capable if not completely prevent the appearance of stretch marks, then at least to a large extent reduce their number and severity. And for this, expensive cosmetic means are not always necessary - quite simple national recipes. However, pay special attention to the fact that the body of a pregnant woman is especially vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, there is a certain risk that a future mother may develop an allergic reaction to one or another component of the prescription. Therefore, be sure to consult your physician beforehand and get his approval. But this is not all - try to apply the product on a small patch of skin. And only in the event that within three hours you do not show signs of an allergy, you can apply the remedy. If the allergy has begun - call your doctor and tell about what happened to you. during pregnancy stretch marks

Preventative measures and treatment

So, it's time to talk about such an importantaspect, like the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. Observance of certain rules will help you to largely preserve the beauty of your skin. Although, in fairness, you should pay attention to future mothers - no tool can not guarantee you full protection from the appearance of stretch marks. But to reduce their number is quite realistic. So:

  • The use of vitamin E

One of the main vitamins responsible forelasticity of the skin and its ability to stretch is vitamin E. It is not accidental that vitamin E is the basis of a huge number of a variety of creams, lotions. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, make sure that vitamin E is included in its composition. However, natural vitamin E is more effective, and not artificially synthesized. Most of this vitamin is found in vegetables, fruits and direct-pressed oils.

  • Natural Oils

Another wonderful way that canhelp to maintain the elasticity of the skin and reduce the number of stretch marks that arise - these are various natural oils that need to be periodically rubbed into the skin of the chest, abdomen and thighs. For example, tea tree oil. It can not only prevent the development of new ones, but also reduce the visibility of old stretch marks. To do this, it must be rubbed into the skin of the stomach every evening, after taking a shower, throughout the pregnancy. In the same case, if the appearing stretch marks have an intense crimson color, you can try the oil from aloe vera or peanuts. One is used not only as a skin elasticizing agent, but also as the strongest wound healing. Do you remember what stretch marks are? Correctly - the real scars on the skin, only microscopic. So, the effectiveness of these oils is beyond doubt.

  • Diet of a pregnant woman

It is equally important to pay attention to the dietnutrition of a pregnant woman. It also plays a significant role in the fight against stretch marks. Try to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. But do not forget that sweet fruit during pregnancy is not very desirable to consume in large quantities. Otherwise, the risk of developing severe heartburn, and sometimes even gastritis, is great. In addition, include in your menu products that contain a large number of proteins. And, of course, vitamin C. This is also necessary to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. By the way, if your pregnancy falls on the cold season, when there are not so many fresh vegetables, take vitamin C - it can easily be purchased at any pharmacy. Dosage will help you choose your gynecologist.

  • Excess weight

The most nature in the female body is laidfeature during pregnancy gain weight. However, this set of weight should be under special control - in no case can not gain extra pounds. Of course, the expectant mother should never sit down on any diets, even the most sparing, whatever that may be, this could jeopardize the health of both mom and baby. The only exception is special therapeutic diets, which can be prescribed only by doctors by a dietician or gynecologist. Of course, you can eat a chocolate or carrot. However, it is not necessary to abuse sweets, floury, fatty dishes. First, these products have a significant burden on the entire digestive system as a whole. The result can be heartburn, toxicosis, gastritis. And secondly, this is the way most often and "stick" such harmful excess weight. Therefore, it is not necessary to follow the outdated and extremely erroneous opinion that the future mother should "eat for two." It is very important not the amount of food eaten, but its quality, useful properties and nutritional value. Try to eat only useful food, which contains substances that benefit both mom and baby. And, needless to say, that the right diet largely affects the elasticity of the skin. So, it is correctly composed diet can effectively prevent the development of stretch marks. Pay special attention to sour-milk products - it will come at an opportune time.

  • Massage the abdomen

Very many doctors and cosmetologists in one voiceargue that one of the most effective ways to prevent the emergence of stretch marks, or get rid of them, is the most ordinary massage of the abdomen. Incidentally, many women who have tried on a belly massage claim that in addition to preventing the appearance of stretch marks, massage gives a very positive psychological effect. The woman gets the impression that she is not idle, but takes a very direct part in the formation of her body. Although this impression is entirely true. And you can do something, and not just sigh about what was once. Massage is simple enough. Thoroughly lubricate the abdominal skin either with a special cream or with natural oil. Two fingers - large and index - very gently massage with circular movements the skin of the abdomen, occasionally slightly pinching. Do not overdo it - after the massage the skin should be a little red, but in no case should there be pain! The duration of the massage is about 15 minutes, daily, before bedtime. But remember that in no case can not massage the skin in the lower abdomen, above the pubis. This is likely to provoke the beginning of fights with high probability - this is extremely dangerous at short notice. Do not risk your health and the life of your baby in order to get rid of stretch marks!

  • Cosmetic means from stretch marks

It has already been mentioned in passing thatthe appearance of stretch marks can be prevented with the help of special cosmetic means. As a rule, the producers of all these miracle - funds in one voice say that they will completely protect the future mother from the possible appearance of stretch marks. Yes, and the existing will help get rid of. However, this is not so, to the great regret, otherwise the problem would not exist at all. After all, as we have already explained, first of all the appearance of stretch marks directly depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each particular pregnant woman. However, doctors still recommend the use of such funds. They will help to maintain the necessary moisture of the skin. And, besides, from similar means there is a tremendous effect - they almost completely remove the itching of the skin of the abdomen, which appears due to constant stretching of the skin. This itch is characteristic of most expectant mothers. Choosing a similar product, give preference to creams and lotions, which include vitamin E and substances that promote increased production of collagen. Probably, this requirement does not need clarification - the above has already described in detail what role collagen plays in the human body. To increase the effect of all these tools, be sure to follow certain rules:

  • Systematicity

The use of these funds "from case to case"no use will not bring. Therefore, apply them every day, without omissions. This requirement is especially important in the last trimester of pregnancy - the skin undergoes the greatest deformation during this period.

  • Wet skin

The effect of such drugs will be significantlyhigher if applied to slightly moist warm skin. The best option is to take a shower - after it, pat the skin of the stomach with a towel and apply a cream or lotion on it. Allow it to soak well.

  • Honey and aloe juice

In the event that stretch marks have already appeared, you cantry to get rid of them in the old folk way: you will need 100 grams of honey and 100 grams of aloe. Aloe is required to stand for 24 hours in the freezer. Then, in a water bath, melt the honey to a liquid state. Aloe with grinder grind, using gauze cloth squeeze 100 grams of juice. Honey slightly cool and mix thoroughly with honey. The resulting mixture should be stored in a glass container and only in the refrigerator. This remedy must be rubbed into the skin every time after the shower.

The Psychological Aspect

As a rule, not a single admonition thatget rid of stretch marks possible, the future mother is not consoling. However, try to calm down and stop day and night thinking about how to get rid of stretch marks. Just enjoy life and remember that your stretch marks the most important thing - that you have the honor to help a new person to be born! And it's silly to sit and wonder how to get rid of stretch marks, instead of smiling and forgetting them once and for all! We advise you to read: