stone therapy Women have always tried and are trying to lookwell, be beautiful and attractive. It's hard to believe, but even thousands of years ago they tried in every possible way to prolong their youth. In this they were helped by stone therapy - the procedure of massage of the body and face with hot stones. At the heart of stone therapy is the temperature effect on the blood vessels of the human body by changing the temperature regimes.

History of the occurrence of stone therapy

It is believed that this procedure appeared in the deepantiquities. The doctors of Mesopotamia, trying to heal the sick, laid on his body small-sized hot stones. They believed that stones in a special way are able to inform the body about what substances they lack and saturate them with. The ancient Indians were convinced that some stones could take away all the bad energy from a person, and the Japanese monks at the beginning of our era were already familiar with the special properties of hot rocks and skillfully used them in practice. Under warm stones, Chinese emperors and inhabitants of Ancient Rome often lapped. With this procedure, the soul was filled with pleasant calmness, the body relaxed, and the person was distracted from thoughts about the routine of everyday affairs. Perhaps, that's why the treatment with stones is very popular today, it is considered an excellent way to relieve stress.

Modern methods of hot stones treatment

An important contribution to the development of modern stone therapyMary Nelson Hennigan, a member of the American Association of Masseurs, who developed a special treatment technique for hot and cold stones. This method is based on a system of touches alternating with a special massage with the help of cold and hot stones. Massage is carried out in accordance with the technique of acupressure shiatsu. Stone therapy uses, as a rule, very rare and exotic stones (for example, Hawaiian pebbles, jadeite), which are heated to a certain temperature in a special device. Warm stones are placed on important active points on the human body (it is believed that they have a positive effect on internal organs), after which the specialist proceeds to the massage itself. Massage with stone therapy is carried out by light and soothing movements with strokes and slight pressure. As a rule, this procedure is conducted under pacifying music, capable of infusing harmony into the soul of a person who came to the procedure of stone therapy. Stone therapy training

Useful properties of stone therapy

As a rule, the procedure of stone therapy continuesfor 30 minutes. In order to achieve the best result, you should spend at least five to six treatment sessions. Medicine, stone therapy today are inextricably linked with each other. So, stone therapy:

  • Has a positive effect on the internal organs of man;
  • Normalizes metabolism in the body, promotes microcirculation of blood in tissues;
  • Has an incredible relaxing effect, calming the person, forcing him to distract from everyday problems and affairs.

For women, this procedure is not less, perhaps, evenmore useful than for men. So, in the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, stone therapy, among other things, stabilizes the hormonal background (its disruption promotes the development of cellulite, the process of early aging), which is incredibly important for a good quiet life. Also, this procedure can have a toning and soothing effect. With toning action:

  • In the central nervous system of a person, the processes of excitation are enhanced;
  • The body comes into tonus.

With a calming effect:

  • The activity of the central nervous system of man is inhibited;
  • Exteroceptors and proprioceptors start to work more moderately and rhythmically.

What kind of stones can I use with stone therapy?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, whenStone therapy uses heated marble or basalt, jadeite. It is believed that these stones, due to the fact that they possess a porous structure, cool very slowly, giving the person warmth and filling it with positive energy. Important! Basalt must be checked for radioactivity before use. Each stone has its own positive properties, which are simply necessary. So, with the procedure of stone therapy you can use:

  • Pearl. He brings the skin of a person into tonus, allows him to keep youth for a long time;
  • Hematitis, which is recommended to massage pale skin, the blood circulation in which is slowed;
  • Lazurite, which has unique anti-inflammatory properties. This stone is most useful after sunbathing;
  • Aventurine. It improves the complexion;
  • Diamond, protects the skin from the appearance of new wrinkles on its surface;
  • Moonstone, which allows you to get rid of the problems of oily skin and skin, prone to various redness, the appearance of acne and rash on its surface;
  • Rock crystal, which is most often used for a relaxing massage;
  • Amber. This stone is considered the most miraculous of all. It helps to heal skin diseases, ulcers, various suppuration. It is believed that with the help of amber you can also extend youth.
  • Stone therapy at home

    You can spend an unforgettable sessionstone therapy at home. Today, in specialized centers, stone therapy is provided. After completing these courses, you will be able to operate in beauty salons and centers offering such a service to customers. In order to successfully carry out this procedure at home, you do not need to have any special unique knowledge. The most important thing is to find the right drum stones. They should be flat and absolutely smooth. Such stones will not scratch your skin, on the contrary, they will be incredibly steady on your back. The best impact is on stones of volcanic origin. If you have the opportunity to purchase them, be sure to use it. Also, with stone therapy, gemstone stones can be used. Use hot and cold water to heat and cool stones. You can even cool the stones in the freezer. So, in order to hold your own home session of stone therapy, you need:

    • Special conditions that promote relaxation. For their creation inclusive quiet music, create muted lighting indoors, light candles;
    • Stones with which you will do massage;
    • Hot water, a freezer or a small bucket of ice;
    • Soft cream-gel for the face;
    • Special aromatic oils (you can choose the oil yourself);
    • Desire to relax and have a good time.

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