stewed aubergines with meat We will share with you the secrets of preparing veryrich, delicious and juicy dishes. His recipes are huge. Stewed eggplants with meat can be made from pork or beef, lamb or chicken. In addition, you can use for this absolutely any vegetables: ripe tomatoes, red or yellow peppers, carrots and others. Such a dish can be cooked both in a pot with a thick bottom, and in a cauldron at the stake. So remember the recipes and implement your knowledge in life!

Stew meat plus vegetables

This dish will satisfy every member of your family,beginning from the smallest and ending with the representatives of the older generation. Especially it should please men. We used beef stew, but at will it can be replaced with a tender pork. Ingredients:

  • 400 grams of beef
  • four large eggplants
  • one bulb
  • the same amount of potatoes
  • one carrot
  • three ripe tomatoes
  • two Bulgarian sweet peppers
  • vegetable oil - two large spoons
  • fresh greens - a small bundle

Cooking method: Beef cut into large pieces and fry it in a saucepan with vegetable oil. Add a little salt and spice if you want. Then put the diced carrots and onions here. Pour a quarter cup of boiled water. Simmer under the lid on a low heat. In the meantime, peel the potatoes and cut them into thick mugs. From the Bulgarian pepper get the middle and chop it with cubes using a knife, and cut the eggplant and ripe tomatoes in small pieces. Pre-washed greens finely chop. Now lay out all the above ingredients in the pan, where the beef is stewed. If there is not enough liquid in your opinion, add some more water and cover the pan with a lid. Regularly stirring, keep the dish on the stove until the food is cooked. Then spread out all over portions of plates and sprinkle with parsley or other greens. Eat with pleasure! According to this recipe, you do not need to salt vegetables, but if you want, you can add a little of this ingredient. Also, do not forget about ground pepper and condiments.

Meat with vegetables "Assorti"

Meat stew with eggplant can be prepared fromthe most diverse products that only exist in your refrigerator. Found a bow or carrot? Add them to the dish. We offer a recipe for this meat dish with zucchini in tomato sauce. Ingredients:

  • pork loin - 500 grams
  • two eggplants
  • three tablespoons of olive oil
  • two small zucchini
  • black pepper - optional
  • tomato juice - 100 milliliters
  • salt - according to your taste
  • two garlic cloves

Cooking method: First cut the small pork knuckles into small pieces of pork loin and put it into a heated frying pan, which is pre-poured with olive oil. Around seven minutes fry on high heat. Stir constantly, and when the product becomes brownish-golden, remove it from the plate and place it in a large saucepan. Now cut the eggplant, as well as zucchini, with medium cubes and combine them with meat. Add crushed garlic, a little salt and freshly ground pepper, pour all the tomato juice so that it only slightly covers the vegetables and bacon. Once more, stir with a spoon and simmer under the lid. This will take 40 minutes. The ready-made dish is ideally combined with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. You can serve it with rice. In addition, if you want, add onions and carrots, and for those who like spicy seasonings, we suggest using red ground pepper or chili. eggplant stew with meat

Juicy lamb with vegetables

Dish according to this recipe is quitefat and rich, since we used lamb. Therefore, those who have problems with the stomach, whose body does not take heavy food, it is better to abandon this dish. All the rest can say one thing: you just lick your fingers with pleasure! Ingredients:

  • 900 grams of meat
  • large eggplants - 300 grams
  • 200 grams of small zucchini
  • vegetable oil
  • 300 grams of bell pepper
  • table salt - a few pinch
  • 250 grams of ripe tomatoes

Cooking method: First of all, boil a small piece of lamb or other meat in slightly brackish water. When it starts to boil, drain it and add a new portion. So the broth will turn out to be less fatty and more useful. Cooked meat for cooking borscht, pasta in a Fleet style or other dish. Here you only need the bulk. Now rinse the lamb and cut it in large or medium pieces, pour the vegetable oil into the heated sauté pan and fry the meat. Then transfer it to a cauldron or pan. Add the diced vegetables here, add salt and lightly pepper to your taste. Pour all the ingredients with the prepared broth and leave to stew. Serve the dish in deep beautiful plates. If there is fresh greens, finely chop it and sprinkle each serving. Bon Appetit!

Beef stewed in broth

Taste this juicy dish with meat,ripe tomatoes, onions and eggplants. It is not necessary to serve it, but if you do this, fresh vegetables or boiled asparagus, as well as green beans, will be most suitable. Ingredients:

  • beef - 750 grams
  • as many aubergines
  • one large onion
  • half a pound of tomatoes
  • fat poultry - two tablespoons
  • Salt, and also ground pepper - at your discretion
  • 400 grams of hot bone broth
  • one handful of flour
  • garlic - three denticles
  • butter - one piece

Cooking method: Rinse the beef under running water and cut into bars, sprinkle them a little and put them in a frying pan with fat, well heated. Fry until done. If you like spices, we recommend using cumin or other special seasonings. Diced onions combine with meat and pour everything in advance prepared broth. In the absence of this, use ordinary boiled water. Stew over moderate heat for about half an hour. Cut the eggplant into four parts: first along, and then across. Sprinkle with salt and fry on all sides until a dark golden crust in a frying pan with bird oil. Tomatoes mash with mashed potatoes, and chop garlic with a knife. Now mix the flour, black pepper and salt, enter the previous ingredients, as well as fried eggplants and, putting everything in a saucepan, cook until ready. When the vegetables become soft and begin to emit a characteristic flavor of the finished products, place the dish on a large plate with stewed meat. Serve with a chopped parsley. You can not add flour, but thanks to this ingredient, tomato sauce, in which vegetables are stewed, comes out more dense.

Pork fillet with peanuts

This dish is ideal for a family dinneror meeting with friends. It is tender, juicy, and roasted peanuts and soy sauce give it a special flavor and an unforgettable taste. And all - from small to large - will be satisfied! Ingredients:

  • 500 grams of pork fillet
  • one big eggplant
  • Leeks - one piece (you need only its white part)
  • 120 grams of raw peanuts
  • starch - tea spoon with top
  • three large spoons of soy sauce
  • protein - three pieces
  • fragrant garlic - two denticles
  • feathers of spring onions
  • a glass of olive oil (recommended to use refined)

Cooking method: Cut the pork and one eggplant into medium cubes. After dilute the starch in two large spoons of water and add protein, pre-whipped, soy sauce and table salt. Roll the meat in this batter and fry in high-heat olive oil. Always turn the pork over so that it does not burn. When the product is browned, place it on a plate covered with paper towels, in order to stack excess fat. Now grate the garlic, cut the leeks with thin rings and place together with the eggplants in a saucepan. Add all the ingredients, add soy sauce and pepper. Then pour water - it should barely cover the food. Cook the vegetables for about fifteen minutes. It will also be very tasty if they are stewed in tomato juice. Try both options. Now fry the peanuts and cut the onions of the feathers of the green onion. Lay out the meat on the plate, on top - stewed vegetables and sprinkle all the onions. The side dish can be served with boiled rice or egg noodles. meat stew with eggplant

Dish for lovers of sour cream sauce

We offer one more recipe. This time, eggplant and tender pork meat will be stewed in sour cream sauce. Ingredients:

  • eggplant - 400 grams
  • half a pound of pork
  • one onion
  • 300 grams of fresh sour cream
  • freshly ground pepper (black) - to taste
  • salt
  • two garlic cloves

Cooking method: If you bought a bitter eggplant, then, not to spoil the dish, remove them from the skin first, and then cut into cubes. Chop the onions in half-rings and fry in oil together with the minced garlic. When the vegetable becomes light golden - it's time to add the eggplant. Cook, stirring constantly the ingredients. We will dwell on meat: it must be cut into small pieces and fried in vegetable oil. There are two options - do it in a separate pan or together with other vegetables. If you decide to mix everything up, then first prepare the pork. Usually it gives off a lot of juice, so some of it needs to be drained, otherwise the dish will turn out to be too fat. When you see that the meat is half ready, add onions, then eggplant. Well, in the first case, just fry it until half cooked and put in a bowl to vegetables. Then salt, to your taste sprinkle with ground pepper and pour the sour cream. The dish is stewed on a very slow fire under the lid. After 20 minutes it will be ready. You can serve the food both hot and cold. For beauty sprinkle it with fresh herbs.

Eggplant, meat and zucchini

Stew is good because it is moresoft and juicy than his fried option. In addition, in combination with vegetables, this is a full dish, to which you can not even cook a side dish. We will share another recipe, which is not so difficult to master. Shall we proceed? Ingredients:

  • two elastic eggplants
  • 300 grams of fresh beef
  • zucchini - two pieces
  • one red and one yellow bell peppers
  • four tomatoes
  • onions - one piece
  • one large potato
  • one carrot
  • fresh coriander
  • three cloves of garlic
  • olive oil - for frying
  • 40 grams of fresh parsley (or dill)
  • salt
  • two pinches of ground (black) pepper

Cooking method: Raw beef cut into strips or pieces and fry in a warmed saucepan with vegetable oil, then lay in a deep bowl with a thick bottom. Then, take on eggplant. Cut them into four pieces along and across, then salt. If the vegetable is not bitter, then the peel from it can not be removed. Olive oil, preheat in a frying pan and put into it cut potatoes and aubergines in medium pieces. Now cut the carrot and zucchini cubes, and the onion - half rings, and combine them with the above ingredients. When vegetables change color, add chopped Bulgarian peppers and mix everything thoroughly. Modern tomatoes grown in artificial conditions are often very dense skin, from which we suggest you get rid of. To do this, pour the vegetable with boiling water and hold it in a bowl for about two minutes, then cover with cold water. Due to the temperature drop, the peel will burst, so you can easily remove it. Now grate tomatoes on a grater and pour the mashed potatoes. Put the vegetables in the same pan. Salt and pepper put on your taste. Mix all the products with a wooden spatula, add a little water and chopped cilantro. Leave the dish to simmer for 25 minutes. Serve the ready-made dish, sprinkled with crushed garlic and dill, in a portioned dish. You can use sour cream as a sauce. Meat can be done in different ways: steamed, stewed or fried. In the latter case, it goes dry and hard. Therefore, we recommend preparing it in a small amount of liquid. This can be ordinary water, tomato juice or meat broth. Eggplants and other vegetables are ideally combined with beef, lamb or pork. A special aroma of your dish will give fresh coriander or basil, caraway seeds and other spices. We advise you to read: