cascade for long hair Long well-groomed curls look amazingbeautiful. Some time passes, and the monotony begins to bore. More and more often there is a desire to make some creative hairdo. But to part with a luxurious mop is so pitiful! The ideal option for a haircut in this case is a cascade for long hair. Representatives of long hair with such a haircut can only be envied. Delicious variations of all sorts of hairstyles and styles lead to the rapture of women and drive men mad. Most girls who have long hair, choose this haircut for several reasons. First, it can be performed on the hair of any structure; secondly, it perfectly fits any type of oval face.

Why it is necessary to stop on this variant

Cutting the cascade is a sequentialThe transition from shorter strands on the crown to longer ones at the back of the head. This hairstyle is not choosy at all, does not require special, everyday care. Professionally sheared cascade looks very nice, with additional styling is not required. You just need to wash your head and blow it dry. The undisputed advantage is that such a hairstyle adds volume to the hair, gives a well-groomed appearance to the naughty and split ends. At the same time, the total length remains untouched, which is so important for lovers of long curls. Cascade adores many movie stars and pop divas. And all because the owner of such a haircut becomes available a huge number of all kinds of creative styles in different styles. Frequent styling spoils the hair, and curly locks that have a porous structure suffer particularly. But without a hair dryer, special mousses and gels, the shock of curls is not curbed. Cutting cascades is a real salvation for girls with wavy and curly hair. cascade with bangs

With a bang or without?

Because the hairstyle cascades on long hairis considered universal and suitable for almost every girl, then there will be no problems with the presence of bangs. But before deciding on a bang, you need to take into account and analyze the structure of the hair and face shape, and then choose the most suitable option. The original, long bangs complement the cascading haircut, which will give an image of femininity and softness. It's very easy to pack, so you will not have any problems. The cascade hairstyle not bad harmonises and with a short bang, but if you have chosen this variant, be reserved patience. The short fringe is very naughty and capricious. To pack it, it will take quite a long time. The fringes can play a key role in correcting the face. For girls with oval and rectangular forms, make-up artists recommend long bangs obliquely. A round face is able to transform an asymmetrical bang, and to correct a narrow one is straight and long. Semicircular fringe helps to balance the oblong oval face, and thick combed on the side - visually pull it.

A new day - a new image

That the hairdress was not boring and did not get bored,every stylish woman periodically tries to add some zest to her image. And thanks to the multifaceted cascade cutting capabilities, you will look fresh and feminine every day. First, you can make simple packing with a hair dryer, which does not take long. It is only necessary to twist the tips a little, curl curls, using hair curlers or curling iron, and now you have a new look. Secondly, to help you can call gels and mousses for styling, they will change your image beyond recognition. A very winning hairdo cascade looks on the hair of chocolate shades. Light-blond and wheat-colored colors will also decorate the haircut. And if you listen to extra-class hairdressers and decide on melioration or clarification, then the cascade will start beautifully shimmering in different shades. This visually makes the hair thicker, more dense, and also emphasizes the structure of the haircut. fashion cascade for long hair

How to make a styling

Owners cascading haircuts on longhair spend minimal time on everyday styling. If you have straight hair, then you are very lucky. To give them a shape, it will be enough just to dry them, then lay with their hands, emphasizing the volume at the roots. This will be enough for girls with wavy ringlets. It will be harder to cope with disobedient strands. They will need to try to lay the tips inside and lift the hair at the roots. To fix the hair, you need a wax and a special mousse for styling. If you need extra volume, you can still scratch the strands on the crown. To create an evening styling, it will take a little longer. You can straighten the hair with an iron, which is sure to strike the eyes of those around you, who are accustomed to seeing you with a wavy, flowing cascade of hair on the shoulders. If your goal is a more voluminous hairstyle, then twist the ends of the occipital strands outward, and the face - inside. With the help of beautiful hairpins, you can fix the hair in a spectacular high hairstyle, and for a greater effect you can release several strands. Beautiful hair requires care and care, a hairdresser can not do all the work for you. To have shiny healthy curls, you need to use a good shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, make regular nourishing masks. Choose care products in accordance with the structure and problems of hair.