In the people this phenomenon is also called the "stork bite""The kiss of an angel" and so on. There used to be a legend that children born with specks on face or body are marked with a special sign. That very bird. Mom, this, of course, was not reassuring. Anna Levadnaya, a pediatrician, a candidate of medical sciences, a mother of two children, an active blogger and author of the book "Doctor_annamama, tells me what mysterious stork spots are," I have a question: How to save health of the child ", published in the publishing house" Exmo ".Stork stains in childrenA photo: publishing house "Eksmo" According to the expert, many parents notice from their children red spots on the forehead and on the back of the head. In science, these marks are called "nevus Unny" - vascular spots of newborns. And they are not uncommon. According to statistics, about 35-40% of children are born with vascular spots in the forehead, nose bridge, eyelids, occiput and waist. The spots differ in irregular shape, clear boundaries, color from pale pink to bright red. Moreover, the color of the marks is often enhanced by crying. With microscopy, an expansion of the surface capillaries is detected.Stork stains in childrenA photo: GettyImagesThe reason for the appearance of spots is a prolonged spasm of blood vessels during passage through the birth canal or a sharp drop in pressure during caesarean section. As a rule, the spots on the face completely pass during the first three years of the child's life. On the back of the neck and "kisses of an angel" can stay longer, sometimes even for life. But you can get rid of them with a laser. As a result of the procedure, the capillaries, released to the surface of the skin, simply resolve. Special purpose of the doctor is not required, the procedure is carried out according to aesthetic indications. Read on: