spathiphyllum does not bloom It is believed that spathiphyllum is able to bringhappiness in the house of any woman. In the people it is called - "women's happiness." In flower shops, these plants amaze with abundant flowering, but it is worthwhile to bring the flower home, as the leaves descend, their tips begin to dry and the spathiphyllum no longer blooms. Why is this happening? How to care for a plant to make it bloom again? We'll talk about this in this article. First of all, you have to reconcile with the fact that the brightness and beauty of the shop plant is given by various stimulants. That's why at first you should not wait for an abundance of flowers. After all, you will not be able to provide greenhouse conditions. When the plant goes away from excessive feeding, it will certainly please you with flowers. In the meantime, you can push him to further development, transplanted into a new pot of fresh earth.

Spathiphyllum: varieties and features

In total there are about 45 species of this plant. There are very miniature species, and there are real giants. There are also specially developed hybrids, which are used for breeding at home. Most often in our stores you can find the following types: spoon-shaped, cannular, blooming and charming. In general, this plant does not differ too complicated leaving. It is enough to create a certain humidity. In addition to regular watering, the flower needs constant spraying. But the stagnation of water in the pot is not allowed. If you have chosen a too large pot for a plant, waiting for the release of buds in the near future does not make sense. Why does not the flower of spathiphylla bloom in this case? This question is difficult to answer. Apparently for the flowering of the plant it is necessary that the root system fill the pot completely. As soon as this happens, it will become much easier to make the spathiphyllum blossom. It should be noted that this plant emits buds once or twice a year: in spring and in autumn. Spathiphyllum grows rather quickly, the main thing is to protect it from direct sunlight. In general, it is best to choose a permanent place for the flower, shaded and well ventilated. does not flower spathiphyllum

Causes of slowing flowering

So why does not the plant flower? There can be several reasons. Let's look at the most common ones:

  • The root system has not yet filled the pot;
  • The flower stands either in a very bright sun or experiencing an apparent lack of light;
  • The temperature of the plant's content exceeds 23-25 ​​degrees. This especially applies to the autumn-winter period;
  • The plant stands in a draft;
  • Does not flower spathiphyllum and with excessive soil moisture. A sign of overflowing are the drying tips of leaves or the appearance of yellow-brown spots on them;
  • Perhaps, the plant has not been transplanted for a long time. When transplanting, an additional dose of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers will not prevent him;
  • Lack of water and too dry air in the room. Here, spraying of leaves from the atomizer will help;
  • The plant requires the separation of the rhizome and transplant into several pots.

Diseases and pests that prevent flowering

If you are sure that caring for the plantcorrect, but still wonder - why spathiphyllum ceased to bloom, be sure to check it for diseases and pests. The most dangerous for the flower are spider mites, aphids and scab.

  • Spider mite

Lives on the underside of the leaves and looks likea small spider of red color. The pest gradually envelops the leaves with a light cobweb and covers them with a sticky secret. At home, a soap solution with tobacco is used to control the spider mite. You can use any ready-made insecticides, only with their use it is necessary to cover the soil with polyethylene. After treatment, wait a few hours and rinse the leaves with running water.

  • Aphid

Can be black, gray or green. The house comes with new plants or bouquets of flowers. Most often it loves to hit the underside of the leaves, where it feeds on the juice of the plant. For the presence of aphids indicate dry and twisted leaves. The colonies of this pest grow rapidly and affect all neighboring plants. As a struggle, use a solution of nicotine sulfate with soap or special products sold in flower shops.

  • Shielded aphid or scab

It looks like small wax spots. It reproduces very quickly and literally covers the whole plant with its shields. Adult individuals firmly attached to the flower and remain immobile, but larvae are prone to migration. Fight with scabbards can also be a soapy solution, rubbing the leaves and stem with a sponge. why does not blooms spathiphyllum

How to care for spathiphyllum?

  • The plant loves warmth and moisture;
  • The optimum temperature of the content is 20-23 degrees Celsius;
  • Watering should be carried out as the top layer of soil dries up;
  • Especially neatly you need to treat the water procedures in the cold season;
  • If the air in the room is dry, do not forget to spray the flower in addition;
  • With the onset of spring, the plant needs mineral fertilizers. Ideally, nitrogen-phosphorus concentrates are suitable;
  • To keep a flower is best on the north window sill;
  • Do not allow drafts in the room.

All the above recommendations are requiredwill help you in the care of spathiphyllum. And the question is, when the plant blooms, it disappears by itself. Love the flower, give it enough attention, and very soon it will please you with abundant flowering.