Spanish Facial Massage Our face needs good care, becauseit is more than other parts of the body that is subject to the influence of the sun, wind, frost, temperature changes. Together, all this adversely affects the appearance of the skin. Of course, a great role in maintaining a good appearance is played by proper care at home. At a young age, for the most part, this is quite enough. But over the years, you need to worry about professional care in the beauty salon. Today, clients are offered a wide range of different procedures aimed at preserving youth and beauty. Along with hardware care, various types of massages are offered, which have always been appreciated by women. On the one hand, the procedure itself is pleasant, having to relax, and on the other, a good rejuvenating result. A list of the usual types of massage has recently been replenished with Spanish, or, as it is also called, chiromassage. We want to introduce you to him.

Spanish massage

Unfortunately, over the years our skin ages, muscleslose their tone, and as a result we have wrinkles, wrinkles, broken oval. Often, these not very pleasant changes are accompanied by puffiness. Of course, this appearance will afflict any woman and make her rush to find another juvenile apples. However, you can do without them. With all the above mentioned changes, the Spanish facial massage perfectly handles. Background If classical massage is known for a long time, then the Spanish massage is quite young. This technique was developed by the Spanish doctor Enrique Garcia, who took as a basis the technique of chiromassage, proposed in the 20s of the last century by Dr. Ferrandis. In addition, the method is based on some techniques used by Ayurvedic science and yoga. Features of technology Briefly, Dr. Garcia built his massage technique on the observance of three factors.

  • In the process of massage, only one technique is used: when combined, several can harm the body, since sometimes they are mutually exclusive.
  • The massage technique of Dr. Garcia suggestsabout a hundred receptions (for comparison: in classical massage, six (!) techniques are used). This allows not only to take into account the peculiarities of each client, but also excludes the addiction to repetitive movements, which, in turn, leads to a decrease in the effect of the procedure.
  • During the Spanish massage completelyeven the slightest discomfort is excluded, although the massage itself is quite active and involves a deep penetration into the muscle tissue. This requires the masseur to have a good knowledge of anatomy and the ability to apply his knowledge to each specific patient.
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    Benefits of Spanish Massage

    Cosmetic massage of face, neck and décolletagehelps to keep the skin healthy, elastic, taut. During the Spanish massage, which has a profound effect on the muscles of the face and neck, as well as on the vessels and lymphatic drainage system, it is possible to achieve very good results. We can say that this massage has three main impact vectors.

  • Microstructural - is the effect on the muscular system of the face and neck.
  • Lymphatic drainage - stimulates the work of lymphatic cells, freeing the skin from accumulated decomposition products, removing toxins.
  • Biovascular - improves blood circulation in blood vessels, stimulates metabolic processes, improves the penetration of active cosmetic components into the deeper layers of the dermis.
  • As a result, the skin is saturated with oxygen,improves blood microcirculation, begins to actively work lymph drainage system. Accordingly, swelling goes away, the face looks fresh, radiant, has a clear oval. When carrying out the Spanish massage, special oils or creams are used according to the type of skin. As already noted, the technique of this massage is such that the nutrients actively penetrate the skin, making it young and fresh, without any signs of fatigue and stress. The original techniques of Spanish massage can significantly slow down the aging of the skin. According to the patients who underwent this massage, the effect is noticeable after the first procedures. Of course, in order for the result to last a long time, it is necessary to conduct a course of procedures. Experts believe that this massage is an alternative to surgical intervention. The technique of the Spanish massage is quite complicated, and in order to obtain a visible effect, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules and techniques, a thorough knowledge of anatomy. In other words, only a good specialist can perform a Spanish massage. Therefore, if you decide to undergo a massage course, treat with great attention to the choice of a cosmetologist to whom you want to entrust your face. Be convinced of its professionalism and competence. We advise you to read: