spaghetti with minced meat Spaghetti with minced meat - very popular and satisfyinga dish beloved by many adults and children. Also its remarkable features are the simplicity and speed of cooking and the availability of all products. To prepare spaghetti with minced meat, you will need: spaghetti, minced meat, spices, tomato paste or sauces if desired, butter. The recipe itself is simple and unpretentious. Preparation also does not take much time, on average it will take about 40 minutes. simple spaghetti recipe with minced meat

Main cooking option

Pasta. Instead of spaghetti, you can use noodles, vermicelli or pasta, the meaning of the dish and its taste characteristics is not very different because of this change, but it is better to choose pasta from durum wheat. They should be boiled in salted water until half cooked, it is important that they do not boil and do not stick together. For fans of spices in the water for cooking pasta, you can add black pepper in peas. Then they should be removed from the fire, drain the water and rinse with clean running water. Minced meat. It can be made from different types of meat, but, as a rule, use a mixture of beef and pork in equal proportions. If you want to lighten a high-calorie dish, then you should use poultry meat or rabbit meat. It is important not to overdo the amount of meat. Meat mixture should be fried in a frying pan with the addition of salt, butter and favorite spices, you can add tomato paste. Next, you should mix the two previously prepared halves. On the frying pan to the fried meat mixture it is necessary to add the washed pasta and a little to powder everything in a frying pan, 5-10 minutes will be enough. delicious spaghetti with minced meat

Option without roasting

It is possible to exclude the last stage in the preparation andmix them directly on a plate. Mix and serve should be in the following proportions: part of the pasta on half of the minced meat. It is a good option for fans to add different sauces to pasta. Several popular sauces are perfectly suitable for this dish: tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mushroom sauce, bolognese sauce, pesto sauce. Sauces can be used ready, or you can cook them yourself. In addition, a perfect addition to the finished dish is grated cheese of hard varieties and crispy croutons or croutons. The resulting culinary masterpiece can be decorated with fresh herbs. Thus, it turns out a simple, but in Italian delicious dish. From drinks, mineral water, water with lemon juice, juices or wine can come up to it. Preparation of this food takes a little time, besides it does not require serious culinary skills or great money to buy ingredients. It will decorate and festive, and everyday, will bring a gourmet life something joyful. It should be remembered that the cooked culinary masterpiece is sufficiently rich and high-calorie, and therefore it is not recommended to use it often as a late dinner.