cheese soup with croutons More and more popularity on our tablewin recipes of French cuisine. They are tasty, nutritious and diversify our usual menu. Wear aprons, now we will prepare a French soup with melted cheese for real gourmets. Of the many recipes, everyone can choose their favorite. Soup with cheese is good because it is prepared very quickly and you can use the products that are available in the house of each landlady. simple cheese soup

Variety of cheese soups

There are a lot of options for cheese soup, everyone canchoose a recipe for your taste. You can cook this soup on chicken broth, with mushrooms, with seafood. For such soups, it is very important to chop the melted curds on a fine grater for quick dissolution in the soup. If the cheese is simply cut with a knife, it can stick together and not dissolve, and you will not get the real creamy flavor of the soup. It is possible to use melted cheese with various additives, each time you will receive a new unique dish. If your child categorically does not like the first dishes, this recipe is sure to please him. Prepare a soup-puree for it on chicken broth. We cook vegetables, any, to your taste - potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, - until ready, with a blender we turn them into puree, dilute the broth to the required consistency, add grated fused cheese, finely chopped chicken pieces, salt, spices and cook until full dissolving the cheese. From such a miracle, not a single small whim still has refused. Vegetable soup-mash is a recipe for women caring for their figure, you can cook with the addition of broccoli, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, colored or white cabbage. A special delicacy is cucumber soup, it can be prepared with the addition of sour cream. When preparing soup from champignons or shrimps the sequence of preparation does not change, but at the end of the preparation of soup-puree, pre-cooked finely chopped mushrooms or whole shrimps are added to it. There is a recipe for bread soup with cheese. For its preparation we take equally rye and wheat bread, fill it with water. After swelling we combine bread with toasted onion, boiled water or broth, cook for about 20 minutes, 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, add grated fused cheese, butter and salt. For children, you can cook sweet soup, adding fruit to the season - apples, bananas, you can prepare it from dried fruits. The recipe is very simple. Dried fruits are pre-soaked, boiled, crushed with a blender, diluted with boiling milk, added sugar, vanillin, butter and, of course, grated cheese. In the recipes of cheese soup, puree can safely add butter, cream or milk, its taste from this will become even more saturated. If you do not like soup, you can make a simple soup with finely chopped vegetables, add any cereals or pasta to it, but at the end of the cooking, do not forget to put grated cheese and you will have an unusual dish with French flavor. different recipes of soup with melted cheese

Appetizing supplements for soups

In the ready-made soup you can add dumplings,cooked from one egg, mixed with a tablespoon of semolina and salt. After the swelling of the manga with a teaspoon, we collect the finished mass and dip it into the soup. To vegetable soup, you can prepare dumplings from a vegetable marrow. Young zucchini, clean, three on a small grater, squeeze, add egg, flour, salt and a teaspoon spread in the soup. It turns out a wonderful diet dish. For lovers of meat dishes, you can cook meatballs from meat or chicken and add them to the ready soup before serving. Do not forget about smoked foods - adding to the cheese soup different sausages, sausages, ham, smoked fat, will undoubtedly attract to your mouth-watering smell all the hungry men who live in your house. Also, to increase the nutritional content of the cheese soup, you can add to it croutons cooked from rye or wheat bread. If you want to make a real French cheese soup puree, do not forget to add a good white wine, and you will understand that you did not taste anything tastier. Of course, if there are small children in the house, you will have to taste this recipe without them. To any of these recipes, do not forget to add fresh greens, because we need to take care not only about the figure, but also about health. And adding a pinch of red pepper or ginger will allow us to maintain our figure in the norm, without feeling hungry.