simple and delicious soup with meatballs Any woman always seeks to deliciously nourishTheir family members and please them with a variety of dishes. Special efforts are made to fill the festive table. And if the family has small children, it is important that the food not only was different and useful, but also prepared in record time, so a caring mother is always in search of new recipes. First dishes are very popular in our country. The rich borscht, soups, cabbage soup and broth not only saturate and restore the body's water balance well, they also perfectly warm in cold weather, which is important for the severe winter period typical for Russia. In addition, it is a good tool for preventing a variety of diseases that arise when eating dry foods and eating fast food. The modern pace of life leaves so little miserable time for the realization of creative culinary plans, that the housewives do not have the opportunity to stand for hours at the stove. But to provide close people a healthy and nutritious diet is still real, just take note of several recipes for quick cooking. One of the first hot dishes is the soup with meatballs. quick soup with meatballs

The subtleties of cooking meatballs

The taste of the first dish depends on the meatballs, thanthey will be more tender, the more delicious the soup will turn out. The main ingredient of meatballs is minced meat. It can be meat, fish or vegetable. Traditionally, various spices, salt and onions are added to it, but depending on the taste preferences, its composition can be supplemented with white bread soaked in milk, walnuts and greens. Do not add rice to minced meat, it will dramatically change the nature of the dish, and the meatballs will look like meatballs both externally and to taste. For preparation of minced meat it is better to purchase low-fat varieties of meat, fish will be ideal from cod and tilapia, and lovers of poultry meat should use fillets or liver. Special rules are not only for vegetable minced meat - the main thing is that the vegetables are well boiled and ground on a small grater or in a blender. To get succulent meatballs of impeccably homogeneous consistency, the ingredients making up the ingredients are required to be scrolled a couple of times through the finest grate of the meat grinder, but the special tenderness of minced meat will acquire if several nuances are observed. First, it can be added to soaked in warm milk bread crumbs or breadcrumbs. Their volume should be approximately equal to 1/3 of the volume of stuffing. An analogue can make and semolina. It should be used in the proportion of 1 tbsp. for 500 g of minced meat. Immediately after adding manki, minced meat should be placed in the cold for 15 minutes. This will be enough to make the mancha swell. Secondly, the flesh mass must be well knocked out, that is, several times lifted and thrown into the bowl or on the board with force, until its consistency becomes homogeneous. After such a procedure, the products from minced meat do not fall apart during cooking, which is an undoubted plus. And thirdly, it's better to use forcemeat cold. Carefully kneaded mass should be wrapped in a film and put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes. It is not recommended to add a minced egg to the stuffing, it will provoke turbidity of the broth and make the meatballs coarse. When molding meatballs, you should periodically moisten your hands with cold water so that the minced meat does not stick to them. Balls should be approximately the same size, so that during cooking the degree of their readiness was the same. Meatballs measuring 1.5-2 cm are considered ideal. basic rules of cooking soup

Basic rules of cooking soup

Cook soup with meatballs can be on differentbroths, you only need to observe the nuances of taste compatibility (for example, fish broth is better to combine with meatballs from fish). The composition of the soup is often supplemented with pasta or noodles, as well as various cereals, the most popular of which are buckwheat and rice. Vegetable dressings are used depending on taste preferences. The most demanded potatoes, carrots and onions, less often used sweet peppers, spinach and celery. Ingredients are placed in the finished broth, depending on the time required for their preparation. Traditionally, the first lay the potatoes. At the stage of its semi-preparedness, add carrots and onion, and if desired, sweet peppers or other vegetables, and lastly - meatballs. Cereals can be added to soup with meatballs in a raw, semi-finished and ready-made condition, which also determines the turn of their getting into the broth. But if rice and buckwheat in raw form unequivocally require the first turn even in comparison with potatoes, then noodles should be sent to the pan only after meatballs. It is very important to reduce the fire immediately before adding meatballs. If we ignore this rule, the broth becomes cloudy. To avoid this situation, some boil them in a separate bowl and put them in soup already ready or semi-prepared. But you need to consider that this will lose the natural concentration of broth and the dish will not get rich. You can first brown the meat balls in a frying pan, the soup from this will only benefit in flavor and taste, but this option is not recommended for young children and people who follow a diet. After the meatballs have been added, stir the soup periodically to prevent them from sticking together and monitor the formation of the foam, promptly removing it. Meatballs of standard size reach an edible state for a maximum of 10 minutes, and the indicator of their readiness is the floating on the surface of the soup. The finishing touch is the addition of finely chopped greens, after which you can turn off the fire. Soup with meatballs is a recipe well known to everyone since childhood. There are a lot of them, but the most expensive - using meatballs. Such soup is prepared quickly and perfectly sated, it is loved by both adults and children. It is recommended for use even for people with eating habits. soup recipes with meatballs

Recipes of beef and pork soup

Most often soup with meatballs is prepared byclassic recipe. It will require: 300 grams of pork or "homemade" stuffing and 1 clove of garlic, 4 medium potatoes, onions, carrots, a little vegetable oil for roasting, salt and greens to taste. First, put potatoes into the pot. While he is brewing, grind on an average grater carrots with onions and fry them in vegetable oil. After bringing the potatoes to the semi-ready condition, add meatballs to it, after 10 minutes - frying, and season with salt. Soup with meatballs cook for another 5 minutes. Before serving add greenery. Such a recipe can be supplemented with vermicelli, tomato paste and laurel leaf. No less simple in cooking is buckwheat soup with meatballs, for which a mixed stuffing of pork and beef is used. In the minced mass additionally added parsley, a piece of white bread soaked in milk, and onions. And in the soup itself, in addition to the standard mixture of fried carrots and onions, put 0.5 st. buckwheat and a half of finely chopped Bulgarian pepper. Such soup can be boldly prepared in a multivariate, it will turn out to be unusually rich and fragrant. Gourmets will appreciate the mushroom soup with meatballs. For meat balls will need: 300 grams of minced pork, a few twigs of cilantro, 2 cloves of garlic and 30 g of peeled salted pistachios. Other ingredients - 500 g of champignons, 3-4 medium-sized potatoes, bulb and carrots, 5 tbsp. l. sour cream, 5 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, green onions and salt to taste. Garlic and pistachios need to be ground, cilantro finely chopped. Add all this to the mince, knead to a homogeneous mass, seasoned with salt and pepper, and put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes. During this time, cut into cubes vegetables and mushrooms and chop the onions. Finished meatballs fry and lay out on the dish, to the glass excess fluid. The oil remaining after their frying, pour into a saucepan, where the soup will be boiled, and simmer onions with carrots for 5 minutes on a slow fire. Then put the mushrooms there, fry another 5 minutes, and only then pour the resulting mixture of 1.5 liters of hot boiled water and add the potatoes. After everything boils, place in a saucepan with meatball soup, salt, pepper and bring to the condition for another 10 minutes. Before use, season with sour cream and green onions. soup recipes with meatballs from poultry meat

Recipes with meatballs from poultry meat

Liquid food is well absorbed by the body, butso that it not only benefits, but also pleasure, it must be made from the right products. Soup with turkey meatballs is a simple recipe for a delicious soup. It turns out very appetizing, and the dietary properties of the meat used in it make the dish truly universal. For its preparation you need to take: 500 g of turkey stuffing, 300 g turkey wings for broth, 2 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 sweet pepper, 2 onions, 200 g celery, salt and pepper. First we need to boil broth from turkey wings with 2 la liters of water and add bay leaf and black pepper peas. Bring it to a boil and cook for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, minced meat with a finely chopped onion to form small balls and cut vegetables: sweet peppers and potatoes diced, and carrots and celery straws. Put the potatoes in the prepared broth, after removing the wings from it, and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the carrots with the celery, and after 10 minutes. - sweet pepper, onions and salt to taste. Lastly, place in a bowl of broth meatballs and after 15 minutes. the soup is ready. If desired, you can use vermicelli or rice in the recipe. It turns out a very hearty dish. Not less tasty and easy is soup with chicken meatballs in Italian. The composition of products is standard: 300 grams of chicken, 2 potatoes, 1 onion, 2 tbsp. l. Butter, green onions and parsley, salt and black pepper to taste. The only unusual ingredient is turnip. Onions are cut into half rings, carrots and turnips are straws, and the greens are finely chopped. To make meatballs, you need to combine forcemeat and a half of chopped greens, salt and pepper, carefully knead and glaze balls no larger than a walnut. 2 liters of water bring to a boil, lower the meatballs into it and cook over medium heat for 7 minutes, then put them on a dish. Vegetables put in a frying pan and for 5 min. stew in butter with the addition of 0.5 tbsp. broth from meatballs. Ready the vegetable mixture to move into a container with broth, add the spices and cook over low heat for 5 minutes, then return the meatballs there, bring the soup to a boil and turn off the fire. Soup with meatballs must be stuck under the closed lid for 5 minutes.

Useful properties of soups with meat balls

Every housewife must know how to make soupwith meatballs. Its preparation takes very little time and does not represent any complexity, varying the recipes you can achieve a lot of juicy flavors, and as a result you get a very nutritious and useful first dish for the whole family. In winter, it is especially desirable to eat soup with meat ingredients, since meat is rich in proteins, and the body needs increased heating and much more energy in the cold period, and much more energy than in summer. Dense and hot soup with meatballs are not advised to neglect and nutritionists. You can not be afraid to spoil the figure, if you have it in the middle of the day, and not before going to bed, especially since the vegetables contained in it, because of slow digestion, spend extra calories on this process. A soup liquid also improves metabolism and balances blood pressure. Soup with meatballs is easily digested, so those who wish to lose weight easily can eat it every day or even try a soup diet. You can weld it in a multivariate, the soup will turn out to be more saturated and languid. A delicious aromatic soup will add strength and energy, warm in cold weather and refresh in a debilitating heat.