carrot soup puree The first dishes are the most important component of the dietall people. Since childhood, many have heard the phrase that soups are useful, they are needed for a healthy stomach, to maintain strength throughout the day. But until now some people have been reluctant to use soups, considering them only as an addition to the usual meal. In a root, you can change this situation with a dish such as soup-puree. Surprising? And in vain. Today in cooking there is a huge number of diverse and very interesting recipes on how to make this or that soup-puree. We will tell about the most interesting recipes of this amazing dish, which both children and adults will like. Especially good is the soup-puree for dietary nutrition, because this form of food is very well and quickly absorbed and digested by the human body at any age. Already interested to know?

Soup-mash as the pinnacle of culinary art

A distinctive and, perhaps, main feature of thisa wonderful, unusually useful and delicious dish, like soup-puree, is that all the ingredients of this dish are carefully ground and mixed into a single consistency. To put it more simply, it is based on pureed products. Often such dishes are fed by children, because their stomach is not yet ready for rough food with large pieces of certain products. But this does not mean that the soup-mashed potatoes will not be liked by adults. For some, he is able to replace both the first and second course. The history of soup purée begins around the 17th century. There is no exact information about the country where this dish appears. Perhaps it was France. After all, many similar recipes were invented in this country. For a long time, soup-mash was not popular on the expanses of the Russian land. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are their leaders in the category of first courses. And their name is borscht and soup. However, some time ago, soup-puree experienced a real boom. It was not only served in many cafes and restaurants, but also actively prepared at home. It even became fashionable. Well, it's time to consider the most delicious, interesting, but at the same time simple and easy-to-use recipes of soup-mashed potatoes. By the way, you can make not only hot soup, but even cold. However, everything in order. potato soup puree

Hot soups in the form of puree

In the majority view, the soup is hotterdish. Therefore, for a start, it's worth talking about those soups-purees that are served in the classic version. It is desirable that at the heart of any soup lay a meat broth. So the soup will not seem fresh and uninteresting. Broccoli soup puree For its preparation according to the recipe, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • broccoli
  • any broth
  • spinach or any other greens
  • soda
  • salt

First you need to cook broccoli in boiling waterwater for 20 minutes. According to the recipe, they should be soft enough that they can be easily grinded. The cooked broccoli is placed in a blender, where it is ground to the consistency of the porridge. It remains only to salt. Broccoli soup is ready. However, not all so simple. To make soup in the form of puree from this product, there are several tricks. Their ignorance will lead to the fact that the soup will turn out not quite usable. The fact that broccoli have a specific unpleasant smell, because of which they do not like many, although the taste of the product is quite good. Especially when you consider how many vitamins are there. So, you can avoid the stench if you add a little soda to the soup. Its quantity should be really minimal, otherwise the dish will simply be impossible to eat. In what way will this be manifested? So, soup-mash will become sour and bitter at the same time. Another problem in the preparation of this soup can arise from the fact that when cooking broccoli lose their color. The result is a soup-puree is not very pleasant shade. You can avoid this phenomenon if you add some common greens when grinding in a blender. For example, spinach. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. This will perfectly transform the soup-mashed potatoes. If there is no spinach, then coriander, parsley or even sorrel will do. In this case, you need to carefully follow the recipe to get a good result. spinach puree soup Soup-puree from courgettes In the autumn period, practicallyall summer residents face a large harvest of zucchini. Without the presence of an adequate reason, this wonderful and very useful vegetable is for some reason not respected. And in vain. Perhaps not everyone knows that a delicious soup can be cooked from a zucchini. To prepare this dish you need the following ingredients:

  • zucchini
  • broth
  • potatoes
  • bow
  • garlic
  • cream
  • butter
  • salt pepper

Squash and potatoes are pre-cutSmall cubes and sent to stew in a frying pan. After 10 minutes, crushed garlic and onions are added there. At this time, a small amount of butter melts in the pan. There are stewed vegetables and meat broth. The soup-mash should turn out a dense consistence. Vegetables are ready, and therefore you can start grinding. In this case it is recommended to use a hand blender, but there is no fundamental difference. In the end, it is necessary to add salt, pepper and cream to the resulting mixture. Still blended with a blender. Such soup can be served with croutons from white bread. It turns out incredibly delicious. Soup puree from forest mushrooms This recipe will be to the liking of all lovers of mushrooms. The following ingredients will be needed:

  • any forest mushrooms
  • cream
  • garlic
  • thyme
  • flour
  • cream and olive oil
  • salt pepper

Mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed from the possiblesand and other debris. After that, they are well wiped with a paper towel, and then cut. In this case, the hats must be separated from the legs. The first must remain untouched. Shredded legs are placed for cooking in a saucepan with boiling water, thyme and garlic (later garlic and thyme need to get). There they must reach their full readiness. This product is extremely important to cook completely, so that soup puree does not become a poison. At this time on the frying pan frying hats. They are also brought to the absolute readiness. When all the ingredients are ready, melt the butter in a separate saucepan and add the flour there. You can pour a little broth. Fried and boiled mushrooms, flour mixture and cream are placed in a blender and ground until a liquid and uniform consistency is obtained. cold soup puree

Cold soups in the form of puree

Cold soup puree perfect for summera period when soups also need to be eaten, but not always possible because of the heat. Such dishes are not only very refreshing, but also give a sense of satiety and simultaneous ease for a long time. Beet soup with beets This soup is a real storehouse of vitamins. To make it, you need the following products:

  • beet
  • bow
  • celery
  • bouillon
  • olive oil
  • sugar
  • sour cream
  • vinegar
  • cold water

Beets, onions and celery are cleaned and finely choppedare cut. At this time, the oil is heated in the pan. First there put celery and onions. From above all this is sprinkled with sugar and is cooked on high fire for 5 minutes. However, it is important to make sure that the vegetables are not burnt. Then add the beets, a little broth and a little wine vinegar to the pot. The contents are brought to a boil and then boiled for 40 minutes. At the same stage in the soup-puree is added salt and pepper. Next, you need to grind the ingredients in the blender, but you need to do it in such a way as to stop in one step from a completely homogeneous consistency. Then the soup is placed in the refrigerator for a minimum of 6 hours. After this time, the soup is diluted with cold water to the desired consistency. Soup puree is served with sour cream and finely chopped greens. For everyone, this can be their own greens, which is more like it to taste. There are no restrictions here. It is worth pofantazirovat. Soup puree from zucchini and avocado

  • zucchini
  • avocado
  • lemon
  • yogurt without filler
  • mint, zira, coriander, pepper, salt
  • olive oil

Zucchini is cut into small cubes, sprinkledlemon juice, and then stew for 15 minutes. Avocado is cleansed of bones and peel and cut into cubes. Now ready zucchini, avocado, yogurt without filler and the mentioned spices are placed in a blender and crushed there until completely homogeneous. There, salt and pepper are added. When serving soup-puree from zucchini and avocado, it is sprinkled with olive oil and decorated with a piece of mint. A very refined version of how to make soup puree. With a nice presentation, you can even put it on the table to your guests. They will be pleasantly surprised. mushroom soup puree Seafood soup (mussels and shrimps)Lovers of the most useful and tasty seafood can be absolutely calm, because for them there is something interesting among the soups-mashed potatoes. The following products will be needed to implement this recipe:

  • mussels
  • shrimp
  • cream
  • bouillon
  • salt pepper

Mussels and shrimps must first be cooked insalted water with several peas of black pepper. It is important not to digest these foods so that they do not lose their taste qualities. If desired, a laurel leaf can be added to the pan with seafood during cooking. Welded seafood must be cleaned, cut into small pieces and crushed thoroughly in a blender together with lean cream and a small amount of broth. To brighten up the taste of this soup-puree you can, if you add a little yogurt without filler.

Sweet puree soups

It turns out that soups-mashed potatoes are not onlyhabitual vegetable, but also fruit. Someone can say that this is an ordinary cocktail. And it will be near the truth. However, sweet soup-puree is an excellent solution to be saturated with vitamins, as well as to enjoy sweets in an unusual for many species. And on the figure this will only affect the positive side. To not go far from the topic, today there will be presented recipes that contain both fruits and vegetables. Mango and pumpkin puree soups Few people like to eat pumpkin without any supplement. As a rule, it fits well with very sweet (sometimes even cloying) products. To prepare soup-mashed potatoes this recipe will need:

  • pumpkin
  • mango (fresh or canned)
  • cream
  • vanilla

The pumpkin is cleared of bones and peel, cut intosmall cubes. It is necessary to boil the pumpkin to the full readiness in fresh water. Mango is also cleaned and cut into cubes. Finished after cooking, pumpkin, mango, cream and vanilla are mixed in a blender. Consistency should not be too homogeneous. It's good if small pieces of food are felt. The prepared soup-mash is decorated with a leaf of mint. If desired, you can add a piece of citrus on top. Such a contrast will only benefit. Soup-puree from carrots, pears and bananas To implement this recipe you will need:

  • carrot
  • pear
  • banana
  • almond
  • yogurt without filler or cream

To cook this soup-puree is very simple, because he does notwill require cooking. Carrots and banana are peeled and cut into small pieces. You do not need to peel the peel off, because it will give a special taste to the dish. The chopped pear, carrots and banana are ground to an absolutely homogeneous consistency in the blender. Above this delicious and unusual dish sprinkled with grated almonds. From this soup-puree it is impossible to come off! Soup puree from tomatoes and strawberries Someone this recipe may seem strange enough. But in fact you get a very tasty and very useful dish that does not require cooking. To make it, you need the following ingredients:

  • tomatoes
  • Strawberry
  • cream
  • White bread

We start to cook soup-mashed potatoes. Tomatoes are peeled, which will certainly interfere with the prepared dish. To do this, they must be doused with boiling water, and then placed in cold water. So peel will be removed easily and simply. By the way, it is preferable to choose cherry tomatoes. They are sweeter. Strawberries are cut in half. Together with tomatoes and cream, it is put in a blender. It is necessary to achieve a not quite uniform consistency. So this soup should be. Now you need to cook crackers from white bread. It is better to use bread for toast. The important point is that the bread should be roasted without oil. When serving soup-puree sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Excess fat content here to anything. Lightness in combination with satiety is the main horse that this dish can boast of. So surprising, useful and nutritious can be soup-puree. Preparation of this dish does not take much time, and as a result you get a very original product that can be consumed at any time of the year. By the way, recipes for such soups can be invented most. From which to cook soup, each decides for himself. Therefore, it is worthwhile to experiment, find a new one and not be afraid to introduce in your diet hitherto unknown recipes. There is no doubt that soup puree can become a welcome guest in any kitchen. It remains only to find your "pet". Bon Appetit!