Coca Cola for cooking unusual soup A drink that is more than a hundred years old, stillis popular not only in the country in which it was invented, but also in other states (today there are about 200 of them). Coca-Cola is the most expensive brand, and its popularity is not going to take positions. At the very beginning of production, Coca-Cola consisted of coca leaves and cola tree nuts. The first ingredient, by the way, served as the basis for the allocation of the cocaine drug, the use of which at that time was allowed and which was used in drinks instead of alcohol. Do not be surprised, because the recipe of the drink was invented by the pharmacist. Initially, this drink was designed to calm and cure all kinds of disorders. The machine with Coca-Cola was installed in the pharmacy, and a glass of it cost only 5 cents. Customers for the first year of the enterprise was small, and no profit came out. However, every year, wishing to try a miracle drink (which relieved impotence and allowed to move from morphine to coca) became more and more. And those who tried, came to the pharmacy again and again. Coca-Cola is not only a drink that is used to quench your thirst, but also a constituent part of a recipe. For this, the drink has a sufficient number of useful substances. For example, Coca-Cola is often used for the marinade of meat dishes, for filling okroshki and even cooking soups and second courses. To do this, you can mix the Coca-Cola with your favorite sauce and use the resulting mixture to fill the chicken wings, for example. If you pour meat for a shish kebab not with ordinary water, but with carbonated water, the meat will turn out much softer. And if you use Coca-Cola, the pieces will become slightly glazed and will have a kind of caramel flavor. Ingredients for soup making with the addition of Coca Cola

Preparation of various soups from Coca-Cola

As already mentioned, Coca-Cola quite oftenUsed when the recipe and the dish itself requires special aroma, lightness or when you do not have enough time. So, you can make soup from such a drink only on the basis of Coca-Cola (instead of broth) or use it for intermediate preparation of other components of the soup. And if this drink is known to all children from an early age, the recipe for its preparation is still a secret, which has been kept in secret for more than 100 years.

Recipe for chicken soup with toast with the addition of Coca-Cola

So, you should start with a less complex waycooking. The recipe for chicken soup with Coca-Cola differs little from this, but only without soda. First, we should inform readers that this recipe is suitable for people who do not have stomach problems. After all, a drink like Coca-Cola is not always useful, especially for those whose stomach is not quite healthy. In addition, the soup suggests a rather fat roasting of vegetables and meat. So, first we need the following ingredients:

  • Chicken fillet - 500-600 grams,
  • 1 onion (can be a leek),
  • 4 potatoes,
  • Sour cream - 300 g,
  • Butter,
  • Greenery,
  • Spice,
  • Water.

First, pour 1 liter of water into a saucepan and put iton average heat to heat up. At this time, we wash the meat and cut the fillets into cubes. A small part (about 150-200 grams) is sent to boiling water in order to make chicken broth. The remaining meat can be marinated for a short time. The marinade recipe includes the following products:

  • Lemon juice,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • Garlic,
  • Soy sauce,
  • Coca-Cola (small tin can) - about 250 g.

So, for marinade we chicken salim, pepper,pour lemon juice and leave for a few minutes in a closed cup. It will be half an hour. We clean the onion and cut it into small cubes. As soon as the marinade time is suitable, reheat the frying pan and pour in the vegetable oil. We send the onion to the hot pan and spread the chicken. The main condition: prepare the roast should be on high heat. Fry it so that it from all sides has acquired a bright golden hue. After that, pour the soy sauce into the pan and then add the Coca-Cola. We cook the chicken on the average for another 10 minutes. Turn it off and let the roast for a while to brew. We return to the broth. We send a piece of butter, potatoes, diced, and fry. We cook the soup over medium heat for 10-15 minutes. When serving soup we decorate with herbs and sour cream. Another version of this soup can become soup-puree. The roast is prepared similarly to the above recipe (only onions are cooked separately), but the mashed potatoes are somewhat different. In a small saucepan melting the butter, add potatoes and fried onions to it. In this saucepan add 3 quarters of a glass of chicken broth and cook everything until the potatoes are ready (15-20 minutes). After that, using a blender, grind it all to a consistency of mashed potatoes. We pour a little milk or cream into it, put it on a weak fire and cook for 5-10 minutes. When serving in soup-mash we put a few pieces of roasted chicken, sprinkle with herbs. As well as to any other soup-mashed potatoes, we serve croutons. For their preparation, slices of white bread can be smeared with a sauce in which meat was roasted and baked in the oven. In exactly the same way, you can prepare other meat ingredients: lamb, beef and pork. And instead of soy sauce, many add a few spoons of ordinary ketchup. In order for the result to justify itself, fry the meat until the sauce on it becomes very thick. Otherwise, after you lower the meat into the broth, the entire refueling from Coca-Cola and sauce will be washed away, the meat can become absolutely tasteless. Therefore, either spend more time on the marinade, or wait until the sauce gets well. ingredients for sweet soup with coca cola

Sweet Coca-Cola Soup

For those who can not live without sweet, there is so muchcalled a recipe for sweet soup. It not only allows you to get a charge of vivacity, but will also fully provide you with glucose for several months in advance. So, for such a soup you will need:

  • Coca-Cola is a 2-liter bottle,
  • 2 Snickers bar,
  • A packet of peanuts, a package of chips, a package of crackers - all about 50 g.

First, you need to boil Coke. In the boiling drink we add nuts first, then crackers. Snickers and chips are sent to the broth last, as they can very quickly dissolve. Therefore, adding them, immediately turn off the gas. As a seasoning for this dessert soup are used toffee Meller, which for 2 liters you need 5-6 pieces. There is a soup that needs to be warm, and since it will not survive further heating, try to eat it at a time. Otherwise, and not work, because such a yummy does not stay on the table for a long time. However, do not forget that such concentration of products may not always have a positive effect on your digestive system. Such a prescription is contraindicated for people with a stomach ulcer, with gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Every time you have a large number of children planned at your place, you will have a delicious and convenient soup recipe at your fingertips. A large number of practicing cooks use carbonated drinks not only for marinade products, soup boiling. So, coca-cola, due to its specific taste, can be used as a filling for okroshki instead of kvass or beer. If you are afraid for your stomach, try adding Coca-Cola mixed with plain water or kvass. In this variant, the gas content in the cooked dish will be significantly reduced, which will reduce the burden on the stomach. After all, if you read the composition of the drink, you will find in it a lot of ingredients in the chemical composition. Nevertheless, the producers of soda assure that the composition of Coca-Cola in no way has a harmful and negative effect on the body of a healthy person. Unlike those who have weakened health. Almost all contraindications you can find on the label coca-cola.