eyes hurt Do your eyes hurt? With a similar problem, all modern people periodically encounter. Both the rhythm and the lifestyle of modern man contribute to the development and aggravation of this problem. A huge number of negative factors - televisions, computers, a large number of bright flashing advertisements - all this affects the eyes in the most negative way. In addition, the situation is significantly worsened by an aggressive environment - the mucous membrane of the eyeball is forced to regularly contact with a huge number of microorganisms, bacteria, microparticles of soil, pollen of plants. All these substances regularly settle on the surface of the eyeball. As a result, the eyes hurt and can begin to water, because in this way the eye's protective mechanisms try to get rid of the irritant and signal that there are certain problems. In some cases, the body itself is able to cope with problems, but more often a person needs qualified help from an ophthalmologist. But in any case, before you start treatment, you need to know the exact diagnosis. All eye problems can be divided into several groups and subgroups: external and internal, chronic and acute. It is about these reasons why your eyes hurt, and we will talk below. For example, acute eye diseases develop very rapidly, under the influence of external stimuli, in particular, penetration of pathogenic bacteria. Most often, in acute diseases, one eye suffers. Chronic same diseases are manifested a little differently - the symptoms increase gradually, and usually both eyes are affected. In addition to the fact that the eyes are sore and watery, a number of additional symptoms may develop, such as itching, redness and even swelling. It is almost impossible to independently diagnose a person who does not have a specialized medical education. It is necessary as soon as possible to seek medical help from an ophthalmologist.

Causes of eye diseases

So, why are your eyes watering and sore?

  • Infectious - inflammatory diseases More oftenthe pain and tear of the eyes are caused by infectious and inflammatory diseases. Similar diseases are accompanied, as a rule, by abundant mucous or even purulent separable from the eyes. The contents can be so much that in the morning, waking up, a sick person can not open his eyes until they wash them. As a rule, the inflammatory process begins in one eye, and in the absence of the necessary treatment, the inflammation also spreads to the second eye. And often a sick person himself greatly contributes to the spread of infection, violating basic rules of personal hygiene. In no case is it inadmissible to rub eyes, or wipe them with the same handkerchief - thereby you promote the transfer of pathogenic bacteria from one eye to the other. In addition, it is very important to have your own personal towel - otherwise you risk infecting people around you. Speaking about hygiene, we can not fail to mention the main mistake that very many women allow. Remember that cosmetics should also be purely personal - give your mascara to someone, or you take someone else's, you risk getting an infectious eye disease. And in the end, you will come across the fact that your eyes are hurting.
  • Injuries to the eye Also often the eyes hurt because ofreceived injuries, often minor. A person may not attach too much importance to minor trauma, and then to wonder why his eyes hurt. If the injury is more serious - stroke, foreign bodies or contact with any chemical substances, the disease begins more sharply. The first thing you need to do when you get into the eye chemicals, it immediately rinse it with plenty of clean cold water. After this, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible, so that the doctor assesses how much the eyes have suffered and, if necessary, helped. In the event that foreign body gets into the eye, it is also not recommended to remove it yourself, as this can lead to even more traumatization of the eye mucosa and the eyeball itself. Try to get to the doctor as quickly as possible, which quickly removes the foreign body and will provide the necessary help. The same applies to injuries received - a person can not always really assess the severity of the injury. And the result of the lack of medical care can be not only a significant reduction in vision, but even a complete loss of vision.
  • Allergic reaction A banal allergy attackcan also lead to the fact that the eyes are sore and watery. As a rule, doctors - ophthalmologists easily recognize such sick people for a number of additional signs: a runny nose, a specific reddening of the eyes. Another pronounced sign of allergic reactions is not only redness and lacrimation, but also severe itching of the eyes. Because of the effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes of allergens and allergic conjunctivitis occurs. In the event that the allergen is known, it is necessary to minimize the contact of the sick person with it. If the allergen can not be identified, the sick person should consult the doctor as soon as possible - an allergist. The allergist doctor will help not only determine which allergen the sick person reacts to, but also prescribe the necessary treatment that will help to reduce his negative impact to the possible minimum.
  • Pain from stress Another very commonthe reason for why a person can have pain in the eyes is their constant tension. Reading, writing, working at a computer, watching TV - all these factors have an extremely high load on the eyes. And the longer a person spends time for all of the above activities, the more his eyes hurt. And this phenomenon is a logical explanation. The human eye is designed in such a way that it can equally well distinguish between those objects that are practically on the horizon line, and those that are at a distance of one centimeter from the eyes. Nature provided that the person will evenly distribute the load. And in practice it is quite different - the range of work of the eyes of modern man is about eighty centimeters. In addition to visual loading, the eyes are adversely affected by such factors as dry conditioned air, electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices. At first the eyes begin to water very much, after the deposits of the lacrimal gland are depleted, the eyes begin to ache and the person complains of the dryness of the eyes. In modern medicine, even a syndrome with the corresponding name exists - the so-called visual computer syndrome. As is clear from the name itself, most often with this syndrome, those people who spend a long time sitting at the computer are facing. Strictly speaking, every second person over 16 years old is at risk of this problem. That is why it is especially important. This condition was called the computer visual syndrome. It is not difficult to guess that the most often hurt the eyes and water for those who work for a long time at the computer. So in this group of risk, almost half of the world's population aged 15 to 60 years gets!
  • Contact lenses also often water and hurteyes of those people who use contact lenses. As a rule, most often the feeling of discomfort appears in the event that contact lenses are picked up incorrectly. However, much less often, but still there are cases where the human body in every way rejects any contact lenses. In any case, a person should not tolerate such discomfort - it is necessary to seek help from a doctor - ophthalmologist, who will help to solve this problem.
  • hurt your eyes when you move

    Pain in the eyes when moving the eyeball

    Sometimes people complain that their eyes hurtmovement. The causes of such pain can also be very different: Excessive stress. Overexertion of eyeballs and muscles, caused either by prolonged motionless position of the eyes, or by their excessive stress. In addition, with the movement of eyeballs, pain can also occur due to incorrectly selected glasses or contact lenses. Infectious diseases. Infectious diseases and inflammatory processes occurring in the nasal sinuses, as a rule, lead to inflammation of all nearby muscles. As a result, a person can experience severe throbbing pains in the back of the eyeball, especially when moving the eyes. Headache. Often the pain in the movement of eyeballs occurs in those people who suffer from headaches, especially arising systematically. In addition, pain in the movement of eyeballs almost always occurs in those people who suffer from migraine headaches. Increased intracranial pressure. In the event that a person has increased intracranial pressure, he can experience severe pain in the eyeballs, accompanied by nausea. Unfortunately, such symptoms often indicate that a person develops glaucoma, which, in the absence of proper treatment, can lead to a complete loss of vision. Glaucoma can be accompanied not only by pain, but also by a strong sense of pressure on the eyeball. Diseases of the eyeball. Eye pain during movement can be caused with various diseases, for example, uveitis is an inflammatory process affecting the choroid of the eyeball. Hyperthermia of the body. Pain during eye movement a person can experience and in the event that he has significantly increased body temperature. And its increase can be caused by anything - colds, flu or anything else. If pain occurs, try to lower the temperature as soon as possible. Shingles. No less dangerous is the pain caused by eye movement caused by a disease such as shingles. Such a disease is very dangerous, since it can turn into blindness. Therefore, it is necessary as soon as possible to seek help from an ophthalmologist. Injury of the eyeball. Trauma to the eyeball can also cause pain when moving the eye. And not always in order to have pain, injury may not be particularly sensitive - just rub your eyes with a hand or a handkerchief.

    Rules of work at the computer

    One of the most frequently asked doctors -To the ophthalmologist of questions is a question «eyes from a computer hurt, what to do or make?». And this is quite a reasonable question, given how much time a modern person spends on a computer. It is very important to organize the work at the computer in order to minimize the burden on the eyes. The first thing you should pay attention to is lighting. The best option would be to put in such a way that the light from the window would fall from the left side. In this way, you will achieve perfect lighting - indirect scattered light and complete absence of glare on the screen. Watch for the purity of the monitor, as well as points, if you work at a computer with glasses. At least once a week, wipe the screen with special damp cleaning cloths that do not leave the villi. The presence of stains and stains on the screen at times increases the burden on the eyes. Pay special attention to the distance of the monitor from the eyes. This distance should be not less than 50 - 60 centimeters. In the event that at a given distance you do not clearly distinguish the image on the screen, you should increase the font. In addition, ophthalmologists advise choosing a dark font on a light background, but not the other way round. And in the event that you need to type text from paper, place the paper as close to the monitor as possible so that you do not have to constantly shift your eyes. These measures will help you significantly reduce the burden on the eyes when working with a computer. It is because of the load that people usually have eyes that hurt. Summarizing all of the above, we can identify several key points:

    • A person should be gentle with his eyesight, minimizing the burden on the eyes. Do not spend hours watching TV or reading books.
    • With injuries and any other problems, one way or another associated with the eyes, a person should not take self-medication. It is necessary as soon as possible to seek help from an ophthalmologist.
    • And in no case must we forget about preventive examinations, since sometimes the diseases do not let us know about ourselves at the very beginning, when the eyes are not hurt yet.

    Be attentive to your health and vision. And your eyes will thank you with a healthy shine! We advise you to read: