The baptisms of the son of ex-participant "Dom-2" VictoriaBernikova and Leonid Plashchinsky were held in the church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr. Parents have been preparing for such an important event for a long time, but they waited for the baby to grow up a little.1 / 2 Photo: @ bernikova_viktoria Photo:@ evleonidovih On Saturday morning, only the closest family friends and relatives gathered on Izvilistaya Street, in the western part of Rostov-on-Don. Leonid Plashchinsky, the baby's father, also came to the christening. Despite the fact that Victoria reported about, she in no way forbids him to communicate with the child. Moreover, ex-spouses do a lot together. All for the sake of the child! A post shared by @bernikova_viktoria on Apr 29, 2017 at 6:42 am PDT Leo, surprisingly, did not cry at all when he was in the font. In general, the baby has a calm character, Victoria says that she was lucky in this regard. However, the fact that the baby reacts so calmly to others is also the merit of the mother. Victoria brings the baby out of the cradle. For example, Lev recently attended the presentation of Victoria Bernikova's clothing collection and never once cried there. The young mother is convinced that her son feels so free in public due to the fact that, being pregnant, Victoria often attended social events, fashion shows and photo shoots. Leo has everything in an adult way, even has his own Instagram account. Judging by the videos on his page, he is now learning to walk. It turns out well!