what to give to parents for a silver wedding It's very pleasant to look at couples who are alreadylived in marriage for twenty-five years and still love each other. But when such a holiday with relatives, then everyone has something to think about. What should I give my parents for a silver wedding? If you ask them this question, then dad and mom will probably say that these years have run like one day, that you should not spend money on unusual expensive gifts, and this is not so important as the successes and health of your children and grandchildren. Of course, all this is so. But still, perhaps, deep down in such a memorable day, parents are waiting for some kind of miracle, something new and unusual. For example, some symbol that will mark the beginning of a new stage in their life together. Choosing gifts - it's generally quite a difficult task, albeit interesting, but what to give for a silver wedding to those who already have almost everything? For such a time, parents have made a lot of their hard work, what now to please them? The answer lies directly on the surface and even lies in the very wording of the question: of course, with silver! But in what form it is - it's worth thinking about it personally to everyone, depending on the amount that you can spend for a surprise, and also taking into account your parents' favorite activities. You will not argue with the fact that the answers to the questions, which gifts to choose for a silver wedding to parents or what to give for a friend or colleague on that occasion, will be completely different. For relatives, you can allocate a more serious amount, and pick up something more modest for everyone else. But still, whatever one may say, the main fact is an expression of care and attention, and not the content or value of a gift. So, let's now consider in more detail several options for what you can please your loved ones for the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. A gift for a silver wedding to parents

Gifts from silver

  • It is a long-held custom that spouses shouldthis day to give each other silver rings. They put them on the ring finger of the right hand, next to the wedding rings. It should be noted that guests can also present such a present, but it is worth discussing this in advance with the "silver newlyweds" to find out the size of their fingers. Usually such presents are given by the closest people, for example, friends of the family or children.
  • A wonderful gift will be a silver chain. It is unique in its kind, because it can be given to parents, and to a husband or wife, and relatives or friends. For a woman, pick up some beautiful pendant or pendant. Pendants even have their meaning: if it is in the form of a droplet, then how much time the spouse did not live next to her husband, this is very small in comparison with how much you would like to wish them. When the decoration in the form of the heart, it is better, if the mother and father will present them to each other (and yet the husband can present a present in the form of a silver heart-key ring). You can choose pendants in the form of signs of the zodiac, which will bring their owners a happy, peaceful life. You can also find an unusual talisman pendant, but first you will have to ask your mom and dad what protection they would like to receive.
  • Since ancient times it is believed that the bracelet isa symbol of tender feelings, affection and inviolability of marriage ties. Therefore, such a gift for the twenty-fifth anniversary of a joint life will demonstrate and underscore your remarkable attitude to this pair. Usually such a gift was always given by close friends of the "silver" newlyweds, but the children of the perpetrators of the celebration can also give gifts.
  • Undoubtedly, a very useful gift will bea pin made of silver. It can be in different forms and with a variety of uses: the tie clip option is a symbol of respect and strong family ties; The decoration for the tie pad means joy for this pair; The classic English model is awarded as a sign of warmth and affection for parents.
  • An interesting and wonderful gift from children is a silver bowl or a tray. Such things denote the desire for prosperity, respect and love. As they say - let your house be a full cup!
  • In our time, everything is rather vague andis unstable, so every married couple who lived twenty-five years of life in marriage deserves a medal for understanding, love, tenderness, affection and kindness. Again, such a thing can be made of silver. This gift is also universal, because it can give and children and friends, and even colleagues. If it is expensive for you, you can develop with other guests and present a joint present. And to supplement all this with kind, pleasant or original wishes.
  • For such a time spouses make quite a bigthe number of things, but not all in the family supply is eating utensils made of silver. So you can make such a wonderful and useful gift. Even now, silver sets are not as cheap as we would like, so you can present it from several people.
  • what to give for a silver wedding

    Creative approach to gifts for a silver wedding

    What to present for a silver wedding as a sign,that the husband and wife have lived together for a long time? A good option is a wall clock and an oral wish to live together for another as many years, days and hours in mutual love. The folk sign says that the clock is for separation, therefore, if the spouses are superstitious, they can give some trifle or several coins for them to those who are donors. If you want to give originality to this gift, you can choose a watch in the form of hearts or two rings, or order in the workshop some unusual background, for example, a wedding photo. More often by the time when the couple celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the wedding, they already have not only children, but also grandchildren. Of course, with the years people are less and less photographed, besides, now photo printing is out of fashion, mostly all digital and stored in a computer or on an electronic medium. That's why an album with photos, from the very day of their marriage to the latest events, can become an excellent and pleasant gift. An ideal and original presentation can be considered a family portrait. And since in our time a portrait can be drawn from a photograph, then it will not be necessary to spend a lot of time or effort on any of the relatives. Firstly, such a gift means the unity of the whole family, therefore, having received such a miracle, parents will feel much more appreciated and loved by their relatives. Secondly, this gift is considered the most unexpected. Not everyone in the house can see a portrait of the family, written in oil or watercolor! Therefore, be sure, the picture will certainly please your loved ones. No less pleasant and unexpected gift will be a slide show or video clip from photos of "silver newlyweds", decorated with pleasant music. A good gift can be silver glasses or a statuette. If you can not find one of the above, you can buy a beautiful bed linen, set or tablecloth. If you approach this event from the creative side, you can write yourself a poem dedicated to parents and this celebration. An interesting option may be a printed jubilee newspaper, which tells about the main events in the family. Supplement articles can be photos or jokes, congratulations. This gift can become very valuable, one that will later be shown to grandchildren. The best gift for your parents for their twenty-fifth birthday is always your support, love, warm words that come from the heart. After all, these are your closest people, and nobody can tell you better than how much they mean in your life. Wish them all the same to maintain that family harmony and eternal love, who have been their faithful companions for so many years. Remember that any surprises depend entirely on your attitude towards them and on your imagination, so gather together, remember all the preferences and interests of your close people, and give them the best gift! We advise you to read: