what to give a man who has everything If a friend or colleague invited you to the Daynaturally, the first question on the agenda is what to give. In fact, there are a lot of options, ranging from such classics of the genre as an unusual picture, a figurine, money, and ending with show performances with the invitation of singers and artists. Here everything depends on your imagination and the amount that you are willing to spend on a gift. If a person is not a close friend, of course, it will be difficult to choose one or another subject, because you do not know the hobbies of the birthday person or his hobby. In this case, many choose the easiest way - they give an envelope with money. But here's what to do if you go on holiday to a friend or a loved one? "Well, what to give a man who has everything?" - surely you will ask. We suggest you think over this question together.

Taboo on gifts

Before going to the store, decide on thethe amount you are willing to allocate for the birthday of a loved one, a friend, a colleague - in general, the person who invited you. After all, fantasy can be limitless, but you should not spend more than you can afford. You should also take into account the nature of your relationship with the birthday: close people can give personal gifts without fear of offending them, but a colleague or boss is better to present something more formal, for example, a picture, a wall clock, a business card, a pen and the like. Another factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing a gift is the age of the originator of the celebration. An adult man, especially if he has an anniversary, is recommended to give solid status items: a designer decoration for the desktop, a pin for a tie or cufflinks, an original stand for pens. Again, great importance is played by how close you are to this person. Today, everything is sold in stores, so there should be no problems with the future purchase. In addition, many companies specializing in organizing celebrations can help you in preparing an original and memorable gift: a fire show, a salute, an ice statue. It's enough to just turn to them. Given such a wide choice, you can easily make a mistake and instead of pleasantly surprise a person on his birthday, get the opposite result. To avoid such incidents, thinking about a possible gift, observe a few simple rules:

  • If the name day of your beloved man, thento give him an expensive elite alcohol is not recommended. An exception can only be made if he is an avid collector. Alcoholic drinks are usually given to colleagues or superiors.
  • Naturally, for a birthday person who hasalmost everything, to buy a shaving kit, a sweater, slippers and scarves is not worth it - it's too corny and uninteresting. The gift should be selected, focusing on the interests and interests of men. So, a lover of fishing is sure to be delighted with a new spinning gear, a tackle box, a tent and the like. Smoking person can present a set of expensive cigars or inlaid with Swarovski stones ashtray. Collecting something a man is best to give something that will complement his collection: weapons, an original knife with engraving, a rare coin, a polygraphic edition. All this, of course, depends on the hobby of the originator of the celebration.
  • A real muzhik for his birthday can be ordereda musical collective, a clown, a gypsy - some friends of the birthday party think so. However, this is an erroneous opinion, because, firstly, a person may simply not understand such a gift and be offended, and secondly, the guests present at the holiday are likely to be simply shocked. Such surprises are good not only in the exclusively male company, but in the circle of very close friends, when it is certain that your trick will be accepted on "hurray." Otherwise, it is better to refuse such a venture.
  • To the category of "forbidden" gifts are alsowomen jumping out of a cake. If you decide in such a way to surprise your faithful by appearing in the midst of a sweet dessert party in one underwear, be prepared that the reaction of a loved one will be mixed. It is unlikely that he will like such a surprise, because most men do not like owners, when strangers look at their girl (especially in such a frank way). Such surprises are more suitable for an intimate atmosphere alone with their chosen one.

Surprising a man who has everything is difficult, but it is possible. The main thing is to approach the choice of a gift with the mind and a share of imagination, focusing on its tastes, hobbies, age and occupation. what to give a man for his birthday who all have

Than to surprise the favorite: we choose a gift

Now you know what mistakes to avoidwhen choosing a birthday present for a loved one or a colleague. But how to decide and what to present? Representatives of the strong half of humanity are not too sentimental and do not like to share their dreams, therefore, in order for the purchase to be successful and useful for the birthday person, one must conduct their own investigation. Naturally, if the holiday is with your boyfriend or husband, then there will be no difficulties - you certainly know his tastes, desires and hobbies. Remember, maybe he has long delayed the purchase of a new phone, he dreams of a netbook or an electronic book. So why not surprise your faithful? For fans of sports and active lifestyle there is nothing better than extreme, so a man with such interests can give a paid trip on ATVs, climbing or extreme driving lessons, parachute jump. With the choice of a gift for a colleague, the boss or not too close friend will be a little more difficult. Firstly, you do not know what he has and what he lacks, and secondly, you have no idea about his desires. Therefore, it is necessary to act at random. A solid man who attaches great importance to comfort and style, it is better to buy fashion items - it can be an organizer, a dear fountain pen of a well-known brand, a leather purse or a business card holder. If funds permit, get an elegant gold pin for a tie, cufflinks, a neck scarf. Look closely at the culprit of the celebration, perhaps in its image there is a certain "highlight", which will tell you what you can buy. Of course, not every man will be pleased with such gifts, they are personal things; but the owners of bright personality and metrosexuals, most likely, will accept them with joy. Going to the jubilee to the boss, you can pick up a thing that is useful to him in the work or decorate the office. Classical solutions are unusual paintings, original stands for pens and other stationery, made in urban, technogenic or national style. Today there is a huge assortment of souvenirs for every taste, which you can give to the boss for some insignificant date (this is in case you absolutely can not decide on the gift). If the boss has a warm relationship and you know about his hobbies, then present a thing that corresponds to his hobby, for example, a good fishing rod, a set of rackets for big or table tennis, accessories for a bicycle, a capacious tent and more. Take into account that the gift should be quality, expensive, branded and with a guarantee. Otherwise, it will cause disappointment. Congratulations on your friend's birthday can be different - if you have a close relationship, then he will be happy with any surprise, so do not be afraid to offend him. Here are a few options for gifts:

  • Order a banner with warm words addressed to a friend.
  • A man who is sensitive to his appearance, probably will be pleased with the subscription to the spa, fitness club or Thai massage.
  • If your friend collects knives, figurines or anything else, buy an item that will become the pride of his collection. You can even engrave, so that the birthday boy will forever remember your gift.
  • A sociable person who likes to inviteto your guests, you can give a set for making cocktails, a shaker, "drunk" chess, a set of original glasses with lights or a board game. Thanks to these party items your friend will be even happier.

what to give a man who has everything for his birthday

An original gift for a loved one

If you think that your man has everything,for sure you are mistaken. So you do not need to drop your hands beforehand, believing that you will not be able to choose a gift for his birthday. "Turn on" the fantasy and start thinking outside the box! So, perhaps, the faithful just recently began to show interest in studying the life of Samurai warriors, was carried away by tasting elite wines or became interested in the cinema of the 1960s. In this case, you have every chance to start a new hobby of your man. Give an atlas, reference book or encyclopedia - a book that will open your eyes to his new passion and expand the knowledge in this area. For an avid collector of stamps, knives, unusual figurines, old books, alcoholic beverages, pipes or weapons, it is not necessary to reflect on the choice of a gift for a long time. Here and so everything is clear - try to find an object that will complement his collection. The lover of intellectual games can be presented as a gift of chess, backgammon, cards or bones in the original performance (inlaid with stones, of rare wood, with an elegant carved pattern). For an admirer of art, such things as an album with the works of famous artists or a book-autobiography of a genius, CDs with cinematographic or musical masterpieces, old books. The best gift for a born sybarite will be elite alcohol, tobacco or a rare sort of coffee. You can also buy a hookah, a tube, a sommelier set or a cigar knife. If your man is a jack-of-all-trades, buy him a special suitcase for storing tools or appliances for gardening, building and so on. To the guy who is keen on computer games, give a new prefix, a set of disks or super-twisted joysticks. Nessesser, a road alarm clock, a good laptop bag, iPod, a small laptop computer - these are the items that will always come in handy for a business person who often goes on business trips. Do not forget that men also like surprises. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, surprise your loved one by paying a ticket to a ski resort or to warm countries. You can go to a sanatorium or spend a couple of days at the recreation center, enjoying nature and each other. Whatever you choose, the best gift will be the one that is presented sincerely and with love We advise you to read: